Betting the “House”: Why Bingo is popular (and should you play it?)

It’s easy to be snobbish about bingo. For most casino games, there are ways to be good at them and get better, but with bingo, you’re entirely at the mercy of two things – the numbers on your card, and the numbers that get drawn.

You can’t choose the former, and you have no control over the latter, either, so from the first time you sit down to play to the hundredth, you won’t get any “better” at the game.

So that begs the question: why is bingo so popular? And it is popular in both the online and offline versions.

Whether you’re in an airy hall with a sound system or sat at home playing bingo sites not on Gamstop, you are going to have a large number of people playing against you. And believe it, they will be against you. Given the size of some of the jackpots you’ll find around the world, winning at the bingo table is something everyone who plays it is deeply determined to do.

It’s relaxing

Fairly simply, bingo is not a stressful game at its core. If you’re holding cards in your hand trying to make them look like a winning hand, it’s easy to get exasperated. If you’re at the roulette wheel betting on red, it can feel like the world is against you when it lands on black four or five times in a row.

As we noted above, in bingo the numbers come out as they come out; you don’t have any say in the matter, so there’s really no pressure on you. If you’re doing something for leisure, that’s a big plus point.

It’s social (online or offline)

Although everyone wants to win the jackpot, the level of jeopardy in bingo is what it is. Nobody’s realistically going to be cheating, you won’t get any hustlers turning up looking to use their skills to dupe everyone out of their cash, so there is a feeling of social relaxation to be found with bingo.

This is even more the case when there is no cash fee for entry, which is increasingly the case on social casino sites. Once you’re signed up to those, you can find yourself chatting away with other players like they’re old friends. Try doing that at a high rollers’ poker night.

It has cross-generational appeal

There is a cliche about bingo and its popularity among the senior community, but if you walked into a bingo hall tonight, you would not see a big crowd of elderly players – or at least, not exclusively.

Bingo is increasingly attracting a more evenly spread demographic, and you might just as easily find yourself sat next to a hen night of women in their 20s, a bunch of students who didn’t fancy a bar crawl, or a work night out. And yes, you’ll probably find quite a few older players; they’re part of that cross-generational demo too.

For all the things that some people don’t like about bingo, there are plenty of people who find those things enjoyable. So why not take the chance to get involved yourself and see how you like it?




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