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Little Acorns Gold – Results Update

It continues to be a bit of a struggle for Little Acorns Gold to get going in our trial so far. Since our last update they have lost 5 points at flat stakes and 2 points at Fibonacci stakes.   

That means it is now 7 points down for our trial so far using flat stakes and level using Fibonacci staking.

You can view full results here.

Everyone will have slightly different results on this service depending on when they access the selections and place the bets as the odds fluctuate quite a lot in the period before the race starts, which is when alerts are sent. 

For the purposes of this review we are using Betfair SP odds as a standard benchmark. So on some occasions the odds of the selection have been over 2.0 at BSP and therefore no bet, whereas if you’d got on when the selection was sent out the odds may have been below 2.0 and therefore a bet – and vice versa.

It should even itself out over the long term but just worth pointing out that results will vary slightly depending on when you access the selections and place your bet.





Little Acorns Gold – Results Update

6th September 2021

It’s been a bit of a mixed start to our trial of Little Acorns Gold, depending on which staking system you are using. 

Using flat stakes, it is 3 points down for our trial so far, whereas using the recommended Fibonacci staking it is 2 points up so far.

You can view full results here.

If using the Fibonacci staking (which is where you stake 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 points until you hit a winner and then go back to the beginning), it’s really important to ensure you have a large enough betting bank and use staking that is appropriate to you. 

For example, at one point over the last month we saw a losing streak of 8 bets, which meant a loss at that stage of a little over 34 points. If using a 140 point bank, that would be manageable, although still a decent chunk of the bank to lose. 

Thankfully the next bet won, winning back the previous 8 bets’ losses but sometimes the full fibonacci sequence will be lost and you don’t want one of those to wipe you out.

Just a note aswell that we are using Betfair SP odds for the purposes of recording results, so our results will differ slightly from the official ones.

Everyone will have slightly different results anyway depending on when they access the selections and place the bets as the odds fluctuate quite a lot in the period before the race starts, which is when alerts are sent.  





Little Acorns Gold – New Review

3rd August 2021

We are starting a new trial today of a service called Little Acorns Gold.

Many of you will have heard of the original Little Acorns betting system, which we originally reviewed back in 2017 and gave a PASSED rating to after making 189 points profit in our trial. Little Acorns is essentially a low-liability laying system for the horses on Betfair.

It is one of the longest-running betting systems, having been going for well over 10 years now and is also one of the most popular, winning our Best Horse Racing Service 2020 as voted for by our members. It has also won numerous other awards over the years.

So that’s Little Acorns, but what is Little Acorns Gold?

Well essentially it’s a service that provides the selections for Little Acorns for you, so you don’t have to spend time finding them yourself each day.

Let’s face it, often it can be difficult to set aside time to finding the selections each day, particularly with the busy lives we lead these days. And there are some days when you just forget or can’t get access to the internet or the websites you need.

So Little Acorns Gold does all the work for you – finding the selections and e-mailing/alerting you (via Telegram) when there is a selection.

Then all you have to do is click on Betfair and place the bet – simples!

The results of the system are very impressive, with over +190 points profit made since 2018.

That’s without compounding too – an example in the members’ section shows that with 2% compounding you could have turned a £1200 starting bank in 2018 into over £19,850 by March 2021!

The results are also remarkably consistent, with only four losing months over the last three and a half years.

Overall then there’s a huge amount to like about Little Acorns Gold and it’s a really good innovation to have added these alerts for people who don’t have time to find the selections themselves each day.

We will be following the selections here live on the site and recording our results as we go along on this page.

In the meantime you can check out Little Acorns Gold for yourself here.




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