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How to win at horse racing

For centuries, since the sport of kings was invented, the punters have been in a never-ending battle with the bookies trying to find a way to win.

Whilst there have been a few famous figures over the years – such as Bill Benter and Patrick Veitch – who have made untold riches by uncovering a strategy to consistently beat the bookies, their number is dwarfed by the millions of others who regularly lose money.

So the question is – it is possible to win at horse racing? Or are you better off keeping your money in your pocket and investing it in something else instead?

Well, here at Honest Betting Reviews we have spent countless hours looking at all manner of horse racing betting systems, strategies and tipsters and have come up with our guide to giving you the best chance of beating the bookies.


The Top 5 Ways to Win at the Horses

Here is our guide to how to win at horse racing, with the top five methods we have uncovered from years of testing various systems and methods.


1. Use Software that Automatically Finds Value

Using Software to win Horse Racing Bets

The key to winning at horse racing, as any expert or professional will tell you, is to find value. 

Whilst most punters concentrate on finding winners, often regardless of whether a price represents value, those shrewd punters out there have a method for identifying horses whose price is bigger with the bookies than it should be. If you back enough of those over time, you will make a profit. That is how the successful punters operate.

So the next question is, how to identify value? It is not an easy thing to do. You can spend hours studying form looking for a slight edge or an angle that seems to offer you an advantage. But how do you know if this is a genuine edge and will work in the long run?

It is not guaranteed that it will. But thankfully there is software out there that can do the job for you and find value selections each and every day.

The software in question is called The Value Machine and it is tried and tested and shown to work amazingly well. 

It is the same methodology used by the Morning Value Service and is run by the same guy, Kieran Ward.

We have used the Morning Value Service ourselves now for quite some time and the results have been fantastic, with over 3500 points profit made in 5 years. So backing each selection for just £20 would have made you over £70,000 profit and if you had been able to afford £50 stakes, then you would have made over £175,000 profit. 

The Value Machine software is remarkably simple to use too – just open it up, click a button and the selections are all generated for you instantly, with the odds and bookies to back them each one with.

If you want to win at horse racing then using this software is the best method we have found of making you money.


2. Get the Value out of Each-Way Bets

Horse Racing

As most experienced punters will know, there is often value to be had in each-way bets.

This can be one of two ways. Firstly, because there are certain horses who rarely win, but are regularly placed. The bookies of course price them up to win rather than to finish second or third, so you can get value by backing them each-way, knowing that they are unlikely to win but have a great chance of finishing in the places. Of course you need to make sure the odds are high enough to make this sort of bet work – normally 5/1 or above.

The second way that each-way bets can represent value is when there is a favourite in the race who takes up quite a large portion of the market. Then those that are not the favourite can represent value to back each-way. 

In fact, there is way that you can guarantee yourself profit in such situations, by essentially using the great value you get from the place part of the each-way bet.

Once again, thankfully there is software that does this automatically so you don’t need to spend hours and hours wading through races to find possible selections and then trying to calculate whether the place part of the bet is value.

The software for this is called Each-Way Sniper and is a very clever piece of kit. 

Again it is very easy to use, you just open the software and it shows you all the available selections at that time and how much you could make from each selection.

Each Way SniperIt even has a calculator to work out how much you need place on each part of the bet and how much you will win.

Then you place a bet with the relevant bookie shown by the software and lay off the bet on Betfair for guaranteed profit, whatever happens. If the horse wins or loses, you still make a profit. Amazing!

You may ask how this is possible. Well, basically in certain situations, the whilst the odds to win with a bookie will be the same as Betfair, the place part of the bet will be much better value with the bookies. It usually happens in fairly “top-heavy” markets with strong favourites.

If you take advantage of these types of bets using Each Way Sniper, you can easily add an extra few hundred quid per month to your bank balance, with no risk. Pretty good eh?

So, definitely another good way of winning at the horses.


3. Use a Top Quality Tipster

Top Quality Tipster

Don’t have hours of time to study form, watch replays of races, build profiles of horses and understand all the nuances of going, weights, trainers and all the myriad factors that go into finding a winning edge?

