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Which Lottery is the Easiest to Win?

The lottery is not difficult, and the random number selection is not the most entertaining thing we can do. Nonetheless, we play it because we want to win! This is why we will answer the most important question in lottery history – which lottery has the highest chance of winning?

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about record jackpots and big jackpots. These are huge amounts of money with equally large odds. It’s a great prospect to be able to spend just a few quid for, the chance of winning a decent amount of money. However, the odds play a huge role in winning.

So, remember that all lotteries can be won in different ways. In addition, there are vast differences in how much you can win and how hard or easy it is to win.

The best lottery odds

It’s the Polish Mini Lotto. What were you expecting? Some huge international Lottery? Well it’s not.

The odds of winning a lotto jackpot are higher than those of larger lotteries, which can reach hundreds of millions. However, the odds of winning a Polish Mini Lotto jackpot are 850668:1. It also has comparatively low jackpots that are also measured in thousands. Therefore, it’s also known as the Mini lottery. It is only 50c per bet for a chance to win the minimum jackpot of EUR 70,000. The generous odds mean that each month there are around 30 winners of the jackpot!

If you were wondering about the Ireland’s Lotto, we have some stats for you. According to the Irish Lotto odds tables, the jackpot odds for the Irish Lottery are approximately 1 in 10.7 million.

Here is a table comparing the top six most popular lotteries:


Top 5 Easiest Lotteries to Win

Lottery Name Jackpot Odds Max Jackpot
Polish Mini Lotto 1:850,668 €82,000
Swedish Lotto 1:6,724,520 €25.6 million
Austrian Lotto 1:8,145,060 €9.6 million
Oz Mon/Wed Lotto 1:8,145,060 €1 million
Irish Lotto 1:10,737,573 €18.8 million


The easiest lottery by prize

Chances of receiving any prize for five lotteries are:

  • 1 in 6 for French Lotto
  • 1 in 10 for Spanish Lotto
  • 1 in 9.3 for UK Lotto
  • 1 in 12 for Austrian Lotto
  • 1 in 13 for EuroMillions

The easiest lottery in general

The Swedish Lotto is also a great all-rounder lottery. The reason is obvious. As explained before, for a very small ticket price, players get a chance to get a multimillion jackpot.


Both the UK Lotto, as well as EuroMillions are extremely popular lottery options. The EuroMillions top prize is EUR190 million. There have been many cases in which players have won huge jackpots. Camelot’s UK Lotto has been a popular lotto game since 1994, making millions of winners throughout the years. But, as you can see, there is more to winning than just the jackpots. This is a breakdown of the odds of each prize tier of both lotteries.

The tables below show you the chances of winning each prize tier offered by Euromillions and UK Lotto:


Chances of Winning UK Lotto Prize

Prize Tier Odds
Match 6 numbers 1 in 45 million
Match 5 numbers + bonus ball 1 in 7,5 million
Match 5 numbers 1 in 144,415
Match 4 numbers 1 in 2,180
Match 3 numbers 1 in 97
Match 2 numbers 1 in 10


Odds of Winning Euromillions Prizes

Prize Tier Odds
Match 5 digits + 2 stars 1 in 139,838,160
Match 5 digits + 1 star 1 in 6,991,908
Match 5 digits 1 in 3,107,515
Match 4 digits + 2 stars 1 in 621,503
Match 4 digits + 1 star 1 in 31,076
Match 3 digits + 2 stars 1 in 14,126
Match 4 digits 1 in 13,812
Match 2 digits + 2 stars 1 in 882
Match 3 digits + 1 star 1 in 968
Match 3 digits 1 in 314
Match 1 digit + 2 stars 1 in 188
Match 2 digits + 1 star 1 in 50
Match 2 digits 1 in 22


South Africa Lotto: A lottery that is gaining popularity worldwide  

South Africa’s lotteries are more interesting than some international ones. Powerball and South Africa Lotto both increase their jackpots each week. Players around the world believe it is worth it because of its amazing odds. These tickets have made many lucky winners.

Players’ chances increased even further

Many players increase their chances of winning by entering more often. A double entry will halve the odds of winning in two. Every player who does gets two chances of winning instead of one.

You must understand that this does not imply that all players should buy many tickets or enter the lottery more often. We are just stating that most lottery winners enter many times to finally get a prize. However, we must recognize that many lottery players win on their first try.

Also, be sure to check out any extra games. Although they don’t offer big prizes, many players find them more interesting.




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