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Classic Racing Gold – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Classic Racing Gold and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +96 points
Strike Rate:   59%
Bank Growth:    96%
Cost:   £60/month, £150/quarter or £250/6 months 
ROI:    37%
Average no. of bets:    1.3 per day  


You can view full results here.


Classic Racing Gold – Full Review


It’s been a spectacular trial for Classic Racing Gold, who have delivered some superb profits for us over the last three months.

Specialising in Irish Racing, they provide 1-2 tips per day, that are normally sent out the evening before racing or early in the morning.

The results coming into our trial were very impressive and so we had high expectations at the outset of our testing period.

And boy they did not disappoint!

Just under 100 points profit at advised prices, at an exceptional return on investment of 37% are some of the best results we have ever seen from a horse racing tipster.

And with a strike rate of 59%, the rate of winners was very high and the drawdowns have been minimal to non-existent.

As you can see from the profit graph below, it was very smooth and steady progress during our trial:

Classic Racing Gold Profit Graph

With the tips being virtually all in Irish racing, the liquidity isn’t quite as strong as in UK racing and prices do get hit quite significantly, so if you still have access to bookie accounts then you want to get your bets on as soon as possible after you receive the tips.

However, even if you’ve lost all your bookie accounts, then you can still use Betfair, as the results at Betfair SP were good too, with 48 points profit made over the trial – so exactly half of the profits achieved at advised prices.

All in all then Classic Racing Gold is undoubtedly one of the best services we have come across in the dozens of systems we have tested here at Honest Betting Reviews.

So it’s no surprise to say this receives a passed rating – with bells on!


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good customer service, with warnings about when tips will be sent out and consistent timings – normally in the evening around 8 or 9pm or in the morning around 7am or 8am. 

Availability of prices: As mentioned above, the prices do get squeezed in quite significantly between when they are sent out and the off, so you want to get your bets on asap or you will risk losing some of the value. However, a good profit was still made at Betfair SP, testifying to the edge over the market they have.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 59%, which is exceptionally high for a horse racing service and means lots of winners and minimal losing streaks. 

Advised Betting Bank: No betting bank was advised, but we used a 100 point bank for the trial, which was always comfortable and we think should be sufficient with such a high strike rate.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are good value for a service of this quality at £60 per month, £150 per quarter or £250 for 6 months. Certainly we have seen services charge much more than this without having results of this quality. 



It has been a magnificent trial for Classic Racing Gold, who have amassed just shy of 100 points profit at advised prices during our three month trial.

That comes on the back of 350 points profit made prior to our trial.

Amazingly the return on investment of 37% during our trial matched very closely their long term level of 34%, which means our results are very similar to what they have achieved over the last year.

With a strike rate of 59% meaning a high number of winners and minimal losing streaks, this ticks just about all the boxes in terms of a top tipster.

Results at Betfair SP were quite a bit lower, but were still close to 50 points profit at a return on investment of 18%, which is mighty impressive in itself.

This goes right in at the top with the very best tipsters we have ever come across and needless to say gets a recommended rating.

Get yourself signed up as soon as possible just in case they decide to close the doors anytime soon!

You can get access to Classic Racing Gold here. 







Classic Racing Gold – Final Review

15th July 2016

The superb form continues for Classic Racing Gold, who are looking mightily impressive so far.

They have added a further 38 points of profit at advised prices since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 63 points in profit for the trial so far.

You can view full results here.

There have been some fantastic runs for them lately, including nine winners (and a place) out of ten bets and they have just come off 4 winners and 2 places out of their last six bets.

The Betfair SP results have been a little lower – although still impressive – having made 26 points profit so far.

So you do need to get your bets on quickly after tips are sent out. The nice thing is that they don’t just quote the best price available but one that is available with more than bookies, so you have a good chance of matching their results. 

Anyway, fantastic results so far and we may have found something special here in the form of Classic Racing Gold.

Back soon with more updates.





Classic Racing Gold – Results Update

16th June 2016

There has been excellent progress from Classic Racing Gold since our last update three weeks ago. 

They have added 26 points of profit in that time to stand at 25 points up for the trial so far to advised prices and 6 points up at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

Results were helped with a very nice winner at Royal Ascot on Tuesday in the shape of Jennies Jewel, who won at 10/1 for them in the Ascot Stakes.

As we said in our last update, there is a lot to like about this service. Warning is given when bets will be sent and they don’t always just record the best available price, but what is generally available amongst the bookies.

So if you take into account the 350 points profit made prior to our trial starting, this is looking awfully good so far.

Back soon more updates.





Classic Racing Gold – Results Update

26th May 2016

It’s been a quiet start so far to our trial of Classic Racing Gold. After two weeks they are 1 point down at advised prices and 5 points down at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

It’s very early days as we are only two weeks into the trial, so far too early obviously to start making any judgements.

However, what we do really like is that in terms of their published results, Classic Racing Gold don’t always record the best available bookie price, but often the next price below that.

Very few tipsters do that and it is great to see. It means on the one hand you are getting a more realistic sense of what the results you might obtain when following the service are, but on the other hand if you are really fast on the buzzer then you could actually beat their published results.

It is also nice to see that they normally give you a heads up as to when bets will be sent out and which bookies you need.

Excellent then so far in terms of customer service and the past results are superb, so all we need is to see that kind of form replicated and we could be in for something special.

Back soon with more updates. 




Classic Racing Gold – New Review

10th May 2016

A while ago we reviewed a service called Racing Gold here at Honest Betting Reviews and gave it a firm thumbs up after it amassed 158 points profit during our trial.

Well today we have a similar-sounding service called Classic Racing Gold – which shouldn’t be confused with the other Racing Gold mentioned above.

The two services are in fact completely separate and have nothing to do with one another.

However, the one thing they do have in common is outstanding results!

Classic Racing Gold has been around since August 2015 and to date has made a superb 350 points profit at a return on investment of 33%.

Eight out of the nine completed months so far have been profitable and to be fair the losing month only lost 5 points, where as some of the winning months have been over 70 points in profit.

The service specialises in Irish racing, which is a first for us here at Honest Betting Reviews as all the other tipsters we have reviewed have specialised in British racing.

So it will be interesting to see how prices hold up for Irish racing and if there are any significant differences to betting on British racing.

There looks like just 1-2 bets per day, so the workload should be fairly low with this service.

We will run our normal three month trial for Classic Racing Gold and will report back on how things are going shortly.

In the meantime you can check out Classic Racing Gold here.



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