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Union Jack Bet

We continue with our quest to break down the confusing jargon that litters betting in order to enlighten the casual punter and make betting more accessible. With so many different terms used by those in the know, it is easy to be intimidated and put off betting, and that is what our series of explanations is looking to address. This particular guide will explain the union jack bet.

How do you place a union jack bet?

The union jack bet is named after the national flag of the United Kingdom because the layout of the flag can be used to pair up the selections it involves. In total, nine selections are chosen for this wager, with the design of the Union Jack used to arrange the selections in rows of three, so the four points of St George’s cross and the four points of the Scottish saltire bear a selection, with the remaining selection placed in the middle.

This grid is then used to make several treble bets based on how the selections line up –  horizontally and vertically there are three trebles , and diagonally there are another two.

The union jack bet is not just used to make treble bets though – it can be used to place a union jack Trixie bet – eight trebles and 24 doubles, a union jack patent bet – eight trebles, 24 doubles and 24 singles, or a union jack round robin bet – eight trebles, 24 doubles and 24 up-and-down singles stakes about (SSA) pairs.

Bookmakers often have special betting slips laid out in the style of the union jack for placing union jack bets.

Why place a union jack bet?

So why place a union jack bet? Using the flag design to match up selections gives some bets more coverage than others. For example, the selection placed in the middle of the flag would be involved the most, as it is implicated in both diagonal trebles, as well as one vertical and one horizontal.

This gives you a banker if you place the selection you are most confident about in the middle to ensure it is involved as much as possible, therefore increasing your chances of several of your combinations being successful.

The union jack bet also means you do not have to rely too heavily on selections you are not overly confident about coming in, as four of your picks will only be involved in two of the eight trebles that can be placed as part of a union jack bet.

This spread allows you to place a bet that emphasises the selections you are confident about and limits the influence of the selections you do not feel as confident about, which will increase your chances of getting a return on the selections you are more sure of and lessen the odds on the others.

So that is the union jack bet explained; for more simple breakdowns of betting terms, keep it Honest Betting Reviews.

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