GG Tips – Final Review

After two months we thought it was time to call it a day on our trial of GG Tips.

With a grand total of 336 points lost, there didn’t seem much point continuing to monitor results.

As we suspected at the outset, it is virtually impossible to make a profit from tipping in every race and that has proved to be the case here.

So certainly we couldn’t advise that you back all the bets put up by GG Tips.


Potentially Profitable Angles

However, is there any aspect of the service that might have potential of generating profit?

Well, here is a breakdown of the results by the type of bet over our trial:


Bet Type Profit/loss
Every race    -251.7 points
Bet of the Day     -0.78 points
Daily Double  -23.1 points
Tasty Treble  -59 points
Lucky 15  +4.11 points
Outsider  -7.5 points


So there is potential in the Bet of the Day, Lucky 15 and Outsider bets. All of the results are recorded at SP, so using Betfair SP or early prices, you would certainly be able to beat these results.

Using Betfair SP, you would have made a profit on the Bet of the Day selections, which is good news and confirms our initial thoughts that having a “nap” of the day is much more likely to produce a profit than backing in all races.

The other good thing about GG Tips is that it is free and there is a host of other information on the site, including cards and results, news stories, blogs from tipsters and horse racing experts and alerts where you can get notified if a particular horse is due to run.



So overall we think a neutral rating is a fair verdict for GG Tips.

It is probably best avoiding the tips in all the individual races, but the Bet of the Day, Lucky 15 and Outsider Bets have shown the potential to be profitable. 

And with the service being free and having a number of other features, GG Tips is overall a decent racing site in our opinion.





GG Tips – Results Update

23rd April 2016

It’s been a sorry story for GG Tips, who have dropped another 175 points since our last update.

That puts them 285 points down for the trial so far. 

You can view full results here.

Our worry expressed at the start of the trial was that it is virtually impossible to make a profit when tipping in every race and that certainly seems to have been borne out here.

We may conclude this trial early as it is so far down there doesn’t seem a great deal of point in continuing it much longer.






GG Tips – Results Update

30th March 2016

It’s been a rough start to our trial of GG Tips. This is a website that provides tips for every race in the UK and Ireland on a daily basis, plus their best bet of the day and some multiple selections.

After a month of following all their tips, they are -110 points down to advised prices.

You can view full results here.

This seems to be proof if ever it were needed that it is practically impossible to make a profit from tipping on every race. 

However, unfortunately their naps and multiples haven’t done very well either. Although yesterday they were very close to going through the card at Southwell, picking 6 out of 7 winners. 

Anyway, hopefully things will pick up for them over the remainder of the trial. 




GG Tips – New Review

22nd February 2016

Today we are starting a new trial of a free horse racing tipster called GG Tips – or to give them their proper website name,

This is a very popular tipping site that offers tips for every race in the UK!

Not bad going, although we usually have reservations about tipsters who do that, as it can often mean you are tipping for the sake of it in races when there isn’t really a good bet.

But fortunately they also have their “best bets” of the day that include a single, double, treble, lucky 15 and an outsider of the day.

So hopefully these more focused bets – their naps if you like – will produce the goods. That’s not to say betting in every race can’t work of course, it’s just that it is hard and we haven’t seen it done successfully before.

It’s always nice to see a tipster that offers their tips for free though, especially as there are some quite expensive ones out there – often who aren’t even very good!

There don’t seem to be any results for their tips published on the site – or at least none that were easy to find – which is usually a small cause for concern, but does not necessarily mean the results aren’t good. We shall find out!

Anyway, this website has a very big following so we doubt people are following them if they aren’t very good. That’s the theory anyhow. 

We will run our normal trial and see how they get on.

Back soon with an update on GG Tips.


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