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Investopedia is a website offering definitions, advice and articles on financial and trading matters.

There is a wealth of investing knowledge and information contained within the site, with literally thousands of articles and information pieces available. 

If you have any queries about the often bewildering and overwhelming world of financial terminology and jargon, is the place to go. Don’t know your CDSs from your CFDs? There is help available…

Here we have a look at the difference sections of the Investopedia site and have a look at how to make the most of its mountain of information.



In the markets section of the website there are top stocks and funds analysed with their annual performance included. At the time of the writing there are articles on Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ) and the top 5 mutual fund holders of Medtronic, for example. 



In the retirement section of the website you can get all sorts of advice and information on how to look after your money in retirement. At the moment articles such as “Tips for retiring in a bear market” and “Protect Retirement Money from Market Volatility.”


Wealth Management

There is useful information in the Wealth Management part of Investopedia, looking at topics such as “Luxury cars with the best resale value” and “It pays to be Henry (high earner not rich yet).” This section appears to be aimed at the more affluent visitors to the site.


Financial Advisors

There is an area of the site devoted to advice and information for financial advisors, with info on how to make the most of tax deductions and tips for maximising social security.



When most people think of Investopedia they probably think of reference articles and this is certainly a major part of the site. There are reference sections devoted to the basics of stock investing, economics and options, with all those difficult acronyms and terms explained so that you are can invest with a greater degree of knowledge and certainty.

There is also advice on financial exams, with exam prep for Series 7, CFA Level 1 and Series 65 exam included.

In the reference section there are lots of helpful videos such as “Your Property Tax Assessment – what does it mean” and “The world’s top 10 hedge fund firms.” There is also a “Term of the Day” – today’s term is Alternative Minimum Tax or AMT.



Another feature of the Investopedia site is the simulator section, which includes simulators for both stocks and forex. With the stock simulator you can start with a balance of $100,000 and zero risk – well, with no potential gain either other than the fun of seeing how you do.



So there you have it, a brief guide to Investopedia. We have by no means covered everything that is available on the site as there is a huge amount, but above are some of the key elements and topics. You can also signup for newsletter on a range of topics – many of those raised above in fact – so that is a good way of keeping up to speed on things if you don’t have time to visit the site every day.

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