Racing Intelligence – Final Review

N.B. – PLEASE NOTE: no new memberships to Racing Intelligence are currently being taken (as maximum membership numbers have been reached).

To put your name down on a waiting list should places become available, please email Matthew Walton direct at with the subject “HBR Member – Racing Intelligence.”





Racing Intelligence – Final Review

18th December 2019

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Racing Intelligence and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +192 points
Strike Rate:   40%
Bank Growth:   96%
ROI:   19%
Average number of bets:   10 per week
Cost:   £58.20 for 1st month then £97+VAT/month thereafter


You can view full results here.


Racing Intelligence – Full Review


Every once in a while here at Honest Betting Reviews we come across a real gem of a service – something that works a little differently from the many other services we see day-in, day-out and that’s found an angle to generate consistent, long-term profit. 

Coming into our trial we felt that could be the case with Racing Intelligence – and for once we are pleased to say we weren’t disappointed!

Racing Intelligence is a little different to most other services in that it does not rely on form reading, ratings or any of the traditional ways that tipsters operate. In fact, it is not really a “tipster” at all. Instead its selections are provided by an inside man at one of the leading UK bookmakers who gets to see where all the “smart money” is being placed for that day’s racing. 

He gets to see where the big gambles are going, the professional money is being placed and where there is likely to be significant value. That info is then passed straight on to members of the service.

Normally we would be skeptical of such claims of “inside info” but on this occasion we have no doubt whatsoever this is the real deal.

Not only have we seen the results prior to our trial proofed by a reputable source elsewhere, which showed 672 points profit coming into our review, but now we have six months of own proofed results and wow have we been impressed!

A superb 192 points profit was made at advised prices during our six-month trial, which represents a very nearly doubling of the advised betting bank of 200 points. 

As you can see from the profit graph below, they were never really in deficit and built strongly over the middle part of the trial with another burst at the end:-

Those results were achieved with a very good strike rate of 40% (including placed horses) and a commendable ROI of 19%. 

At Betfair SP the results were solid too, with a nice 76 points profit made during our trial. 

The consistency is excellent too, with 10 out of 12 months this year having been profitable and 23 out of 30 months overall having made a profit.  

So we have no hesitation in awarding this service a PASSED rating and giving it our first five star award for some time. 

As we say, we like that they approach betting from a different angle of looking at where the smart money is being placed rather than typical form study and it’s clear this information has huge value. 

It’s credit to Matthew Walton (who runs the service) for having found this source of information and we can only hope both the source and Matthew continue sharing the info for a long time to come!


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The tips are sent out during morning of racing and come in individually as the information is received, as it is obviously “hot off the press” so is passed on straight away for members to snap up the value. That means you’ll sometimes get three or four e-mails (or texts if you choose that option) during the morning at various times, with Matthew then summarising the day’s bets in one final e-mail, usually around lunchtime or shortly before racing starts. 

With an average of 1-2 bets per day following the service isn’t too onerous by any means. 

Availability of prices: Prices do tend to get pushed in so we recommend taking early prices if you can, but as stated above the service is still profitable at BSP so is practical to follow even if you don’t have bookie accounts.  

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 40% (including placed horses) which is more than acceptable and is very close to the long-term strike rate for the service of 39%. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point bank is recommended for following the service which seems a reasonable amount to us and was certainly never in jeopardy at any stage of our trial. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are high, but that is understandable given the quality of information being received and it also helps protect prices for members. The subscription costs are £58.20 for the first month then £97+VAT per month after that.

There is a full money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. 



With a profit of 192 points made at advised prices during our six month trial, to go with the profits stacked up previously (which have been proofed by a reputable source elsewhere), Racing Intelligence has made a total of over 850 points profit betting each-way or over 1,100 points profit if betting win-only since starting up two and a half years ago.

Those are outstanding results and we are more than happy to award this a PASSED rating and to place it right towards the very top of our list of recommended horse racing services.

The subscription costs are high so you will need a decent-sized bank to make it worthwhile, but if you have that then this really is a service to get on board with and start profiting from the invaluable info it provides.

And the good news is we’ve managed to negotiate an exclusive discount for HBR readers of 50% off the first month’s subscription which you can get here.  








Racing Intelligence – Results Update

30th November 2019

A little bit of a correction for Racing Intelligence this month, with a loss of 14 points made at advised prices since our last update.

The good news though is that they are still 153 points up at advised prices for our trial overall after the excellent previous results.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP they have lost 8 points since our last update but are still 65 points up for our trial overall.

As Matthew points out on the emails, it is important to keep a long-term mindset and not let a small drawdown this month detract from the long-term picture which has been very good indeed. 






Racing Intelligence – Results Update

28th October 2019

It’s been a cracking time for Racing Intelligence since our last update, with a whopping 109 points profit made at advised prices over the last five weeks. 

That means they are now an excellent 167 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

Things have also been progressing well at BSP, with another 73 points profit made since our last update and 84 points profit made for our trial overall. 

It’s great to see a service living up to its pre-trial billing and delivering some excellent results under live conditions. This is looking like a really top service in the making. 






Racing Intelligence – Results Update

19th September 2019

It’s been a solid month for Racing Intelligence, with 9 points profit made at advised prices since our last update. 

That means they are now 58 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

The good news is they are now up at Betfair SP for our review aswell, with 17 points made since our last update and 11 points profit made for our trial overall.  

It’s been a bit up and down during the review in truth, with a high of 87 points up followed by dropping down to just 3 points up, and then bouncing back again to 58 points up. For those with an appropriate betting bank and a long-term mindset that wouldn’t have been a problem, but unfortunately for those who dropped out after the losing run they have now missed out on the subsequent profits. 

Anyway, as we say overall the results have been good so let’s look for them to kick on from here. 





