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The Brit Method – Avoid this Scam

One of the reasons I started this site – along with trying to find winning betting and trading systems – was to expose the various scam artists out there.

Well I have just come across one and this deserves full exposure here on the site. 

You may have recently been contacted or heard about the Brit Method from a guy called Jason Taylor.

The system promises to make you hundreds of thousands of pounds per month at no cost.

Now if after hearing that you are not already sceptical, let me sound the alarm bell for you: do not sign up for this – it is a scam.


If it sounds too good to be true…

First up, any system that promises to turn you into a overnight millionaire is highly likely to be talking utter nonsense.

If they could really do that, you have to ask why on earth they would bother with taking the time to set up this website, make the videos, spend money on marketing and push you so hard to take up the service.

Surely they would be off in the Caribbean in their massive yacht soaking up the sun with a cocktail in their hand!

That old phrase – “If it sounds too good to be true…it normally is” makes a lot of sense.

The other point is, do you not think that if someone had made an automated system to turn people into instant millionaires, you would have heard about it?

It would be all over the news and the internet and would, in all honesty, pose a bit of headache to our economies if anyone could become an instant millionaire just by clicking on the website. We would probably have hyper-inflation or some other financial meltdown.

Haven’t I seen this before somewhere…

Anyway, leaving aside the completely implausible sales claims, let’s examine the website more closely.

The first and most worrying sign is that this is just a rehash of an almost identical system that did the rounds recently called the Aussie Method. 

It had the same picture of the young guy at the top, except his name was Jake Pertu. 

And before that it was the Canuck Method, and the guy was called Jake Mason! But the same picture each time. That picture is in fact just a stock image you can get from any image site. Just drag the image into google and see what you get. 

Low and behold, it’s not just Jason Taylor from the Brit Method, he also appears for the “Lucky Rich Kid Method,” “Top 10 grocery shopping mistakes,” “Kelly Clarkson’s unborn child” and a whole other load of unrelated stuff.


When a testimonial is obviously not a testimonial…

Then if you move on to the supposed “testimonials,” these are all in fact just from paid actors from the website

If you have a look on fiverr you will see those very same people. Unbelievable.

And weirdly even though they are supposedly millionaires, you can see very cheap looking backgrounds in their videos – not the pads of the supposed super-rich.

On the introductory video there is even an inadvertent slip when “Jason Taylor” (I have to use inverted commas for him now) says one of the bank balances has 7 million quid – when in fact it has 7 thousand.

Who cares though when you can be as rich as him in a matter of just weeks!

What’s even more annoying though is that you can’t stop the video on the homepage and shut the idiot up.


The System – or lack thereof 

On to the system itself.

Basically it’s binary options trading software that promises to make you instantly rich with just a few clicks of the mouse.

There have been a whole host of binary options scams like this recently. I don’t know what it is about binary options that makes them so attractive to scam artists. 

Maybe it’s because they are relatively new on the scene and little understood, so ripe for drawing people in to scams. 

Basically the system authors will get a big cut of any deposits you make with binary companies – and to make the system function you will have to make a fair few.

There is no way in the world you are going to make hundreds of thousands of pounds per week – more likely you will lose a large amount of money.

And as for the promise to give you £10,000 if you don’t make hundreds of thousands, good luck with that…

This is utter garbage and people peddling this kind of rubbish should be locked up. Problem is they are probably out in Nigeria or somewhere.

Oh well, just avoid it anyway and the less people that take up these things, the sooner we will all be rid of them. 

If you do want to make some extra cash from a genuine money-making opportunity, then we can recommend Profit Maximiser. With it you can make around £500 per month risk-free and even more if you put the time in. Highly recommended. 

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