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Draw No Bet Accumulator – Explained

Draw no bet football accumulators are often valuable when you cannot rule out the possibility that one or more of your selections might end in a draw.  

While the odds are not as high as with a straight football accumulator, draw no bet accumulators are also safer bets. Here we will talk you through the bet starting with accumulators before moving on to the details of draw no bet accumulators. We also mention mixed draw no bet accumulators and when they can be particularly helpful.


Accumulator Bets

An accumulator bet is a bet that combines several selections into a single bet. The potential payout is calculated by multiplying the odds of each selection. You can make as many selections as you like, but each one must win. If you sustain a single loss, you will lose the whole bet.

For instance, if with a fourfold accumulator you selected Spurs, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal which were all priced at 2/1, then the odds would be 80/1, so a £10 bet would return £810, a profit of £800.


Draw No Bet

Sometimes in football betting, a game that should see a clear winner can sometimes end in an unexpected draw. Although this is not a regular outcome, it does happen, and as a precaution, you can make a draw no bet punt. The advantage is that if the game results in a draw, the bet is cancelled, and your stake is returned.

This can be a useful bet if you cannot choose a likely winner. It just depends on how sure you are about your selection.


Draw No Bet Accumulator

With a straight football bet, it can be quite debatable whether you choose a draw no bet punt. Yes, your stake will be returned if there is a draw, but if you win your odds will be reduced. Some people like them and others don’t see the point. However, with an accumulator, it’s a different ball game. Remember, if just one of the selections in your accumulator loses, then the whole bet is lost.

Just consider that you have bet £10 on a seven-fold accumulator and you have won the first six of your selections, all at 2/1, and your final choice is West Ham, a late kick-off, then you effectively have £7,280 riding on that match. If West Ham wins, you will collect £21, 860 – a life-changing win. BUT, if the West Ham game ends in a draw, you lose everything.

The game ends in a draw. Now you wish you had chosen a draw no bet accumulator – as they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision.

The benefits of choosing a draw no bet accumulator are clear. If you are lucky, you stand to win a great deal of money with any successful accumulator bet, so it is worth considering trading some of those winnings in the interest of making a safer bet.


Mixed Draw No Bet Accumulator

In draw no bet accumulators there is no need to chose to draw no bet for every leg. You can mix and match as you like. Say that you have high expectations that some of your selections will win, you can choose to select win bets as the chances of a draw are so low and that way you get better odds.

However, for the legs that you are not so sure of, you can select draw no bet to protect you from the possibility of a draw.

It all requires careful planning, but it is undoubtedly beneficial to include draw no bet accumulators in your betting strategies. They can be a handy tool.

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