Loophole Trader – Final Review

Loophole Trader is a new system for trading the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading.

The main system requires the use of bookmaker accounts and preferably with features such as best odds guaranteed (BOG) and cash-out available (there is a separate “Betfair-only system” which we will look at further below). 

Over the years we have come across many systems claiming to have found a betting “loophole,” only for 99.9% of them to have turned out to be a load of rubbish – or just a copy of something that is already out there and well known like matched betting.

So we approached Loophole Trader with a little trepidation in the first instance, but after digging in a little were reassured this wasn’t one of those systems.

Essentially the system is provided by way of a written guide, which is quite in-depth and comes with some tutorial videos. Reading through it all and understanding the information will probably take a bit of time and a few goes, as it’s quite complex to grasp what to do in each scenario with a trade.  

At its core though the strategy is quite straightforward and entirely logical. In essence it does work and is quite clever really – we haven’t seen this strategy out there anywhere else. 

It is worth bearing in mind that the recommended stakes are £250 for the initial bookie bet, but the full stake is never at risk and a losing trade in most cases should result in losses of £10-£20 max. 

We had some issues using the strategy as it does require unrestricted bookie accounts as mentioned above, but following it as best we could be made a total of £39 profit from a sample of ten trades. 

That’s pretty good and the results spreadsheet from the trader himself (Al) shows a profit of over £800, which we believe is very achievable after a couple of months of doing this.

The main downsides to the system we can see are that:

  • a) It is does require you to be at your computer for a period before races start (up to half an hour but at least 15 minutes realistically) to monitor the markets live. In the early part of our trial, Al was sending possible races for the day via Telegram and then updating members with alerts when a suitable trade was available, but has now stopped doing so. That’s a real shame in our view as that made it much more viable to follow the system, but Al felt the subscription model wasn’t working and not enough people were following the alerts. That is understandable, but hopefully if there is demand further down the line that option can be looked at again.  
  • b) You would be likely to suffer bookie restrictions after using it for a little while. How long exactly? Well that’s difficult to tell as it normally differs from case to case but after a few months, or even weeks, the bookies might well restrict your account. There are steps you can take to avoid this, as described here. 

There is also, as we have mentioned, a Betfair-only system. This involves trading on a horse if given criteria are met (which have been derived from seeing how markets move based on the main system) and getting out once there has been a move in either direction of around 10%. 

After executing a handful of trades, it would seem like this strategy could have legs but it would require detailed testing over a long period to say for certain. Sadly the time to do this, as indicated above, would be quite considerable. 

In addition Al has added a couple of extra features recently, one is an each-way system which looks quite similar to Each-Way Sniper previously reviewed here and the other is a bot for trading. We haven’t tested either but those are some extra options for members which are good to see. 



Loophole Trader is an innovative system that is hybrid between trading and matched betting. It relies on having certain bookie features available to work. 

Having read through the manual and tested it out we can confirm that the system definitely works and has sound logic behind it. We made a decent profit from a small sample of trades made. 

It is a little time-consuming to use and does require being at your computer in the lead up to races to operate, so won’t be for everyone. As with any successful system, there is also the risk of bookie account closures. 

There is a Betfair-only system as well which looks promising but would require extensive testing to draw a definitive conclusion about. 

Overall though we are impressed with the main system which is innovative and effective and are happy to award it a PASSED rating.






Loophole Trader – Results Update

22nd September 2022

Loophole Trader is a system for trading on the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading. 

It comes in the form of a training course and there is also a Telegram group where the system author, Al, provides a list of the potential races for the day and posts updates if an appropriate odds match is found. 

Although the core concept is pretty simple, there is a lot to work through on the course and a lot to get your head around. 

The key thing is understanding what to do in various scenarios if the odds drift, steam etc and there are differences between bookies and Betfair. If you don’t understand what to do in these scenarios and get it wrong then it can cost you, so it is essential to get this right and practice a bit before getting stuck in for real. 

So it has taken quite a bit of effort to understand all of that and get into a position to trade. 

However, I have taken a few trades – although sadly I am somewhat limited in my bookie accounts and am not able to stake at the recommended amount of £250 nor have all the facilities available (just a note that your full £250 should never be at risk – that is just the amount needed for the initial bookie bet – the actual potential loss should be much smaller at around £10).

Anyway, having taken a few dummy trades I am pleased to report that most have been successful and I am around £25 up so far. 

In terms of the system itself, as mentioned in the review introduction it is a genuine system and is quite clever. It’s not something I’ve seen before which is impressive given how saturated the matched betting market has become. 

You do need BOG bookie accounts for the main system and additional facilities, which we can’t really say here without giving things away, but suffice to say you need bookie accounts without restrictions. 

It’s also fair to say that after doing this for a while, you are likely to lose the facilities needed to make the system work. How long that takes will of course vary in each case, but it could be a few months on average, although some may be able to make it last longer of course.

However, the good news is that Al has also developed a Betfair-only system. This is really good news and gives a greatly extended shelf-life to the system. 

I am keen to test this Betfair-only system but want to first get the main bookie version tested properly with some results on the board. 

Once that is done, I will move on to looking at the Betfair-only system. 

So far though it’s a definite thumbs-up for the Loophole Trader and it is looking like a rare breakthrough in the trading/matched betting sector. 





Loophole Trader – New Review

18th August 2022

We are starting a new trial today of a system called Loophole Trader. 

This is a system for trading on the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading. 

It’s an interesting concept and one we haven’t come across before, so does look like it is worth testing out. 

Now over the years we have heard the idea of a betting “loophole” many times, and the vast majority of the time it turns out to be a con or scam. 

However, in this case having taken a look at the basis of the system it does look genuine to us, although of course the real test will be whether it makes money in practice.

The system author is a guy called Al Gibbs, who has spent a lot of time developing the strategy and has written a full course manual (with accompanying videos) to explain how it works. He claims he made over £3,000 profit from trading the system last summer.  

In addition to the course manual there is also a Telegram group where Al sends the trades out each day as they can be quite time-consuming to find yourself apparently. 

One thing to be aware of is that you will preferably need BOG (best odds guaranteed) bookmakers to make the system work. 

Although the core concept is quite straightforward, there is quite a lot to get your head around in terms of knowing what to do in various situations so will need to spend some time getting to grips with it. 

As usual though will report back soon on how we are getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out Loophole Trader for yourself here. 




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