The Haymaker – New Review

We are starting a new trial today of a horse racing service called The Haymaker.

This comes from the Back Lucrative stable and is the first time they have ever provided the services of an external tipster rather than producing their own tips. 

They say they have been proofing this tipster for over two years, which is a very good proofing period, and were blown away by the results. 

With 934 points profit made so far at a strike rate of 52% and an ROI of 35%, we’re not surprised they have been blown away to be honest! 

That ts a pretty amazing combination of stats, particularly to have such a high strike rate (over half the bets being winners) whilst still having such an impressive ROI. 

We have rarely seen figures like those in all our years of testing tipsters and betting systems, so it will be interesting to see if those can be maintained during our trial (and beyond). 

It’s slightly different to services we have reviewed before as the bets are a mixture of straightforward win bets, plus some place bets and some insurebets. 

We haven’t actually come across a tipster using insurebet before, but basically it means your bet wins if the selection wins, however if it places you get your full stake back.

The slight wrinkle with using insurebet is that there’s isn’t an exchange equivalent, so Michael recommends just betting those to win on the exchange if you aren’t able to access bookmakers anymore. 

In any event, it does look like a very promising service and there’s been quite a bit of buzz around its release. 

As ever we will reserve judgement until we’ve seen how it performs under a live trial, but fingers crossed it can continue producing the kind of results seen over the last two years.

Results will be updated here as we go along as usual so you can see how it is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out The Haymaker for yourself here.




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