Tim Russell’s Private Service – New Review

You can check out Tim Russell’s Private Service here

Today we will commence a trial of Tim’s Russell Private Service. This is a specialist horse racing service that averages around one bet per day.

Apparently Tim’s modus operandi is that each day he receives a fax – old school I know! 🙂 (does he also then watch some old horse races on VHS?) – listing horses that are going to be backed that day by connections. These bets are the ones the major bookmakers want to avoid taking money for so immediately shorten the prices as the money comes in.

So the idea is to get your money on quickly and then hopefully because connections are backing them, these are so-called “good things” and a decent portion of them will go on to win.

I am normally sceptical of people who say they getting “inside information” – firstly because it is notoriously unreliable and secondly because it has so become commonplace these days for services to claim they are getting inside info that it seems to have lost its value. 

However, this service has what seem to be very encouraging results of around £18,000 profit over 18 months (or 180 points to £100 level stakes).

So I will reserve judgement until the end of the trial and see if this one can deliver.

In the meantime, you can check out Tim Russell’s Private Service here


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