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Pre-Match Trading – Final Review

We have reached the end of our trial of Pre Match Trading and here are the final results:-


Profit/loss:    +18 points
Strike Rate:   62%
Bank Growth:    60%
Cost:   £39/month, £106/quarter or £191 for 6 months
ROI:   1%
Average number of trades:   3 per day


You can view full results here. (please note there are two tabs to the results spreadsheet). 


Pre-Match Trading – Full Review


Pre-Match Trading is a piece of software that calculates when the odds are out of alignment on Betfair prior to kick-off in football matches, indicating potentially profitable trades to be made.

All trades are completed before the match kicks off so none are left in-running.

There are two ways to use it: firstly, when you are a member they send you e-mail updates with recommended trades, usually on weekends; and secondly, you can operate the software manually to find the trades pretty much any time there is football on.

The vast majority of trades are in the correct score market, with a few in the over/under markets.

You are generally just looking for a tick or two in the odds to trade, so this is just looking for very small discrepancies in the odds. It is a case of little and often rather than looking for big wins.

Overall, what are our views on Pre-Match Trading then?

Well, by using the software manually, unfortunately we couldn’t make a profit during the trial and ended up 0.65 points down by the end. We are not sure why, but this just didn’t seem to work for us – more often the trades went against us than for us.

Using the trades recommended in their e-mails however, we fared much better, making 18 points profit to 10 point (or £10) stakes over the trial.

The trades had a decent success rate of over 60%, which showed they have solid accuracy.

Whilst this was positive however, using £10 stakes we wouldn’t have covered the subscription costs. Even using £100 stakes, would only just have covered the subscription costs.

And you do have to devote a bit of time to it as well, as if the trade doesn’t go your way you need to be monitoring the markets before kick-off to be able to trade out.

Overall then we feel a Neutral verdict is fair here. Whilst the trades did make a profit, you would need to trade at high stakes just to cover the subscription costs and given the time involved, we don’t think it is quite worth it to justify a recommended rating.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  It will take a bit of time to watch the training videos and figure out how the system works. Following the e-mail advice is more straightforward, with e-mails sent out normally on Saturday and Sunday morning with the day’s trades. As we mention above, you will often need to monitor prices before kick-off to trade out if things go against you. 

Availability of prices: With the e-mails, you need to trade very quickly after you receive them as prices often reduce within a couple of minutes.   

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was over 60%, which was a good level and meant minimal losing streaks and a strong proportion of winners.

Advised Betting Bank: No betting bank was advised, but we used a 30 point bank which was more than sufficient and should never be in jeopardy with a system like this where you are just looking for one or two ticks profit. 

Subscription costs: Subscription costs are £39 per month, £106 per quarter or £191 for 6 months. 



Having made a profit of 18 points over our trial, it may seem harsh to give Pre-Match Trading a neutral rating.

Our test when considering whether a passed rating is merited though is whether you would recommend the system to a friend in the pub.

When looking at the PMT package as a whole, we felt we probably wouldn’t be able to do this. You would need quite high stakes just to cover the subscription costs and even with £100 stakes, you would only have ended about 70 quid up at the end of trial.

Plus you would have had to put in quite a bit of time to make that, so on reflection it didn’t quite seem worth it to us.

If you are wanting to do some football trading, then we would recommend another product from the same team – Football Trading Alerts – which passed our recent trial with flying colours.






Pre-Match Trading – Results Update

4th November 2016

Firstly apologies for the delay in updating the results for Pre Match Trading. We started things towards the end of last season but didn’t quite have enough time to get our head around it and then we were into the Summer break.

We wanted to get a decent look at the selections in the main season, which we have now been able to do.

So how are things going?

Well, we have separated things into two different approaches: 

  1. Following the trades they send out by e-mail
  2. Doing manual selections using the software

On the first count, the selections have been doing fairly well. We are £5.47 up using £10 stakes, which is obviously a profit but it has been quite a lot of work to generate such a small sum.

On the second count, we are £1.34 down so far. 

You can view full results here. Please note that there are two tabs to the spreadsheet – please see at the bottom of the spreadsheet for the two options.

We are not sure why we should be doing worse than them, other than that perhaps they send out the strongest selections where as we are just picking any identified by the software.

Anyway, we will run the trial for a little longer to see where it ends up and whether we can do a little better with the manual selections.






Pre-Match Trading – Results Update

15th May 2016

Unfortunately we haven’t had as much time as hoped to look at Pre-Match Trading, a tool that helps you to trade the Betfair markets before kick-off.

After learning how it works and trading a few initial matches, our attention was then taken away by some issues with our website and e-mail.

And now that the main football season has come to an end, it is probably not a great time to be using the system as it does rely on having good liquidity in markets like the correct score to get the most out of it.

So what we intend to do is to take a proper look at it over the Euros and then provide a proper results update then.

In the meantime, what have our thoughts on Pre-Match Trading been so far?

Well, it is reasonably straightforward to use.

You log in and look at the various matches that are available.

Then potential discrepancies between the Betfair odds and what the PMT Scanner thinks the odds should be are highlighted in red.

So you can then go onto Betfair, either back or lay the relevant selection (depending on which way the odds are predicted to go), and wait and see what happens.

They advise that the best time to trade out is a few minutes before kick-off, but you can obviously trade out well before that if you like – or certainly as soon as the expected price has been hit and you can secure a profit.

There are two potential ways to use the PMT subscription – one is to follow the selections that are sent out by e-mail by the PMT team and the other is to manually scan markets yourself and see what opportunities you can find.

Our experience of using their selections was that they are generally pretty accurate, but often prices go very quickly so you can’t make the trade, or you request a price and the bet never gets matched.

It was a similar case for finding our own selections – most of the time they were accurate, but quite a lot of the time bets didn’t get matched.

Generally we were trading £100 per selection and making a few quid per trade, so you are talking a slow bank builder here rather than a get rich quick scheme.

Overall our impressions so far are good and we will return when we have some more established results to report.




Pre-Match Trading – New Review

3rd April 2016

With the growth of the betting exchanges, we punters have been given the opportunity to trade sports markets in the way that people trade the stockmarket and forex markets.

We can now not just gamble, but set up trades that take advantage of the movement in odds without needing to worry about who is going to win a particular match.

It is quite an attractive proposition, to trade markets with the kind of cool detachment of a professional trader.

With this opportunity presenting itself, it was surely only a matter of time before some clever people designed software to take advantage of the movement in odds to make a profit.

And that is what we have with Pre Match Trading (or slightly unfortunately also called “PMT”), a piece of software designed to set up successful trades on football matches before they have even kicked off.

The programme is based on probability theory and statistics and compares prices in certain markets with those in secondary (but related) markets to spot any discrepancies that can be exploited.

The main markets it looks at are the correct score and over/under markets, although there has recently been an addition of “draw inflation” which allows you to look at potential value in the match odds market. 

The software apparently has a very high strike rate, so it will be interesting to see if that is shown during our trial and how much money you are able to make out of each trade. 

Subscription costs are £20 for 14 days, £39 for 1 month or £106 for 3 months.

So without further ado we will get our trial of Pre Match Trading underway and will revert soon with out first update.

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