Racing Intelligence – Results Update

15th August 2019

More profits for Racing Intelligence since our last update, with another 19 points profit added at advised prices over the past month. 

That means they are now 49 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it continues to be a bit more of a struggle. Although a profit of 2 points was made since our last update, they are still 6 points down at BSP for our trial overall. 

Their long term BSP results are very good so this may just be a small blip but we will keep an eye on it and hopefully they will have moved into profit at Betfair SP aswell by the time of our next update.






Racing Intelligence – Results Update

10th July 2019

It’s been a strong start to our trial of Racing Intelligence, with a profit of 30 points made so far to advised prices after one month.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things haven’t been quite as good, with a loss of 8 points made for our trial so far.

Just a note that the Racing Intelligence spy has been working away for the past 10 days, this has meant it’s been very quiet on the betting front lately but he is due to return shortly so we expect the pace to pick up next week. 

Still, a good start all in all from this service. 






Racing Intelligence – New Review

10th June 2019

Today we are looking at a new racing service called Racing Intelligence and we have to say we are more than intrigued by its proposition. 

Whilst regular readers will know we are generally sceptical of tipsters claiming they have special access to “inside info,” this one comes with an interesting twist on that idea – and has the results to back it up.

Normally we dismiss talk of “inside info” because frankly despite having seen dozens of tipsters claim they have access to it, we are yet to see a single one of those tipsters actually deliver a long-term profit. In short most of it is just marketing BS. 

Those tipsters who do make a consistent profit – like Quentin Franks, the Bet Alchemist and so on – do so due to hours of hard work and diligence in how they study races and form. 

In the case of this tipster however, the “inside info” they claim to use is a little different – it is actually the bookies’ inside info. 

So rather than looking to gather information from stables, trainers and so on, they are apparently able to gather intell directly from inside a bookie, as they work for one.

Inside this bookie they see the winning accounts of their elite customers and which bets those customers are placing – referred to as “markers” in the industry  – and then pass on those bets to subscribers to place themselves.

The results of the service – which have been proofed elsewhere – are absolutely top-notch and suggest this approach is highly effective. 

Since starting up two years ago they have made a superb 672 points profit at general bookies’ prices if betting each-way and an incredible 933 points profit if betting win-only. 

Those have been achieved with returns on investment of 24% and 34% respectively,  which is top-class stuff. 

In addition they have demonstrated a remarkable level of consistency, with 19 of their 24 months so far having been profitable. 

The really good news though is that the service is even profitable at Betfair SP, with a profit of 364 points made betting win and place on the exchange and 571 points if betting win-only at BSP.

Those are the some of the best BSP results we have seen and if they can be repeated during a live trial will mean this service may well achieve the “holy-grail” of being able to generate a substantial profit at Betfair.

That remains to be seen of course so we will reserve our judgement until we have seen the service in action and what kind of results it achieves. 

So we will run a standard three-month trial and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Intelligence for yourself here.





12 replies
  1. peter
    peter says:

    Looks very impressive but the stake size is between 1-10 pts with the average 4 I think. So I wasn’t so keen at that stage given the cost.

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your interest. Yes the staking is up to 10 points but the ROI is still excellent and the monthly profit very consistent. Cost is high but I guess they need to protect prices for existing members etc.

      Kind regards,


  2. graham
    graham says:

    it’s picked up nicely. losing 4 points today with 1 race to come. p/l has 5% comm deducted

    14 L 2EW PL 2.62 2EW L 3W minus 5.92
    15 L 2EW L 1.5EWX2 L 3W 2.88 3W minus 13.56
    16 L 3EW minus 19.56
    17 L 2EW 1.82 3W 4.95 (1.87) 2EW minus 12.06
    18 L 2EW L 3W 6.8 (2.09) 2EW (3.21) 1.5EW minus 4.32
    19- 20 no bets
    21 L 1.5EW L 2EW (3.25) 1.5EW minus 9.61
    22 L 3WX2 L 2EW (3.45) 1.5 EW minus 17.62
    23 L 2EW (1.59) 2EW minus 22.50
    24 L 2EW L 1.5EW 2.05 4W 3.53 (1.71) 2EW minus 19.35
    25 (2.83) 2EW 5.6 (2.04) 2EW minus 7.15
    26 no bet
    27 L 2EW L 3W L 1.5 EW 1.61 3W (2.03) 2EW minus 15.45
    28 L 1.5 EW L 3W L 5W (3.32) 2EW minus 24.04
    29 L 1.5EWX3 L 3W 5.52 (1.8) 2EW (2.3) 2EW
    (1.66 2EW) 2.87 (1.47) 2EW 1.95 3W minus 19.06
    30 no bet
    1 2 no bets
    3 L3W minus 22.06
    4-8 no bets
    9 L 3W minus 25.06
    10 no bet
    11 ( 1.91) 1.5 EW 2.02 3W MINUS 22.35
    12 L 3W L 2EW (6.24) 1.5 EW 10.05 (3.07) 2EW minus 2.25
    13 1.92 5W 2.26 3W plus 5.71
    14 ( 2.49 ) 1.5EW plus 6.33
    15 L 3W 2.63 3W plus 7.98

  3. graham
    graham says:

    had a really bad run and dropped to minus 50 points, but a very good short burst of form means at 2/8 it’s back at 5 points profit since 14th June starting date, which is very good at Betfair sp with 5% commission off. A lot more profit would have been achieved backing early but that’s not easy when I have very few betting accounts, and those I do have are restricted heavily.

  4. graham
    graham says:

    well after nearly 3 months I’ve given up as around 12 points down at Betfair SP which is pretty good actually but not good enough. No way I can get on at the prices with the bookies. If I could I wouldn’t be leaving as this is not a bad service.


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