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Flat Flyers – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing service called Flat Flyers. 

It comes from the Back Lucrative team, whose main service we reviewed last year and awarded a passed rating to after it made over 100 points profit. Their other spin-off service Hidden Winners we have just finished reviewing and also awarded a passed rating to after it made over 60 points profit.

So this is stable with strong pedigree, to use a racing metaphor, and is one we have a great deal of respect for given their long track-record of success.

When Michael of Back Lucrative contacted us about a new service of theirs, we were obviously very keen therefore to hear more about it. 

It’s actually not so much a new service, as one that was just reopened to new members and has in fact been running since December 2017. 

The results since the service started have been very impressive, with the following profits made:

NH 2017: +33 points

FLAT 2018: +125.6 points

NH 2018: +23.05 points

FLAT 2019: +115.8 points

NH 2019: +65.69 points

FLAT 2020: 239.9 points

TOTAL: +603 points profit

So that’s very impressive stuff from just over three years of selections. 

Just to note that when it says “NH” above, it stands for National Hunt flat races, which run through the winter when there is no flat turf racing. 

Membership for this service is closed at the moment but they usually open it up at certain points during the year, so we will keep you posted when those occur. 

As usual we will update results here so you can see how they get on.

In the meantime you can check out Flat Flyers for yourself here. 




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