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Racing Investment – Final Review

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Racing Investment and here are the final results:-


Profit/loss:    -10 points
Strike Rate:    37%
Bank Growth:    -6%
Cost:   £40+VAT/month or £80+VAT/quarter 
ROI:   -2%
Average number of bets:    1 per day


You can view full results here.


Racing Investment Full Review


Racing Investment is a horse racing tipster from the Bet Fan group of tipsters. 

Coming into our trial, they had amassed some astonishing results, racking up over 600 points profit at an almost unheard of return on investment of 91%.

However, as is often the case in this business, the trial results didn’t live up to the pre-trial results and we are left somewhat disappointed here.

Overall, we have finished 10 points down after three months. Given that all selections are backed with 5 points, it is the equivalent of being just 2 points down to 1 point level stakes.

That is very close to breaking even, so we think a neutral rating is a fair judgement here. 

Looking at how things went in graph format, we can see the volatile nature of the results:

Racing Investment Profit Graph

However, it should be borne in mind that the 5 point stakes accentuate the up and down nature of the results.

One thing to note though is that they finished 48 points down at Betfair SP, so it is questionable whether the service is practical to follow at BSP.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Tips are sent out in the morning (or you can log in to the Bet Fan website) and there is an average of just one bet per day, so it is a very simple service to follow with minimal time commitment. 

Availability of prices: Prices are generally fairly available and you shouldn’t have too many problems getting the advised price. However, as we state above, the Betfair SP results were quite a bit worse so beware of using BSP. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 37%, which is quite a bit below the pre-trial average of 61%, and explains why the results weren’t as good during our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: No betting bank was advised, but we used a 150 point bank for the trial and it was never in jeopardy during the trial.

Subscription costs: Subscription costs are £40+VAT per month or £80+VAT per quarter.



We had high hopes for Racing Investment coming into our trial, which had the almost perfect trifecta of great results, at a high strike rate and phenomenal ROI.

However, as we see so often here, it couldn’t reproduce those results under a live trial and ended up more or less breaking even at advised prices over our trial.

So the only fair verdict seems like a neutral rating here.

We will keep an eye on things to see if results pick up, but for the time being its a watching brief for this one.






Racing Investment – Results Update

13th October 2016

It’s been a disappointing time for Racing Investment, who have dropped 12 points since our last update to be -3 points for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have been considerably worse, with 29 points dropped since our last update to be -39 points for the trial overall.

We had high hopes for this service as the results coming into our trial were outstanding, but as is so often the case, they have failed to reproduce those results under the spotlight of a live trial.

Anyway, only a couple of weeks left in our trial of Racing Investment, so let’s hope for a good finish from them. 






Racing Investment – Results Update

17th September 2016

A bit of a decline for Racing Investment since our last update unfortunately.

They have lost 28 points since our last update at advised prices, leaving them at 9 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP, things are slightly worse, with 39 points dropped since our last update to be 10 points down for the trial.

Hopefully this is just a minor blip for Racing Investment and things will get back on track soon, as their results coming into the trial were highly impressive.






Racing Investment – Results Update

23rd August 2016

Our pre-trial expectations have for once not been let down, so far at least.

We started out this trial with high hopes that we had found something special in the form of Racing Investment.

And the first month has been very good, delivering 37 points of profit at advised prices and 29 points profit at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

It is a very simple service to follow, with generally just one bet per day. And with a high strike rate, it has been low stress so far as well. 

So far so good then for Racing Investment. Let’s hope for more of the same going forward.





Racing Investment – New Review

25th July 2016

Today we are commencing a new trial of a horse racing service called Racing Investment.

This is a horse racing tipster that looks highly promising.

As those of you who have been following Honest Betting Reviews for a while know, there are a few key ingredients we look for when searching for a good tipster.

Other than the obvious good profit levels shown – in this case over 660 points profit to date – we want to see consistency. Has the tipster had a majority of winning months?

In the case of Racing Investment, every month so far has been profitable, so check.

Then we look at strike rate – does the tipster have a high strike rate, meaning losing runs will be short and staking can be higher?

In this case, the strike rate is a very impressive 61% – meaning more bets have won than lost so far, which is very encouraging indeed – check.

After that it is a case of checking out the return on investment (ROI). In this case that is also exceptionally high, at an astonishing 91%.

We actually struggle to remember a service with such a high ROI – so it’s certainly a check on that front.

Next up we consider how the results stack up at Betfair SP. For many of us who have had our bookie accounts closed or limited, being able to make a profit at Betfair SP is crucial.

Well it’s good news on that front too – the Betfair SP results are also very strong, with 522 points profit made to date at a return on investment of over 70% – check again.

Finally, we look at how long the service has been going.

Basically it’s a case of the longer the better. If a service can demonstrate a winning record over a long period then it is unlikely to be just chance and more likely that they have a genuine edge over the market.

Racing Investment doesn’t quite score on this front as it’s only been going since January 2016, but by the end of our review we will have three months more results to chalk up and a better feel of the long-term profitability of the service.

With such an impressive record to date, we really couldn’t resist testing this out and are genuinely excited about its prospects.

We also like the fact that the sales page is – well, fairly non-salesy – and focuses on the fact that the service is based around a business model and shrewd investing, not gambling.

Anyone who takes such an approach is much more likely to succeed and the results so far certainly back that up.

Anyway, enough of the build-up, let’s get things going and kick off the trial.

We’ll be back soon with our first update.

In the meantime, you can check out Racing Investment here. 


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