Oddschecker Review

We take a look at Oddschecker.com, one of the top odds comparison sites on the internet and assess how you can get the most out of it to aid your betting.

Although comparison websites for just about everything are commonplace nowadays and taken for granted, when Oddschecker was set up in around the year 2000, the idea of having a website that allowed you to compare prices was quite novel.

The bookies must have hated the idea initially, but it appears with time they have come to accept it and actually seen it as a way to acquire business – free advertising if you like.

For the punter, odds comparison sites were a godsend, allowing you to see the prices for a match, race or event all in one place rather than trawling though each bookmaker’s site individually.

As time has gone on, the sites have become more sophisticated and the accuracy of prices has improved.

But how does Oddschecker measure up and how can it help your betting?

Bet Basket

One feature you should definitely make use of with Oddschecker is the Bet Basket, which allows you to check which bookie offers the best odds for an accumulator. Just click the basket with the + sign next to the name of the selection and it will be added to your acca.


You can choose how you want the odds shown on Oddschecker – on the left hand sidebar under “Site Settings” you can choose for the odds to be fractional, decimal, U.S. or how much you will win with a certain stake. Plus you can adjust the exchange commissions to show the correct amount of commission.

Market Reports

A good feature of Oddschecker is their market reports, which tell you the selections that are steaming (reducing in odds) or drifting (increasing in odds) the most. If you are interested in where the money is going and market confidence in certain horses or teams, this is a helpful service. These are provided for football, horse racing, golf, tennis and other sports.

Most Popular Bets

On the homepage of the site you can see the most popular bets being placed for the day, which gives you a quick sense of how the markets are moving. Plus there is a list of the big events. 

TV Sports Calendar

Another useful part of the Oddschecker website is the TV Calendar feature. This lets you see what sporting events are coming up on all the various sports channels there are these days, helping you to plan which ones to watch (and possibly bet on).


There are also calculators on the Oddschecker site that enable you to work out your dutching, hedging or even “hutching” options.

Betting Tips

There is a large section of the site devoted to tipping covering a range of different sports. 

Number of bookmakers

At last check there were 23 bookmakers on Oddschecker and 3 exchanges. This includes all the familiar high street bookies like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral as well some less familiar names like Titan Bet and Marathon Bet.

Importantly, none of the major names missing, which is the main thing and means you are getting full coverage of the major bookmakers so don’t really need to do any additional searching. However, those outside the UK may like to see the odds of Pinnacle, who have closed their doors to UK customers but are still one of the major names in bookmaking.

Speed of Odds Updating

Although much improved in recent times, one of the major weaknesses of odds comparison sites has been the speed at which odds update – sadly not quite fast enough! There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a really good price then clicking through to the bookmaker and seeing it is actually much less.

Oddschecker is quite good on this now with prices generally up to date but there is the occasional one that is not. You would have thought technology existed to make this instant but alas not! We await the day when it is…

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