iWinSoccerBets – Final Review

We have come to the end of our trial of iWinSoccerBets and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   -8 points
Strike Rate:    53%
Bank Growth:   -16%
Cost:   £29 for 14 days or £49 per month
ROI:   -5.5%
Average number of tips:   11 per week


You can view full results here.


iWinSoccerBets – Full Review


Following fast on the heels of our final review of the Football Tipster we have iWinSoccerBets which has just finished its three month trial here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Our comments for both services are quite similar, in that they both finished in a loss for the trial but the losses were small so it was not a disaster.

In the case of iWinSoccerBets, the loss was -8 points, which represented a 16% loss of the bank.

Here is how the trial went in graph format:

iWinSoccerBets Profit Graph

It was quite a steady decline until a bit of a rally late on. 

In general it does seem it’s much tougher to make a profit betting on football than on horse racing.

So far we have only passed one football betting system or tipster (Banker Bets) and that service tips not only on football but also covers tennis and has the odd bet in US Sports.

Compare that to eight horse racing tipsters we have approved and you will get a sense of what we are talking about.

Football is just damn hard to make money out of. Yet it is the most gambled on sport in the world. The bookies must love it!

We get the feeling for a service to make money on football in the long run it has to come up with something genuinely different.

Banker Bets does it with betting at very short odds and identifying value in those selections, which is unusual and not something we had seen before from a football tipster. 

But it’s hard to make money just betting on win selections each week unless you can find a clear edge.

We didn’t really see it here with iWinSoccerBets or with the Football Tipster. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but in our view it’s a tough ask.

So the wait for a winning football-only tipster goes on…


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The bets are sent out by e-mail which is good and there are around 11 bets per week, so the workload is very manageable. 

Availability of prices: Most of the selections are in the main European and English leagues, so there is no problem with the availability of prices. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 53%, which is fairly solid. To make a profit it would probably need to be closer to 60% though. 

Advised Betting Bank: There wasn’t a specific betting bank advised but we used a 50 point bank for the trial, which was more than comfortable. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are a little on the high side – particularly based on the results so far – at £29 for 14 days or £49 per month. There are free tips available though. 



Well it’s another football service finishing in a loss and we are seeing something of a pattern here.

The loss for iWinSoccerBets was 8 points, which was disappointing over the course of three months. There have certainly been some strange results lately in the Premier League which may account for some of the difficulties encountered. 

So although this not delivered the hoped-for profits, it is not quite bad enough for us to give it a fail either. A 16% loss of the bank is no disaster.

Perhaps one to keep an eye on as it is a relative newcomer and results may pick up as they get themselves established. 

The good thing is you can join for free and test them out for a while before deciding whether to go to the paid tips, which may be the best option here at the moment.





iWinSoccerBets – Results Update

15th December 2016

It has been a tricky run for iWinSoccerBets since our last update just over a month ago. They have dropped 14 points to sit at -12 points now after two months. 

You can view full results here.

As we have said elsewhere, it has been a tough time for football tipsters lately with a spate of strange results.

Still time left for iWinSoccerBets to turn it round though and finish the trial in profit.

Back soon with more updates.




iWinSoccerBets – Results Update

7th November 2015

It has been a slow but steady start for iWinSoccerBets to their trial, with 2.46 points accumulated after a month of tipping. 

You can view full results here.

It is always harder to make big profits on football than on horse racing as you are betting at much lower odds, so 2.65 points isn’t too bad. We think any service that can manage 5 points per month betting on football to 1 point level stakes is doing very well.

They have had a couple of nice winners at tasty odds, including Liverpool to beat Chelsea at 4.22 and Stoke to beat Swansea at 3.96.

The good thing is that tips are pretty much all in the big leagues, so there is no problem getting the advised odds or getting the bets on.

So a solid start for iWinSoccerBets – let’s hope things continue in positive fashion.

Back soon with more updates.



iWinSoccerBets – New Review

2nd October 2015

Following on from our recent article about who is the best football tipster, today we are commencing another trial of a football tipster.

Our quest here at Honest Betting Reviews is to find the very best football tipsters. So we are always on the look out for new talent and we may have found something promising in the form of iWinSoccerBets. 

This is a relatively new football tipping service that operates both free tips and “VIP” paid tips.

They tip across leagues from around the world and whilst focusing mainly on the match odds market, also tip in markets such as both teams to score and over/under markets.

They use historical and statistical modelling to come up with the selections and you are provided with the historical data behind the tips, which is always reassuring. You do sometimes wonder with some tipping services where there is no reasoning behind the tip whether they are just plucking the selections out of thin air!

We will undertake our normal three month review and see how this one gets on. With the footy season in full swing it’s a good time to get involved with football betting as there is a good bank of results now to go on.

You can check back here soon for results updates, but in the meantime if you want to view iWonSoccerBets, you can click here. 


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