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Football Accumulators – How to Crush the Bookies

Football accumulators are among the most popular bets placed by punters these days. The idea of landing a big win is a tempting one if you can manage to pick a number of teams to win on a coupon.

Here we will take a look at the ins and outs of footy accumulators, including how you can absolutely crush the bookies by setting up your accas in a certain way.

In this article we will look at:

  • – What Football Accumulators Are
  • – How to use Perms
  • – Biggest Ever Accumulator Wins
  • – Acca Refund Offers
  • – How to Crush the Bookies Using Accas
  • – Best Accumulator Tips
  • – General Advice when placing Accumulators

With this guide, we hope to give you all the advice you need to make a success out of your footy accas.


What are Football Accumulators?

Accumulator bets are where you are backing a number of different selections all to win in the same bet. The odds of each selection are multiplied together so that the odds you get are reflective of the chances of all the selections winning.

Here is an example:

  • – Chelsea to win at 5/4 (or 2.25 in decimal odds)
  • – Man Utd to win at 10/11 (or 1.91 in decimal odds)
  • – Arsenal to win at 5/6 (or 1.83 in decimal odds)
  • – Liverpool to win at 6/4 (or 2.5 in decimal odds)

So, to work out the accumulator odds, you multiply together all of the decimal odds above, i.e. 2.25 x 1.91 x 1.83 x 2.5 = 19.66.

So the odds of Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool all winning in the above example are 19.66, or just over 18/1.

In a standard accumulator, you need all selections to be successful in order to win your bet. You can generally include as many selections as you like – 5, 10, 20 or even 50!

Punters tend to love accumulators because there is the chance of a big win and it can often seem like each selection individually has a good chance of winning, so why not put them all together in one bet?

Bookies tend to love accas too, but we will go into the reason for that more a little later…


Get Yourself a Perm

One way of placing accumulators is to utilise “perms.” These aren’t curly hairstyles from the 80’s but are in fact permutations where you may want to cover several bases in case one or more teams let you down.

So you might have 7 teams who you think are going to win and want to place an acca on them.

Rather than just placing a straightforward 7-leg acca though, you could cover multiple permutations.

So you could place what is known as a “Super 7” bet as follows:-

  • – One 7-fold acca
  • – Seven 6-fold accas
  • – Twenty-one 5-fold accas

So that would be 29 bets in total. If one or even two of the selections don’t come in, you will still win on one of the five-fold bets. And of course if six or seven of the bets win, you will have multiple lines of successful accas and will be quids in for sure!


Biggest Ever Accumulator Wins

Some of the biggest gambling wins ever recorded have been on accumulators. You can read more about these in our article about the biggest accumulator wins, but to pick out some of the best:-

  • – A £223,000 win off just a £5 bet – A punter from Burnley had a 20-team accumulator which was sealed just before Christmas. Included 94th and 95th minute goals to keep things going.
  • – A £585,000 win from an 80p bet – A Maltese punter chanced his arm with a 19-team accumulator at odds of over 680,000/1. Sealed with a 2-1 win for Liverpool over Chelsea.
  • – A £650,000 win from a £100 bet – A bet consisting of one 8-fold acca and eight 7-folds, sealed by a 91st minute goal for Coventry against Leyton Orient.

Wins like this are obviously incredibly rare but go to show just what is possible with accumulators and how they changed these lucky people’s lives. 



Why the Bookies Love Accas

Each Way BettingAs we mentioned above, although punters may love accumulators because of the potential for a huge win, the bookies love them too, for different reasons.

You may be wondering why this is. Well, basically the bookies have an edge over the punter of generally around 5-10%. This is called the “house edge” or “over-round” and is what enables bookies to make money and stay in business. Essentially they are offering you odds that are 5-10% worse than the true chances of your selection winning.

So on an individual bet, you have to put up with this 5-10% disadvantage, which is bad enough. But with an acca, this edge is multiplied, meaning the bookies have a massive advantage over you. This is why the bookies have so many offers based around accumulators – but more on that below.


The Bookies’ Acca Refund Offers

Pencil and Calculator

As we say, the bookies love punters who do lots of accumulators so to encourage more people to do accas, they have a variety of offers based on them.

The most common ones are so-called “Acca Refund” offers. These are basically offers where the bookies refund your stake on a football accumulator up to a certain amount if one leg of your acca lets you down.

So for example if you have a five-team (or five “leg”) acca and four of the teams win but one of them loses, the bookies will refund your stake as a free bet, up to a specified amount, for example £25, or even £50 in some of the more generous cases.

Some of the best offers are as follows:-

  • – Paddy Power – £50 refund – if one leg of your accumulator on UK and top European Football leagues lets you down, they will give you your money back as a free bet on football.
  • – Ladbrokes – £25 refund – Bet on a 5+ fold and get MONEY BACK as a free bet up to £25 if one team lets you down. Available on games in selected competitions.
  • – Jennings Bet – £50 refund – if one leg of your 5+ team acca lets you down, they will refund your stake as a free bet up to £50.
  • – Vernons Bet – £50 refund – if one leg of your 6+ acca doesn’t win, you will receive a free bet equal to your stake, up to a maximum of £50. (Void bets do not count – you must have 5 winners).
  • – William Hill – £20 refund – Place a 5+ footy acca and if one leg fails, Will Hill will give you a refund as a free bet up to £20.

