Strand Each Way – Final Review

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Strand Each Way and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    -44 points
Strike Rate:    29%
Bank Growth:    -44%
Cost:   n/a
ROI:   -9%
Average number of bets:    2.5 per day


You can view full results here.


Strand Each Way Full Review


Unfortunately after the trial of Stand Each Way had started well, it went steadily downhill and ended a disappointing 44 points in loss.

This shows again how tough it is to make a profit from betting and that tipping is no easy game. Only the very best and most talented make it. Remember that stat – 98% of gamblers lose money overall.

There doesn’t seem much point doing an in-depth review here as the service has been discontinued, so you wouldn’t be able to join up now anyway.

Oh well, another one goes into the failed bin and we hope for better from our next review…






Strand Each Way – Results Update

8th February 2016

Sadly there has been quite a reversal in form for Strand Each Way since our last update a month ago.

At that point they were a nice 18 points up and moving along rather smoothly.

But since then things have turned sour, with 63 points dropped to leave them at 45 points down overall. 

You can view full results here.

They have also recently changed themselves from Stand Each Way to Strand Win!

Basically you can back their tips either each way or win now, with their preference being win only.

Backing win only over the course of the trial so far would have produced 27 points profit, so at the moment that looks like the better option. 

However, as we started out the trial following the tips each way we will stick to that in the official proofing record.

We will return with our final review soon.




Strand Each Way – Results Update

9th January 2016

It has been more steady if unspectacular progress from Strand Each Way since our last update, with a further six points of profit added.

That means they are 18 points up overall for the trial after almost two months.

You can view full results here.

All bets are simply placed at Betfair, with 1 point on the win and 1 point on the place, so a really easy service to follow.

Back in just over a month’s time with our final report on Strand Each Way. 




Strand Each Way – Results Update

4th December 2015

It has been a solid start so far to our trial of Strand Each Way, the latest service from the Pro Betting Club.

After around 3 weeks of results, they are 12 points up.

You can view full results here.

All selections are simply backed at Betfair SP, which makes things nice and easy. All bets are each way, which of course on Betfair means you have to put one point on the win and one on the place.

To get the selections, you have to log in each day to the website at around 1pm. It would be preferable if selections were e-mailed out to subscribers, so hopefully this is something they will look at in future.

Anyway, so far so good for Strand Each Way. Let’s hope it continues in the same vein.

More results soon. 




Strand Each Way – New Review

14th November 2015

Today we are commencing a trial of a horse racing tipster from the reputable Pro Betting Club stables called Strand Each Way.

As the name suggests, this is a service that focuses exclusively on each-way betting.

The other Pro Betting Club service we have reviewed, Win Form Pro, has achieved excellent results so we are hopeful for more of the same from Strand Each Way.

They started tipping in January 2015 and their published results look very impressive, with 159 points profit accumulated so far, which averages out at about 16 points profit per month.

That has been achieved with a nice 40% strike rate (including the placed horses), which means losing runs here shouldn’t be too long and we should be able to build a bank reasonably steadily if results hold up.  

The thing we really like about the service is that all results are quoted at Betfair SP, which means you know you can match their results and could potentially beat them with the use of best odds guaranteed bookmakers.

It is particularly useful for a service that tips each way to use Betfair SP, because the place market on Betfair typically does not offer the same value as backing each-way with the bookies, so you really are getting a fair deal with this tipster.

We aren’t given too many clues as to how the selections are chosen, other than that they are very selective and use an exhaustive set of filters.

Anyway, as ever the main thing is that the results are good, so we will see how they get on during our trial. 

We will be back soon with updates on how things are going. In the meantime you can check out Strand Each Way here.


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