Sports Betting Pays

Sports Betting Pays – Final Review

Well this has turned out to be one of the shortest reviews we have done in the history of Honest Betting Reviews, as Sports Betting Pays have decided to rather abruptly pack things in and discontinue their service. 

Yesterday we received an e-mail from James Pacheco who runs the service saying:

“This is the last send out for SBP so a quick recap. Despite the good end, results weren’t great as a whole since August. I’ll be the first to hold my hand up to that. I can look back at what ‘seemed’ to be a few more cases of not getting the rub of the green than getting it but then again, that’s betting.

I hope that at least you will have become acquainted with a few somewhat more unusual markets that can be worth playing, will have seen the thinking behind some bets, understood the value of holding accounts with different betting companies and learnt a bit about the betting game in general.

I wish you all the best with your betting in the future and would like to thank you for subscribing to SBP. That’s the service done for the time being.”

We hadn’t seen that coming, particularly as results had actually been good since we started our trial, with a profit of 9 points having been made.

For what’s it worth, you can view the full results here.

But obviously James must have felt that the results overall since the service started weren’t good enough to warrant continuing.

So unfortunately we have to wrap up our review there and put this one in the “defunct” pile. A shame as we thought it had potential but it just shows you once again how hard it is to make a long term profit in betting and how valuable those profitable long-term tipsters are. 





Sports Betting Pays

11th May 2018

Today we are starting a trial of a new service called Sports Betting Pays which is run by a guy called James Pacheco.

James worked at Betfair for nine years, when he featured on their sports radio station and was the founding Editor of Betting.Betfair, the excellent website that specialises in discussing betting opportunities on Betfair markets.

He has now left the bookmaker industry and is a full time sports bettor, specialising in football and cricket.

Apparently James has been betting on Football markets for 20 years and he typically bets on the teams that he watches. He takes stats into account but also his expert eye to supplement the raw numbers. 

In terms of his cricket betting, he spent two years ghostwriting a Betfair column for former England captain Michael Vaughan. This knowledge along with detailed stats and 1,000’s of hours watching matches he is able to find value in the markets he bets in.

James proofed his bets for 7 months at the Betting School Insiders Club, where they were available to all members for free. And once a week at the Daily Punt website, where again they were available to thousands of readers for free.

His tips resulted in a fully proofed strike rate of 40.6%, an ROI of 29% and a profit of £910, which are pretty commendable numbers.

Whether those results can be repeated under a live trial here at Honest Betting Reviews remains to be seen, but it certainly looks promising.

So without further ado we will kick off our review and will report back soon on how things are going for James.

In the meantime you can check out Sports Betting Pays here.






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