Health Lottery Review

We take a look here at the Health Lottery, how it works and how you can get the best out of it.

The Health Lottery is a game which is specifically designed to raise money for local health causes. Basically, 20p of every £1 that is played goes towards helping health-related causes in Great Britain.

Overall over £70 million has been raised for health causes through the Health Lottery, benefiting over 350,000 people.

So the nice thing about playing it is you can be sure you are helping good causes whilst giving yourself a chance of winning big!


Health Lottery Odds

The odds of winning the Health Lottery are considerably better than winning the National Lottery (Lotto), such that you are about 21 times more likely to win the Health Lottery than the National Lottery. The odds of winning (i.e. getting 5 numbers) is 1 in  2,118,760.

However, you will win quite a lot less with the Health Lottery, with the jackpot being £100,000 as opposed to the many millions you can win on the Lotto.


How to Play

It costs just £1 to play, as it is just £1 per ticket. Basically you just pick five numbers from between 1 and 50 and you’re done! Couldn’t be simpler.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes:

5 numbers: win up to £100,000*
4 numbers + bonus ball: £10,000
4 numbers: £250
3 numbers + bonus ball: £50
3 numbers: £20
2 numbers + bonus ball: £10

So there are a good range of prizes down to the level of getting 2 balls plus the bonus ball.


When are the draws?

The draws for the Health Lottery are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and are broadcast on Channel 5.


Instant Win Games

In addition to the live draws on TV for the main lottery, you can also play instant win games. There are a number of different instant win games to play and each is just £1 to play. As the name of the games suggests, you find out straight away if you’ve won and are paid instantly as well. 


Health Bingo

In addition to the Health Lottery, there is also Health Bingo to be played. When you register you can get a 200% deposit bonus up to £150. This operates just like any of the other many online bingo sites that are available. 


Health-Related Causes

Here are some examples of health-related causes they have helped due to people playing the Health Lottery:

Hulme Community Garden Centre

A grant of £44,077 was made to Hulme Community Garden Centre, using money raised by HealthForm CIC through The Health Lottery.

The money went towards establishing a project called “A Place to Call Your Own,” where local people can learn to do things like grow plants, socialise with other people and relieve stress.

The garden is used by people from social housing as well as those with drug, alcohol and mental health issues.  Having an outlet for stress and avoiding isolation can be important for people with mental health issues, which the garden is able to provide.

White City Theatre Project

A grant of £39,840 was made to The White City Theatre Project (WCTP), using money raised by HealthEquality, in order to give young people, of 9 to 18 years of age a chance to participate in theatre productions. In doing so young people can develop new areas of creativity and gain fresh skills, whilst expressing matters that are important for them in a dramatic capacity. Of primary significance, it gives them an opportunity to establish new friendships with other youngsters in the area.


Click here to play the Health Lottery now and help good causes across Great Britain! 

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