Tim Russell Private Service Final Review

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Profit/loss: -11 points
Strike rate: 32%
Bank growth: -55%
Cost: £30 per month
ROI: -15%
Average number of tips per week: 6 per week


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Tim Russell Private Service Final Review

I was heading into this trial with high hopes given that it was £18,000 in profit (or 180 points) over the previous 18 months. It also had a high strike rate so I saw this as a service that could grow a bank quite quickly.

However, sadly that has not proved the case this time and it has been a disappointing trial. We have ended up 11 points down at advised prices and over 17 points at Betfair SP (BSP).

Considering the advised bank is 20 points, we have lost over half of it at advised prices and nearly the whole thing at BSP!

The thing that I found intriguing during this trial though was that selections were consistently backed in, sometimes significantly. This suggests that the information Tim gets is genuine and/or he is able to identify selections that will be backed.

So perhaps there are trading opportunities here, for example to back selections when they are given out and lay them later.

That is not what is advised though and I didn’t investigate it during our trial. We can only the judge the service on what is has achieved during our trial and unfortunately it has not lived up to expectations.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than having them e-mailed to you. Selections are available at 10.15 am daily (UK time) and it is advised to use a Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmaker. There are on average about 6 bets per week so it shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Bad. Prices often disappear quickly so you need to login at 10.15 am sharp (or even a little earlier) and place your bets quickly. You are warned about this before joining the service though so it is a case of “buyer beware!”

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 32% which is ok but below previous standards which are more towards 40% plus.

Advised Betting Bank: This was my major gripe with the service – a 20 point bank was advised, which is clearly not enough given that we lost over half of that at advised prices and nearly all of it at BSP! I would think at least a 40 point bank should be advised.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just Tim’s tips but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’s www.bettingsystem.info website.


Unfortunately this service hasn’t lived up to expectations during our trial and with over half the bank lost it has to go into the failed category

I am still at least a little bit intrigued by the fact that selections are consistently backed in though so will continue to keep an eye on this to see if results improve.



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