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Guaranteed Winners – Final Review

It is not often we finish a review this early but unfortunately with Guaranteed Winners we have been forced to.

After just about two months, we are sorry to report that we are yet to receive a single bet from Guaranteed Winners.

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

Even after sending them half a dozen e-mails asking what was going on, they failed to produce any meaningful response or tips.

Talk about Guaranteed Winners. Some guaranteed bets would be nice.

We are not sure if this is a scam or just an unfortunate instance where the service has been discontinued and they have forgotten to take the page down.

Either way, it is a FAILED rating from us and a clear warning not to sign up.

Very disappointing that there are still things like this out there but there you are – that is the wild west of the internet!






Guaranteed Winners – New Review

30th May 2017

Today we are starting a trial of a new service, the intriguingly-named Guaranteed Winners.

We aren’t sure how you can “guarantee” winners unless you are doing matched betting, but we are assured this is not a matched betting service.

Anyway, this service apparently earned a computer genius £81,806.34 in just one year.

The tips have a 96.7% accuracy according to the website, which isn’t quite on the level of “guaranteed” (which would be 100%) but is pretty darn close.

So we wonder what odds they tip at with such a high strike rate. It must be very short odds, or perhaps some kind of hedging system.

The sales page tells the story of the author of the system, Eddie Newman, who apparently came from a tough background but learnt computer science and after graduating from university, developed his own betting system using sophisticated algorithms and statistical data.

This system can supposedly now pick winners with over 95% accuracy.

We have to say we are intrigued, but also somewhat sceptical.

Anyway, we will run a three month trial of this and see if the results live up to the promises on the sales page.

As ever, we will back soon with our first update.

In the meantime you can check out Guaranteed Winners here.




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