The Lay Bet Tipster – Results Update

It’s been a strong start to our trial of The Lay Bet Tipster, with a profit of 14 points made so far after one month. 

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder this is a tipster that lays horses on Betfair, up to a maximum price of 8.0. Results are recorded using Betfair SP, although if you take prices earlier in the day you would have slightly different results. 

Has been a very encouraging start here, with 21 of the 23 bets so far having won, which is what we like to see.





The Lay Bet Tipster – New Review

4th October 2022

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we have scoured the market far and wide over the last seven years in search of good lay betting services. 

Sadly to date we have only really uncovered one good laying service that is still going and that is Little Acorns.

In theory it sounds easy to bet on horses to lose – surely anyone can find horses that aren’t going to win today, or any other day for that matter if you consider some horses we have backed over the years.

It is actually much more difficult in practice and just like any other form of betting, it relies on finding value. 

One service that looks like it may have cracked the code of laying however is The Lay Bet Tipster, which we are starting a review of today. 

It has been proofing to the Betting Gods platform for six months now and in that time has made a highly creditable 74 points profit to 1 point lay bets. 

That’s a more than decent total to have amassed from lay betting and it has come with a high strike rate of 84%, which means a very high proportion of winning bets. 

In terms of the ROI, that currently sits at just over 8% which is pretty good considering the very high strike rate.

The monthly profits have been very stable and consistent too which is something we like to see. 

Tips are provided by a chap called Darren who is an accountant-turned-full-time professional bettor. 

He says he “started betting on horses part-time to gain a second income. Fast forward a few years and clearly, my accountancy skills paid off as I found a lucrative way to profit from the horses and make it my full-time income.”

Making an income from betting is no easy feat so it probably helps to have the skills and attention to detail of an accountant to make it work. 

In any event, the true test will be whether he can produce the goods under live trial conditions so we’ll get our review underway today and will update results here soon so you can see how he’s getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out the Lay Bet Tipster for yourself here.




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