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What is risk-free Betting?

For most gamblers, everyone knows that the house always wins, or the bookie, depending on your forte.  This may be true for the general public, but did you know there are so-called “risk free” bets that you can place, also known as matched bets? 

This is usually a technique that is reserved for highly experienced and math-oriented gamblers, but it has become much more accessible lately, thanks to online betting products that specialise in matched betting.

Outwit, Out-smart

When you browse online for online gaming websites, typically you will find every company offering freebies, or introductory offers to get you to try their betting service.  These are genuine offers, from all the reputable websites like Bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes, where you do get free money to place your bets. 

The reason why they can offer free money is because they know that gambling is an itch that must be scratched more than once.  That £50 free bet is often not enough for the average person, especially gamblers.

It all sounds fairly easy on the outside, to take your free bet and place it on something that has a low risk, but low reward, then cash in those winnings and be ahead, at minimum, the free bet investment that you started with.  

How to Play

Risk-free betting websites essentially do all the work for you, so that anyone can try it without needing to have previous experience in betting.  The key is in the quality of the online platforms that you are using to place these bets.  The concept of matched betting relies heavily on following offers and making calculated bets so that you always come out on top using the “free bet” offers and the betting exchange systems.

These risk-free betting websites, which operate on the premise of making minimum bets on the results of sports are perfectly legal and used by thousands of people every day. 

The best one we have come across is Profit Maximiser, which allows you to make up to £500 per month risk free from matched betting. 

There is also Profit Accumulator, which is very similar to Profit Maximiser and works on the same basis.

Other profitable matched betting products we have tested here on the site include Accumulator Generator, Bonus Bagging and Each-Way Sniper. These are all highly recommended if you want to take risk-free cash off the bookies.

Not gambling – investing

What makes this strategy work is that it doesn’t actually count as gambling.  Half the reason why people gamble is that they find the risk exciting.  The other half is obviously to win, but the activity itself is what makes you addicted.  You can become addicted to anything if you ignore logic and become obsessed over it.  Risk-free betting requires self-control and proper research into the programs and bookies that are being used.

Begin with small offers so that you limit your risk from misunderstanding rules, instructions, or inputs.  This should be treated like any other financial investment, not as something to toss money at and hoping you will get lucky.  Never bet with money that you can’t afford to lose, that’s always rule number one for anyone who unsure if they might acquire a gambling addiction.



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