Lotto Spring – Play the Lottery for Free!

Lotto Spring is a social lottery whereby you can play with friends and family and you can receive bonuses when they win.

It is a lottery syndicate that takes part in the Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, Powerball and Mega Millions. These are four of the biggest jackpot lotteries on the planet and between them create €2.38 billion in payouts.

The great thing about it is that if you get just three friends to sign up, then you can play for FREE. Alternatively you can just pay a monthly subscription.

Here are the syndicate options you can join:

– Lotto Spring – €228 million – that includes 132 lines on the Euromillions and 45 lines on Eurojackpot

– Pro Spring – €417 million – same as above but with 30 lines on Mega Millions

– VIP Pro Spring – €850 million –  same as above but with 52 lines on Powerball

As is the case with the majority of lottery syndicates, Lotto Spring uses a network marketing model to increase the number of subscribers, which means that as a member there are incentives to share the website on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. 


Blitz – Guaranteed Monthly Prizes

As mentioned above, you get bonuses and free plays for introducing people to Lotto Spring. Each player that you introduce to Lotto Spring will mean you will receive 300 Blitz Points.

Each 300 points converts into 1 Blitz Ticket and is entered in a special draw once a month, with prizes ranging from a minimum of € 1 for matching zero numbers up to € 50,000!

The person who introduced us to Lotto Spring is making around £200 per month completely free, with of course the chance to make some big money if one of the jackpots comes in. 



LottoSpring is licensed by the Gambling Commission, a UK Government organisation, making this 100% legal.


How to Share

So if you want to get involved with Lotto Spring, just sign up here. 

Then if you can manage to introduce three friends, you will get to play for free and will get guaranteed prizes, plus the chance to win big!

Can’t say fairer than that really.




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