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Football Hedging System – Final Review

We have come to the end of our trial of Football Hedging System and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +387 points
Strike Rate:    87%
Bank Growth    193%
Cost:   From £1297 + £201 per month for gold package* 
ROI:   6.3%
Average number of bets:    1 per day


You can view full results here. 

*Other packages available


Football Hedging System – Full Review


The Football Hedging System is a much talked-about suite of football trading systems run by Tony Langley.

There has been a great deal of interest from the gambling community about the Football Hedging System and it seems to have generated some heated debate – although most comment has been positive overall.

Membership has now been closed – we understand for good – so doing a review may be a bit of a moot point now but we thought we would do one anyway for the sake of completeness and just in case it does open again at some point in the future.


We tested the systems for six months, so what did we think?

Well, overall our views are very positive.

The systems Tony has designed clearly work, and if you follow his trades you would have done very well indeed.

We made 387 points profit from following Tony’s trades, which represented nearly 200% growth of the bank and is excellent going in anyone’s book.

And part of that was during the quieter summer months, so there is the potential to do even better than that.

So it’s a clear passed rating for the Football Hedging System, but there are some issues with it that we want to deal with further below.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, you may be wondering how it works. Well, upon signing up, you get access to the FHS members area, which has an array of training guides and videos explaining each of the systems. You are also sent a hard copy manual of the systems in the post.

The systems all involve trading on Betfair and have video examples of trades to show you how to operate the systems.  

As a member you also receive Tony’s e-mails, which provide live updates of games he is trading with instructions and screenshots.

There were five systems to trade during our trial, although the majority of trades focus on two of the systems.

Please note that the systems are complicated! Yes, even seasoned traders may take quite a bit of time to learn to trade these systems and a good deal of practice is required to get them right. Tony advises paper trading until you have mastered them, which is sound advice.

The Recovery

The essence of these systems is that they are designed in such a way that you should never lose a trade, because there is a “recovery” process you can follow to get yourself out of trouble if a trade goes wrong.

Now the recovery is complicated and involves backing various different things at the same time. You need to be able to work out how much to place on each separate bet and to do it quickly. That can be very challenging!

I used Bet Angel to assist with this, which has a nifty hedging tool to work out the amount needed to cover a given liability and that certainly helped. 

In our experience, the recoveries do “work” as such, if you can get them on in time before another goal is scored.

However, here is the rub of things. In some instances you might not be able to do this and so you could lose a significant portion of your stake in this instance.

Let’s say one of the trades involves using the unders markets. If there is a rush of goals – and anyone who has traded football matches for any length of time will know that can definitely happen – you might not have time to get the trades on and just be left with a lost bet.

The same could happen if you were trading involving backing one team and the other team scored two or three quick goals.

So the systems are not completely foolproof. This should be recognised if you are signing up to the Football Hedging System. 

There is nothing we have ever encountered (other than matched betting of course) that can guarantee you a profit whatever happens. 

If there was then we would be millionaires and probably wouldn’t be running this website but would be off in the Bahamas being served cocktails by beautiful young ladies instead! 🙂

So please don’t think that this guarantees you winning 100% of the time.

There was also one instance when we were paper trading one match and there was an incredible first half, with the score being 4-2 at half-time. 

We asked Tony how we should have traded during that half and he admitted that really it wasn’t possible in that instance.

A first half finishing 4-2 is an extremely rare occurrence though so we shouldn’t get too hung up about that one game.

The other issue with the recovery though is that often you require high multiples of your stake to make it work, especially when there are two or more goals against you. So if for example you started off with total stakes of £100, the recovery might need up to £1,000 to make it work.

That is fine if it does work, but obviously does limit the kind of staking you can do somewhat. 

The issue of the recoveries was tackled with the introduction of the stop loss, which is dealt with below. 

Tony’s Trades

Having said all this about the recovery process however, it is worth noting that even if you had not used the recovery process but just traded out if things had gone against you and taken a 50% loss of the stake, here are the results from Tony’s trades since he started:

Total Trades 314
Total Recoveries 32
Total Successful Trades 282
Strike Rate 89.8%

Using just a £300 bank delivered a net profit return of £938.93 which is a 308.6% bank growth without compounding.

So even without the recovery, just by following Tony’s trades you would have done very well. This shows just how good Tony is at selecting matches with the criteria for his systems.

The Stop Loss

Perhaps in response to concerns over the problems with the recovery process, Tony recently added some new methods that involve placing “stop losses” so that even if things go against you, you have trades placed that insure you against losing too much.

These are certainly a welcome addition and do add some considerable protection. However, these still need you to trade quickly when things happen in a game, so there is the same risk of lots of goals affecting you. But the amount at risk is less which is good.

The Price 

The price for the Football Hedging System is exceptionally high compared to the vast majority of tipsters and betting systems we have reviewed on here, at £1297 for the cheapest package, plus £201 per month for Tony’s advice and e-mails.

