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How to win football accumulators

We all love placing a football accumulator. The thrill of potentially winning hundreds – or even thousands – of pounds off just one bet is quite an attractive proposition. 

And as each leg of your acca comes in, it gets more and more exciting. 

Once you get to the final one, it becomes positively nerve-wrecking as you wait to see if you have pulled it off. And if you have, then BOOM! It’s party time.

And all it needs is for a few teams to win their matches – they could even all be favourites. After all, how often do you see the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and City all winning in the same weekend.

It must be easy, right?



The bookies love accumulators

I will let you in on a little secret: the bookies love accumulators.

They love punters who place accumulators even more.

Do you know why?

Because accumulators are terrible value for the punter. Basically you are multiplying together the bookies’ edge over you.

Instead of a normal bet where the bookie might have a 10% edge over you, they will have a 30, 40 or even 50% edge over you.

So it’s pretty much impossible to win over the long term with accas – unless you get very lucky and win a massive acca – like the pools or something. 

But that is like praying for a lottery win – in other words, extremely unlikely to happen.

What if there was a way to turn this around though and profit from every single accumulator you place – to kick the bookies where it hurts and take cash off them on a regular basis?


How to win every single acca you place

Well, the good news is there is a way.

It comes courtesy of a product we have reviewed here recently at Honest Betting Reviews called Accumulator Generator.

Basically what it does is take advantage of the bookies’ accumulator offers.

The great thing about it is that you can make around £10 per accumulator you place, whatever happens – win or lose.

So if you do just one a day that would be £70 per week or £300 per month.

And if you do 2 a day, it will be £140 per week and £600 per month – that would add up to over £7,000 per year – with no risk!


How do the bookies acca offers work? 

Well basically most of the bookies have offers where if one leg of your acca loses, they will refund your stake as a free bet, up to a maximum of £50. 

There are currently over 20 bookies with these offers. The amount of the refund varies, for some of them is £25 and others right up to £50.


How does Accumulator Generator work?

What Accumulator Generator does is use these offers so that whatever happens, you will make a profit.

Firstly, it has some awesome software that scans all the possible accumulators and compares them to the odds available with Betfair. 

Here is a look at the software:

Accumulator Generator

On the left in red is the estimated amount you can win on each acca. There is also information on how long the acca will take to be completed, the bookie it is with and the current total bookie odds versus the current total Betfair odds.

You can then click on the purple icon and you will be taken through to the calculator which shows you the accumulator and how to set up each leg.

The great thing is there are literally hundreds of offers every day, so you will have plenty to choose from.


Four Approaches

There are different approaches you can take to the accumulators, depending on your aversion to risk. In total there are four different methods for playing the accumulators:

  1. Bet/lay and hope – this is an approach where you hope that just one leg loses and you will get the value of the refund as a free bet. If no legs lose or two or more do, then you make a small loss.
  2. Bonuses – this is a progressive approach where you make more money the further down your accumulator you get before hitting a loser.  
  3. Lock in a profit – this is our preferred method – as the name suggests, you guarantee a profit whatever happens. So you could have two, three or more losing legs and you will win the same as if just one or none lose. You tend to make about £10 on average from a £50 stake in guaranteed profit from this method.
  4. Advantage play – this is a more basic method of just playing some accas and not laying them off, but relying on enough of the refunds coming in to keep you in profit (although we are not sure that you need Accumulator Generator to use this method).

As I say, the best method is the lock-in profit method that allows you to make a guaranteed profit whatever happens.

On some occasions, the odds will drift out from those you have backed with the bookies, so you will be laying at higher odds and will make less profit.

But on other occasions, the odds will move in and you will end up making more than you originally anticipated.


Things to watch out for

There are a few things to watch out for with Accumulator Generator.

First up, if you are new to matched betting, then it will take a while to watch the training videos and get fully up to speed on how it works. It will also take a bit of practice to get used to it, but once you have done a few accumulators, it will become pretty much automatic.

Secondly, you will have to log in to the software between matches to lay off the next leg of your accumulator.

Sometimes there will be just one match per day on your acca, so you will only have to log in to the software once per day and then you are done.

On other days though, there will be more than one match per day so you will have to remember to log back in to the software between matches and lay the next leg of your accumulator. It can be easy to forget! So best to have some sort of reminder system in place so you don’t miss any legs of your accas.

Finally, as with all matched betting products, there is the worry of having your bookie accounts closed or limited.

However, as long as you remember to spread your bets around and to not overdo it, then you should be ok with this.

As we said at the beginning, the bookies love punters who place accumulators, so they will be less likely to hit you with an account limit using this than with some other betting systems.


Conclusion – How to Win Football Accumulators 

The bookies love football accumulators. As a punter you are normally getting terrible value and the bookie has a massive edge over you. 

To win at football accumulators without knowing the future like an oracle or Biff in the Back to the Future II, or being some kind of betting genius is virtually impossible.

But with a product like Accumulator Generator, you can turn the bookies’ advantage over you on its head. 

By using its amazing software you can profit from every single football accumulator you place. Doing just two of these per day would net you £600 per month, or over £7,000 per year.

Not bad eh?

So there you have it – the definitive way to win at football accumulators.

Have a go at it and let us know how you get on – you can thank us later 🙂  


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