The BSP Tipster – Final Review

Well you may have seen this one coming but unfortunately yet another tipster has decided to call it quits before our trial has even finished. 

Yes last week we received an e-mail from Carlo saying it seems difficult to consistently make money with the BSP Tipster so was calling it a day. 

We had said this would be the “holy grail” of tipping if it had worked so a shame to see it giving up so soon after only being around 15 points down but there you are. 

So another service for the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile – which seems to be growing exponentially at the moment! 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

2nd February 2019

The new tipster Carlo who has taken over at The BSP Tipster is finding it just as difficult to make a profit at Betfair SP as the previous one unfortunately, with a loss of 11 points so far. 

You can view full results here. 

It is early day though with only just over a month of tips from Carlo, so plenty of time to turn things around and get into profit. 

Back soon with more updates. 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

27th December 2018

After going 50 points down for our trial, the original tipster with The BSP Tipster (Gaz from the Bookies Enemy) has decided to fall on his sword and call it a day. 

However, a new tipster called Carlo who also specialises in betting at Betfair SP has stepped in and is now providing the tips. 

As for all intents and purposes this is a new service, we will be starting the trial again from when Carlo started providing the selections, which was on 20th December. 

On the results spreadsheet we have separated it into two tabs – “Carlo” and “Gaz” – so you can follow the new results from 20th December on the first tab (Carlo). The previous results from Gaz are also there for reference purposes on the second tab. 

So let’s see how the new tipster gets on. Making a profit at BSP is a challenge but it would be something of a holy grail if it could be done so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

20th November 2018

After a good start to our trial, unfortunately things have gone a little pear-shaped for The BSP Tipster, with 25 points lost over the last month.

That puts them 14 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here. 

The nice thing about this service is that obviously all bets are at BSP so you know you can match the published results and it’s very quick to place the bets. 

It was always going to be a tough ask to make a profit at BSP but it’s still relatively early days with this one and plenty of time to turn things around. 







The BSP Tipster – Results Update

15th October 2018

It’s been a good start to our trial of the BSP Tipster – the horse racing tipster who tips at Betfair SP so you know you can match their results. It is from the same tipster behind the very successful Bookies Enemy service. 

So far after just under a month of following the tips we are 11 points up.

You can view full results here. 

Tips are normally sent out around lunchtime the day of racing so with a couple of hours or more to get the bets on. But using BSP it takes very little time to place the bets which is good.

Anyway, good to see this off to a positive start and let’s hope it continues. 





The BSP Tipster – New Review

18th September 2018

It’s the age-old problem. You sign up to a tipster, do well for a while and all is rosy.

Then one of the bookies sends you a curt e-mail telling you that your account has been restricted and you can only place minimal £1 or £2 bets.

So you continue on with other bookies for a while, but eventually most of your accounts go the same way.

Ultimately you decide you need a tipster that is profitable at Betfair SP, so you can rid yourselves of the bookies for good and just go about your business on the exchanges.

Well if that scenario sounds like one you have encountered, then today we may have the answer for you. 

Yes, today we are going to start a trial of a tipster devoted to making a profit specifically at Betfair SP.

The tipster in question is called – quite aptly – The BSP Tipster (BSP being short for Betfair SP of course).

The beauty of BSP is that you can be sure everyone will achieve the same results as those published by the tipster. 

Plus it is quicker to place your bets as you don’t have to go around searching for the best prices, log in to various bookie websites and deposit funds into each one etc.

Anyway, whilst we can go on and on extolling the virtues of betting at Betfair SP, the question still remains as to how good the tipster actually is.

That is of course what we are here to find out, but the results achieved to date look very promising in any event. 

They have made over 60 points profit since May 2018 at a return on investment of 17% and and 28% strike rate, which are encouraging stats to have achieved all at BSP.

The service comes from the same man behind The Bookies Enemy, one of the best services we have reviewed this year. with a profit of over £4,500 made to just £10 stakes since starting up, so it looks like we are in good hands with this one. 

Of course, you’re under no obligation to use these bets to Betfair SP and you can place the bets with any bookmaker you wish – perhaps BetVictor as they now guarantee to accept all bets to win £500. 

But there has been huge demand for a service to provide tips and record results at Betfair SP, and this is it. 

Plus the good news is that for the rest of September they’re running a Special Offer of 3 months for £29, whereas normally it’s £79 per 3 months.

Just click on the banner at the top of the tipster page that has a countdown until the end of September.

Anyway, without further ado we will get the trial underway and will aim to run our standard three month trial of this one. 

We will report back here on how things are going during the trial.

In the meantime you can check out The BSP Tipster here.














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