So the question is, is that cost justified?

Well, it will depend on a certain extent on how large your staking is as that will define how long it takes to win back the cost of the subscription.

Over the long term you should make it back even with relatively modest staking, but it could take up to a year or longer.

In our view, the cost of the system is too high relative to everything else on the market and should be lower.

However, the cost hasn’t stopped large numbers of people signing up, so clearly people are prepared to pay the substantial fees for access to the system.

And of course there is always the option of a refund, as long as you follow the rules set out regarding refunds in their terms and conditions.



The Football Hedging System is a suite of systems for trading the football markets on Betfair.

During our trial, we made 387 points profit from following the trades and nearly trebled our bank, with nearly 90% of the trades being successful. These are excellent results by anyone’s standards.

It has been claimed that using the systems means you “can’t lose” because they include a recovery process that allows you to supposedly at least break even from a trade, even if it goes against you.

We don’t think this is quite true, because if there are goals scored before you can execute all aspects of the trade, then you will lose money.

Plus there was a match during the trial where the recovery process didn’t work.

So the process isn’t completely foolproof in our view – you can still lose with it.

However, even without the recovery process, just by following Tony’s trades and accepting 50% loss of the stake when a trade goes against you, would still have made you over 300% bank growth, so there is clearly great value in the systems and Tony has great skill at picking the matches.

Ultimately there are a number of approaches to win football bets, and the Football Hedging System has identified a few unique ones.

Overall then in our view, it is a question of whether you can stomach the high joining costs and be prepared to wait potentially up to a year to make those costs back, as well as putting in a great deal of work in learning the systems. 

If you are prepared to do these things, then the Football Hedging System is highly recommended. 





Football Hedging System – Closing Down

6th September 2016

Just a quick note to say that the Football Hedging System is closing its doors – apparently for good – on Sunday 11th September.

So if you are interested, now is the time to sign up.

We have been paper trading the new stop loss methods over most of July and August and will revert with our final review and comments shortly.

But in the meantime, you can see below that results have been pretty decent over the course of the trial and if you are serious about your trading and can devote the time to making it work, then the Football Hedging System is a strong package of trading methods.

Get on board now if you don’t want to miss out. 




Football Hedging System – Results Update

1st July 2016

More positive progress for Football Hedging System since our last update. 

We have added a further 123 points of profit in the last month to stand at 387 points in profit for the trial as a whole.

You can view full results here. 

I mentioned previously that I was looking for a bot to trade the systems automatically. Whilst I haven’t quite managed that, I have started using Bet Angel to hedge the correct scores all at once, we saves a lot of time and messing around with a calculator.

Interestingly, Tony has responded to one of the criticisms of the system – that if things keep going against you in a match you need to keep adding massive amounts of bets to operate the recovery – by introducing a new “stop loss” method. 

This basically sets things up so there isn’t a need to do this and makes the potential bank needed for a trade much more manageable.

I am still getting used to this new stop loss system but if it works as well as Tony suggests then it would be a good improvement and would really take the Football Hedging System towards a top rating from us.

One other thing to mention – whilst the system is now closed to new members, we understand that Tony is considering allowing in a small number of new members at the start of the next football season – so watch this space as it were…





Football Hedging System – Results Update

29th May 2016

Things have continued to progress well for the Football Hedging System, with a further 63 points of profit added since our last update.

That means for the trial so far, we are 264 points in profit and moving along very nicely.  

You can view full results here. 

What is interesting is that Tony sent round an e-mail a few days ago showing the results since the service started, if you had not even used the recovery process but just traded out if things had gone against you and taken a 50% loss of the stake.

The results were as follows:

Total Trades 314
Total Recoveries 32
Total Successful Trades 282
Strike Rate 89.8%

Using just a £300 bank delivered a net profit return of £938.93 which is a 308.6% bank growth without compounding.

So mighty impressive stuff, showing that even if you didn’t manage to quite master the recovery process, you could still do very well from the Football Hedging System.

However, of course you should try and master the process as that will increase the profits and mean you break even on the trades that go wrong rather than lose.

We will be back soon with more updates. 





Football Hedging System – Results Update

4th May 2016

It has been a quiet time for the Football Hedging System as Tony has been on holiday for a couple of weeks so we haven’t had any trades since 13th April.

However, up to that point I had added a further 20 points of profit since our last update to stand at 201 points in profit for the trial so far. 

You can view full results here. 

My results for the recoveries haven’t been as good as Tony’s as I am still practicing and learning, so for example on the Roma v Bologna match I made a scratch trade where as Tony made an 18% profit.

He is now tending to attach screenshots to show his positions which is reassuring as you can see that it can be done.

My results also do not include a number of method five selections, which are ones that crop up spontaneously during matches, so if you are not at your computer when that happens you will miss them – as I have.