So these are some of the best offers available – please see the individual bookmaker for the terms and conditions of each offer. In fact there are more than 20 bookies offering acca refunds, plus various shop refunds where you can get a similar refund from bookies’ shops.

All in all these acca refund offers can be really useful to boost your gambling winnings, but you have to know how to utilise them…


How to Crush the Bookies Using Acca Refund Offers

With all these acca refund offers at your disposal, there is a way you can utilise them to make very low-risk profits on a regular basis. 

In order to do this, you need to find very close matches between the bookie odds and Betfair odds and then offset one against the other, effectively laying off your liability and locking in the free bet refund as profits.

This would be quite complicated to do yourself – in addition to trying to collate the hundreds and hundreds of potential accas to find the best value ones. 

Thankfully there is a package that does this all for you. It is called Accumulator Generator and during our live trial here on the site it made an impressive £618 profit with very little risk.

Accumulator Generator

The package comes with full training videos showing you the exact steps you need to take to turn the accas into very-low risk profit opportunities, plus the software that crunches through the potentially thousands of acca combos to find the best value ones that you can lay off with the exchanges.

Here is an example of the software in action:-

Acca Refund Software

As you can see, it gives you the EV (estimated value) of the acca on the left in red. This is the approximate amount of profit the acca is expected to make. Then you have the time until the acca is completed, the bookie to place it with and the back and lay odds of the accumulator.

Then on the right hand column you can click on the calculator icon and it will take you through to the calculator to work out how much to lay on each leg of the acca to reduce your liability and guarantee a profit.

This is what the calculator looks like:

Acca Calculator

It looks quite complicated at first glance but is actually remarkably simple. You just need to enter the odds at the exchanges, which are generally as they are already shown on the calculator, how much commission you pay and then it will tell you how much to stake.

Once you have done a few of them, it will become much easier and be like second nature really.

The great thing is that you can make around £6-£10 per acca on average with Accumulator Generator, so if you are able to do a couple per day it will quickly add up to an extra few hundred quid per month. 

Can’t say fairer than that really can we?


The Path to Affluence

The really great news though is that Accumulator Generator now comes complete with a bonus package called The Affluence System, which shows you the exact blueprint for using the software to turn a £500 bank into £5,000 and to then withdraw £840 per month profit.

Here is the bank-building plan for The Affluence System in table format:

Bank Building Plan

So with Accumulator Generator you will have the tools at your disposal to absolutely crush the bookies using the Acca Refund offers and get yourself some regular low-risk profits. 

Plus at the moment they are offering a very attractive 14 day trial for just £1, so you can test it out for yourself and see how good it is. 


Best Accumulator Tips

Whilst using Accumulator Generator to maximise your income from accas is the best way we would recommend to profit from accas, you might be looking for some more traditional accumulator tips.

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we have tested hundreds of tipsters and betting systems to try and find the best ones out there. Quite a few of these have been accumulator-based tipsters, so here are those we would recommend:-

  • – Hat Trick Hero – a mixed-sports tipster focusing mainly on football, who provides a daily treble acca for you. Has made nearly 100 points profit at a strike rate of over 40%.
  • – Footy Doubles – in a similar vein, this tipster provides a daily double on football. Has achieved over £100 monthly average profit and a strike rate of over 45%.
  • – Football Acca Tips – the quintessential footy acca tipster, providing a variety of long and short-odds acca tips. Main focus is on the Premier League. 

So some good options there if you are looking for some football accumulator tips. 


General Advice when Placing Accumulators

Accumulators can be fun to place and hold out the possibility of either a massive win like some of those mentioned earlier on or regular steady profits if you use a tool like Accumulator Generator.

If you are going to place your own accas, it is worth bearing in mind some general advice when placing your bets:



  • – Accumulators tend to involve bets at high odds, so you are less likely to have regular winners than if you are placing single bets, all else being equal. So make sure you use a big enough bank to take this into account.
  • – Be sure that each selection in your acca represents good value. Remember, the bookies have an edge over you in general, so turning this around to your advantage is tough. Finding four or five selections you believe the bookies have got the odds wrong on in one go is rare – although not impossible.
  • – Only risk what you can afford to lose. This is the golden rule of betting and refers to all wagering, not just betting on accas. But because accas can be tougher to win, you can burn through cash quite quickly, so make sure you are not betting beyond your means.
  • – Place the acca and then let it run – don’t watch each leg unfold separately. It can be excruciating to watch them on TV or a live score website, particularly if the first few legs come in and then the last one lets you down. It will only make you mad and likely to go chasing losses. Just place the acca and then come back later to see if it has won.
  • – Spread your bets around the bookies and don’t overdo it – this applies particularly if you are using Accumulator Generator. If the bookies sense you are milking their offers, they are likely to shut down your accounts. Mix around your wagers as much as possible.

Follow this guidance and it should help you to achieve greater success in your footy accas.


Conclusion – Football Accumulators

Football Accumulators are one of the most popular forms of betting for punters. The thrill of landing a potentially massive win is enticing and draws many bettors in.

You should be aware though that footy accas are generally poor value for the punter, which is why the bookies tend to love them. 

By using their Acca Refund offers though, you can turn the tables on the bookies and make yourself a lucrative tax-free second income if you use a product like Accumulator Generator. 

If you are going to place some of your own footy accas, please gamble responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose.

We hope you have found this guide to football accumulators helpful and good luck!





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