The Away Days – New Review

Today we are starting a new review of a footy betting service called The Away Days. 

This is a service from the Tipstrr platform of tipsters and is relatively new on the block but has an interesting approach that offers some promise. 

The tips come from a chap called Rob, who says his strategy involves “Betting on away teams to win where I see value and the odds are ideally greater than evens but not always.”

He says he mainly take the bets at the Betfair Exchange although he occasionally uses a bookie. 

As we say the results so far look promising with an average profit of £183 per month at a return on investment of over 10%. 

The strike rate is good too at 43% meaning a fairly high proportion of winning bets. 

Although it’s still early days with this service we are intrigued by the approach of taking away sides when they are favourites, as it’s a trend we’ve noticed ourselves so will be interesting to see if turns out to be profitable. 

It’s a relatively low volume service with as there won’t be bets every day, but enough action to keep things ticking over at least. 

So without further ado we’ll get our first review of 2023 underway with this footy service and will report back soon on how they are getting on.

In the meantime you can check out The Away Days for yourself here. 




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