Well, thankfully there are people out there who do – and you can profit from their expertise and all the hours of hard work they put in.

These people are professional gamblers and make money out of the game, but the great thing is you can too.

We have looked at hundreds of tipster here at Honest Betting Reviews – most of them are no good and lose money, or aren’t genuine and their results are fabricated. But there are a few “diamonds in the rough” – really top quality tipsters who are masters of their craft and have demonstrated their ability to make money on the GGs over a long period of time.

Here are the top three we would recommend.

  1. Flat Racing Master – As the name suggests, this tipster specialises in flat racing and has established quite a reputation for himself. With over 500 points profit made in under a year, the flat master is truly living up to his name! That has been achieved with a return on investment of close to 30%, which is phenomenal going and represents a huge edge over the bookies. 
  2. Bet Alchemist – have been a horse racing tipster since 2011, the Bet Alchemist has built one of the strongest reputations in the tipping game. A record of over 750 points made in that time is testament to an approach that has stood the test of time and continues to make profit year in, year out. Backing their tips at £25 per point would have made you over £18,750! Impressive stuff!
  3. Master Racing Tipster – tipping since 2014, the Master Racing Tipster has established a very impressive record over a sustained period. With 500 points profit made in less than three years, there are a few that can match his record. That has been achieved with a return on investment of over 30%, one of the best we have ever come across in the business.

So there you have it, some of the very best horse racing tipsters out there and following them will give you a great chance of winning at horse racing betting.


4. Make Money with No Risk (yes, it is possible)


Making Money

If you really want to win at the horses, then there is one sure-fire way to do it: use matched betting. 

It is basically a method that uses the bookies’ free bets and bonuses to guarantee yourself whatever happens. You do this by using Betfair to lay off part of the bet so that you make money whether you horse wins or loses. 

To make the most of matched betting, it is recommended to use a matched betting product like Profit Maximiser, which brings together hundreds of free bets and bonuses in one place, plus provides training videos and guides on how to do matched betting. 

It also has a Facebook group with over 50,000 members, with the latest free bets posted on the Facebook page, plus advice and guidance on how to take advantage of the offers. One of these Facebook posts alerted people to a loophole in a Sky Bet offer, which Profit Maximiser members then went and took over £2 million off!

Now the offers in Profit Maximiser relate to other sports as well as horse racing, but we thought it was worth including here as the potential to make a regular income from it is so good and should not be missed!


5. Use a Bot

Use a betting bot

When you think of robots, you may think of evil killing machines from the Terminator or even more friendly versions from Short Circuit. 

But when it comes to betting “bots” – short for robots – what we are actually talking about is software that can automate a process for you so that you don’t have to sit at your computer for hours watching odds move or for certain circumstances to arise.

The potential of bots is immense and I think we are only really scratching the surface at the moment with what is possible. It could be that bots completely change the face of betting in the long run.

At the moment though, one of the best bots we have found is called Bet Hawk and it automates a range of betting systems on the horses that have proved very profitable.

We trialed Bet Hawk for three months and it made over 700 points during our live three month trial. And over two years it has made over 4,000 points of profit, which is very impressive stuff.

Once you have set up the bot, which takes a little bit of time, all you have to do then is switch it on each day and let it run. Then just sit back and watch how much money you have made each day. Couldn’t be simpler!

Bots may well be the future and change the face of betting as we know it, but for the time being there is a very good one that can help you win some money on the horses.  



Winning at the horses is a very difficult thing to do – in fact 98% of people lose money betting on the sport of kings. 

Unless you give yourself an edge or have countless hours to devote to studying form, then it is likely you will lose money too. Whilst there are some good free horse racing tips out there, most of them will probably end up making a loss overall. 

Thankfully though, there are some ways to win at the horses and we have listed some of the best ones above. All of them are tried and tested and have undergone thorough reviews on our site. Some of these are actually risk-free, meaning you make a nice additional income from them.

Before you rush in to betting on the horses, we recommend you try one of the systems we have listed above. 

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