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Tibor’s Footy Tips – New Review

UPDATE – 3rd April 2016

Unfortunately due to a poor run of form, Tibor’s Footy Tips service has been discontinued by the Betting Gods platform. Our review therefore concludes here. 




Tibor’s Footy Tips

28th February 2016

How do you make money betting on football?

That is a question we have often pondered here at Honest Betting Reviews, as football tipster after football tipster have failed trials on this site.

It must be incredibly difficult, because no-one we have come across seems to have mastered it yet.

But as ever we are hopeful that someone will crack it one day and so it is with that hope we turn to Tibor’s Footy Tips, a relatively new service from the Betting Gods stable.

Certainly if we end up as happy as the chap on their sales page then we should be in for a good time.

To date Tibor has made over 80 points profit with a healthy strike rate of 63% and a return on investment just under 10%.

It is early days as the service has only been going six months, but so far you would have to say the results have been encouraging.

It is a fairly selective service, with just 1-2 bets per day, so it seems Tibor is putting his time into finding quality rather than quantity.

As with all Betting Gods’ services, you can get a free 14 day trial, which is a great way to see if the service is for you.

We will run our normal three month trial here and see whether we can finally find a profitable and consistent football tipster.

Back soon with more updates. In the meantime you can check out Tibor’s Footy Tips here. 

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