However, here are Tony’s results for those Method Five Selections:

  • 5th April -East Bengal v Mumbai – ?
  • 6th April – Stallion v Global – 9.59% profit
  • 9th April – Southampton v Newcastle – 5.33% profit
  • 10th April – Nice v Rennes – 6.5% profit

We didn’t receive details of the profits achieved from the East Bengal v Mumbai game, but the others would have added a further 21.42% profit.

Our comments remain much the same as last time – we can see the power of the system but think a bot would help enormously with this to automate things.

Back soon with our next update – Tony is due back from holiday next Monday (9th May) so we should be back trading again then. 

The other thing to mention is that the Football Hedging System is currently closed to new members, but we understand they may consider opening their doors again when Tony returns.

Watch this space as they say…





Football Hedging System – Results Update

4th April 2016

Things have continued in very positive fashion for Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System.

Since our last update we have added a further 40 points of profit to stand at 180 points up for the trial after one month. 

You can view full results here. 

We have now had a chance to undertake a recovery as a trade went against us in the Ascoli v Vicenza game. 

It is a bit of a panic at first when one happens and you try to get all the bets on quickly at the right stakes – this is certainly something you need to practice quite a lot to get right. 

I didn’t quite get it right and made a small loss on the trade, but viewing Tony’s screenshots I can see you could have got out at even for the trade.

I actually think what this system would really benefit from is a bot to automate the recovery – then I think you would have the ultimate money making machine.

So any budding bot makers out there…please do get in touch!

Anyway, I also missed a trade on the Switzerland v Rep of Ireland match that would have required a recovery. It was an “advanced method two” so not quite ready for that yet.

There have also been a couple of method fives I have missed as they crop up during the games so it depends if you are at your computer when Tony sends the opportunity as to whether you can do them.

Overall I have been impressed with this so far, the strike rate is as high as promised and I can see the logic in the recoveries.

It is just a question of practicing the recoveries until they become more or less automatic. Tony has helpfully provided some video footage recently of recoveries in action, so this is aiding with the learning process. 

Back soon with more updates on the Football Hedging System, hopefully when I have the recovery fully down!







Football Hedging System – Results Update

21st March 2016

It has been an excellent start to our trial of Football Hedging System, with all trades being successful since we started two weeks ago.

That means we are over 140 points in profit already.

You can view full results here. 

So in terms of the success rate of the system, things certainly seem to be living up to the sales claims so far.

The real test of this system though is when things go wrong and you have to launch what is called a “recovery” to get back what you have risked.

Now we haven’t had any opportunities to undertake recoveries so far, but having looked at the examples and practiced a couple, it seems like a logical method and as far as we can see, should work. 

It is complicated though – particularly if there are lots of quick goals in succession – so we are still getting to grips with it.

But so far so good for the Football Hedging System.

Back soon – hopefully when we have a live “recovery” completed! 





Football Hedging System – New Review

9th March 2016

There is a real buzz around at the moment about a new football trading system that has hit the internet recently.

It is called the Football Hedging System by Tony Langley and I am not sure if I can remember quite as much excitement about a new system.

When you see the sales page you can perhaps understand the excitement.

It makes some extraordinary claims, headlining with the line that in the last few years, a full time working guy has made over £230,000 from using the system.

Even more amazing is the claim that since June 2015, there has not been a single losing trade! 

Apparently the system has devised a method for trading football matches on Betfair in such a way that you cannot lose.

Well if that is the case then I think is probably the betting “holy grail.”

You can supposedly make an estimated £9,000 to £12,000 per month trading the system, by winning 90% of your trades and at worst breaking even on the other 10%.

Tony Langley's Football Hedging System

Now with claims like these, the system doesn’t come cheap.

The lowest cost package is the “Gold” option that comes at an upfront payment of £1,297 followed by a monthly subscription of £201 per month which includes support and Tony’s trading selections.

Next is the Platinum package, which costs £1,597 upfront followed by monthly subscriptions of £121.

Finally there is the Diamond Package of £2,597 which includes lifetime support and 28 weeks of selections. 

However, there is a risk free 145 day trial of the service available. To qualify for getting your money back you have to have traded at least 30% of Tony’s trades, recorded them in a log and not achieved at least a 30% growth of your bank per month.  

Now thankfully Tony has been kind enough to provide me with a copy of the Football Hedging System and the selections for three months so I can test the system, which is a good sign he is confident in the system.

When I first came across this system I have to say I was suspicious as I have seen similarly wild claims made before by other systems over the years that sadly haven’t turned out to be true.

However, there are quite a few people saying this does actually work which is interesting. As ever, only time will tell under a live trial.

I will revert soon with an update on how things are going with the system, hopefully having got my head around it as from what I have seen so far it is very complicated.

In the meantime, you can check out Football Hedging System here.

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