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Holy Grail Horse Racing System – Final Review

We are wrapping up our trial of the Holy Grail Horse Racing System, with 11 points profit made after a month of testing.

You can view full results here.

Those results are without Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) being applied too, so with that being used the results could be a fair bit better.

It is worth bearing in mind that everyone will get different results with this as it churns out bets all the time, so it depends when you log on and how many bets you take each day.

So our results are just a representative example of what could be achieved. Some people may have hit more profit by taking more bets over the same period. 

Anyway, we are happy to wrap up our review of this and give it a PASSED rating. The software clearly works and this is a good way to gradually build a bank over time using the value inherent in the system. 

It is worth pointing out though that access to UK bookies is required to make the most of this system as they are what the software tracks and uses to produce the odds.










Holy Grail Horse Racing System – New Review

15th May 2018

We have recently been contacted about a new mathematically-based betting strategy that claims it could be the holy grail of horse racing systems.  

Whilst recording the results using small stakes it apparently made £2274.29 profit in just six weeks.

Now normally we would be sceptical about claims like this but it comes from betting systems expert Mike Cruickshank, generally known as the original matched betting guru and whose strategies we have great respect for, many of which have received passed ratings here on the site.

The results above are from a sample of 4000 bets, so a pretty big simple size, meaning it probably wasn’t just a fluke. 

Mike has made a short presentation were he shares the strategy and his results spreadsheet, which you can view here.

There is a 14 day trial available for just £1, so you can test it out for yourself first before deciding whether to go ahead with purchasing the full system for £99 + VAT. 

Now Mike is going to be limiting sales of this so it doesn’t become overly used and lose its edge, so we can’t run a full three month review because it’s likely to sell out well before then.

But we will run a short test over the next few weeks and see how we get on. 

This does look very promising and the logic behind it seems sound, plus according to Mike it doesn’t risk bookie account closures as much as some other systems. 

So it could well be the “Holy Grail” of horse racing systems – let’s hope so anyway!

We will update our short trial of it here in a few weeks’ time and see if it lives up to the billing.

In the meantime you can check out the Holy Grail Horse Racing Strategy here.





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