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Super Sports Capper – New Review

Today we are starting a new review of an interesting multi-sports service from Betting Gods called the Super Sports Capper. 

The service covers NBA, NFL, and major UK football and European basketball which is quite a wide variety of events from around the world.

The results to date look extremely impressive, with over 190 points profit made since starting proofing to Betting Gods in September 2020. 

What stands out though are the metrics, with a return on investment of 25% at the same time as hitting a strike rate of 72%, which is a supreme combination. Usually with a strike rate that high you would expect the ROI to be below 10% and often below 5%, even for professional bettors. Whether that can be maintained in the long run remains to be seen of course.

The tips are provided by a chap called Allan who apparently spends his days studying team form, news, injuries, betting markets and multiple other factors to deliver a solid winning service. He says his own money goes on the bets as well – of course we would expect nothing less!

In terms of the average monthly profit, that has been over £900 so far which would be a great bit of extra income if it could be maintained.  

One thing we note from looking at the results is that they bet in quite niche markets like players to score above a number of points or have a certain number of shots on target. So it will be interesting to see the availability of prices on those markets. 

All in all it looks very promising though so we are eager to get this review going. As usual we will post updates here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Super Sports Capper for yourself here.




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