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Since the launch of Betfair just over 20 years ago, lay betting has become a staple part of the gambling scene. 

Whereas previously only bookies had been able to lay selections, now any punter can lay a horse, player or team they think is likely to lose. 

Whilst it has opened up a whole world of opportunities, lay betting is not as easy as you might think. Although it may seem obvious when a horse is not up to the job and seems a “dead-cert” lay bet, it is actually quite hard to turn a profit from laying.

The advantage the bookies have in laying is that they can offer slightly worse odds than the actual chances of winning. So if a horse should be 6/4 to win, they can offer 5/4. That margin is how they make their profits.

As bettors using the exchanges however we do not have this advantage and have to offer odds at a fair price – if you want a good chance of being matched that is. 

So to be successful at lay betting is actually quite a skill and only a small number of professional bettors manage it. 

We have tested out many lay betting tipsters over the years here at Honest Betting Reviews and although most have failed to pass a trial, there are a few good ones out there who have proven their worth over an extended period. 

We’ll take a look below at the best lay betting tipsters out there.


The Top Lay Betting Tipsters

We’ll take a look now at our top five lay betting tipsters. 

It’s worth noting that typically the return on investment (ROI) is lower with laying tipsters than backing ones, but on the flip side the strike rate (or win rate) is usually higher. Often the strike rate for laying services can be over 70%. 

That means they can have long winning streaks where you can build the bank and enjoy watching the selected horses (or players) losing! 

Anyway, without further ado let’s get on with our top 5 lay betting tipsters.


5. Tennis Goldmine

At number five in our list is a tennis service called Tennis Goldmine. This is a system whereby you lay tennis players based on certain criteria as set out in an instruction manual that is supplied when you sign up.  The criteria for selections is very simple and it should only take you a few minutes each day to find the selections and place the lay bets.

We ran a six month trial of Tennis Goldmine and it performed very well, producing 28 points profit at a return on investment of 10% and a strike rate of 52%. As a bonus you also get additional trading and betting tips from Patrick Ross (who designed the system) when signing up. 

Tennis has excellent liquidity for laying so there should be no problem getting bets matched, so overall this is a decent laying service that is worth checking out.  



This is a horse racing laying service that has been going for a few years now with decent results. They offer two sets of lay tips – the Daily Punt and the VIP Club. The Daily Punt is a single lay bet each day from Monday to Saturday, whereas the VIP Club provides more selections but using the same criteria and filters for both. 

Laytips have been betting on the horses for over 40 years and have been providing their lay tips to the public since 2015. They aim to find low SP horses that do not run to their price or previous form. 

They have been proofing the Daily Punt lays to the Racing Index site for a while now and have produced solid profits at Betfair SP each year since 2020. That makes them one of the top laying services that has actually proofed their results, so is worthy of respect. 


3. Lay2Win

Lay2Win is a lay betting tipster from the Punt Hub stable of tipsters. They are a selective service providing a relatively small number of lays on the horses each month. 

The results to date have been excellent, with 88 points profit made since starting up. That has been achieved with a very high strike rate of 84% of winning lays and a commendable return on investment of 14%

So far since the service started, 20 out of 25 months have been profitable, which is an enviable record of consistency. 

As we say they only recommend a few bets per month so they are very careful with ensuring that only the best opportunities with all criteria met are selected as lays. The maximum odds for the lays is 4.0, meaning the liability does not get out of hand as with some other laying services. 

All in all then Lay2Win is a top laying service for the discerning, selective punter.


2. The Lay Bet Tipster

Next up on our list is a service from the reputable Betting Gods stable of tipsters and that is The Lay Bet Tipster. 

Tips are provided by a chap called Darren who is an accountant-turned-full-time professional bettor.

He says he “started betting on horses part-time to gain a second income. Fast forward a few years and clearly, my accountancy skills paid off as I found a lucrative way to profit from the horses and make it my full-time income.”

Those skills have indeed been working well, with a profit of just under 80 points made since starting tipping in April 2022. That has been achieved with an excellent strike rate of 84% and an impressive return on investment of 8%

It is a very selective service, with usually just a few lays per week, but much like Lay2Win it focuses on situations where everything lines up strongly for a value lay bet. This approach has worked very well for them so far, so looks like the right strategy to follow. 

With long winning runs of 14+ successful lays and very good profit made to date, The Lay Bet Tipster is proving to be one of the very best lay betting tipsters out there. 


1. Little Acorns Gold

At the top of our list of lay betting tipsters is the superb Little Acorns Gold. This is a tipping service based off the very popular and long-running service Little Acorns. 

In essence Little Acorns is a low-liability horse racing laying system that lays odds-on shots according to a set of strict criteria. It has been running for over 15 years and has won numerous awards (including our very own Best Horse Racing Service 2022 as voted for by our members). 

The system has made a profit every year, with some years producing over 100 points profit. There is simply no other laying strategy out there with anything like the longevity and record of success that Little Acorns has achieved. 

In terms of operating the system, there are different staking systems you can use, from flat staking to Fibonacci staking, which comes with a little more risk but has delivered greater profit to date. 

Whilst Little Acorns itself is a betting manual containing the rules of the system, Little Acorns Gold is a tipping service which provides the tips generated from the Little Acorns system for you each day so you don’t have to spend time finding the selections yourself. 

Alerts are sent out via e-mail and Telegram when there is a selection, so all you have to do is then place the lay bet. For those pressed for time, this is certainly a valuable option. We ran our own review of Little Acorns Gold and it made a handy 30 points profit over the course of our trial. 

Overall then for a lay betting service with an outstanding long-term track record, there is simply nothing better than Little Acorns






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