Value Football Betting – Seven Month Update

It has now been four months since our trial of Value Football Betting concluded, so how have things been going for them?

Well, sadly as seems to be a theme at the moment, things have not been going very well.

They have lost a large potion of the profit gained during our trial.

During our trial we remarked that they had changed the way they provided tips, going from Kevin (who runs the service) offering his tips, to a selection of “Daily Best Bets” produced by their database and a “£30k challenge” to try and turn £1,000 into £30,000 in 3 years.

Well they have changed things slightly again. It seems part of the Daily Best Bets – the Half Time bets – have been dropped and it is now just the match odds and goals bets. 

The progress of those two has not been too good unfortunately. Here are the totals since our trial ended:

Daily Best Bets

Match Odds: -5 points

Goals Bets: -45 points

Total: -50 points

So bearing in mind that they made 78 points profit during our trial, the daily best bets now sit at +28 points overall after seven months.

£30k Challenge

The £30k Challenge is slightly down after seven months, sitting at a reduction from a starting bank of £1,000 down to £914 now. That represents a 9% decrease in the bank so far.

Results Analysis

We think one of the main problems with Value Football Betting is that they keep changing what is offered with the service. 

It started off with Kevin providing his own tips, but then that was dropped and the Daily Best Bets were introduced, which had three different types of bets.

Then the “£30k Challenge” was introduced and part of the Daily Best Bets was dropped.

We appreciate that some services need to adjust how they provide tips, but there is a danger of tinkering too often so that people become confused or find it difficult to follow the service. We think Value Football Betting do need to settle on their chosen methods and stick with them rather than making more changes for the time being.

This aside, results have also been disappointing since the trial ended and the Daily Best Bets have fallen to just 28 points in profit whilst the £30k Challenge is £86 down. 


Taking into account subscription costs – which we note have fallen from £37 per month when we did our trial to £27 per month now – you would barely have made a profit from following the service over the last seven months.

We therefore have to downgrade this service from its previous passed rating to a neutral rating.

It is a service to keep an eye on because we believe it does have potential, but for the time being we recommend a watching brief until it has established a longer-term track record of success.






Value Football Betting – Final Review

23rd May 2015

You can get Value Football Betting here.

Profit/loss: +4 points
Strike rate: 51%
Bank Growth: 16%
Cost: £37 per month 
ROI: 5%
Average number of tips: 6 per week

You can view full results here


Value Football Betting Full Review

This has been a challenging review to conduct, primarily because the service has changed its offering and introduced a number of new things since the trial started.

The main offering – and the one used for the table above – is the e-mail service containing Kevin’s (who runs the service) bets for the day.

However, they have changed the way service operates since I started and it appears there are better options available than following just Kevin’s tips.

Below are the main aspects of the service that are available now.

Football betting tips

Kevin’s Selections

As mentioned above, these selections from Kevin, the owner of the site, which are sent by e-mail each day. The bets are focused mainly around the both teams to score and over/under markets.

At the end of the trial, we are 4 points up for these bets, which isn’t too bad but nothing to write home about.

You can view full results here.

So what about the other aspects of the service?

Daily Best Bets

These bets come from a database of statistical analysis the service has constructed, covering 17 different leagues from various countries. The database comes up with value ratings for every match in these leagues.

From this the service then picks out those bets that have the highest value ratings, which are the “Daily Best Bets.”

You are not advised to back all these selections – however doing so would have actually produced very good returns, as we detail further below:

Daily Best Bets Results:

First Half –      Profit +2 points

Match Odds – Profit +22 points

Goals bets –    Profit +54 points

Daily Best Bets Overall – Profit +78 points

This is a very good total to have amassed from 3 months of bets on football. The volume of bets would be high if backing all selections, so you could narrow it down to only backing some of the selections (e.g. just the goals bets). 

£30k challenge

This is an experiment Kevin is running to try to turn £1,000 into £30,000 in three years by betting on football. It started on 1st April 2015 and so far is 4 points in profit.

Trading Room

There is also the opportunity to join a forum on the site and follow the trades that Kevin makes. These are mainly based around the correct score market and seem like sensible strategies, but I have not managed to make any significant profit from them as yet so am not convinced they are a surefire way to become a professional trader or anything like that.


Whilst things have chopped and changed a bit since we began our trial, overall the results have been very good for Value Football Betting. Their main database, from which all the selections are ultimately derived, does seem to be able to identify value selections.

The total of 78 points profit for the Daily Best Bets is a very impressive return and there aren’t many football services out there that are able to match that. 

With the other two main offerings – Kevin’s bets and the 30k challenge – both also being in profit it is a service I am happy to recommend and will form a valuable part of my portfolio going forward.

You can get Value Football Betting here.

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