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What Is Virtual Football Betting and Should You Play?

Football has now become the biggest sport to wager your money on among all sports online. Betting companies are always looking to come up with new and improved ways to get potential punters involved so have devised a new medium to attract people – that of virtual football betting.

With one of the most significant disadvantages of real football being that you have to wait for the next game and there are not always markets available for people to get involved with, virtual football betting is available pretty much 24/7.

Real football also has the disadvantage that you have to wait a full 90 minutes of play to get the result and move on to the next available opportunity. So if you’re thinking about virtual football and would like to know more then you have come to the right place.

Virtual football matches are quicker than real ones and are electronically generated. They look a lot like a game of FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, but the results of the fixtures are calculated by an unbiased computer algorithm. And just like online gambling machines or casino games, you can access the games from the comfort of your own home.

When virtual football first started out the quality was quite poor, but with the advance of technology, graphics and internet speed these issues have been taken care of considerably. With so many online betting services available nowadays all competing in this competitive market, online virtual football has improved immensely. Even the live commentaries feel almost as good as the real thing.

Advantages of Virtual Betting

The advantages to betting on virtual football are that there is always a list of live matches to bet on night and day. Also, these games last a lot less time than real football matches, offering many more games to get involved in.

Another significant advantage to virtual football is that you don’t need a lot of prior knowledge of the teams playing and you don’t need to sift through mountains of statistical data such as the manager’s performance to be able to get started, and it’s much easier to play. You can just simply select your type of bet, place your stake and then you only have to wait a short amount of time to find out the outcome.


Another thing you will notice if you are used to betting on real football matches is that there are a lot fewer types of bets available. This simplifies things and lets you concentrate on just a few markets such as the win markets, correct score, goals margins, double chance markets and Asian handicaps. However, Betfred does offer around 20 different markets for every fixture.

Some Things To Remember

Although betting on virtual football can seem very similar to gambling on the real thing, they are in fact two very different beasts. A real football game has so many variables to factor into your betting decisions such as weather, psychology of the players, fatigue etc. Virtual football is entirely generated using a RNG (random number generator).

Also, the teams have no relevance to real life teams. Sometimes their names can seem very similar to real ones, but due to licensing purposes they cannot use the real names. However they do not have any reference to the actual teams and performance in any way, and all users will see exactly the same result of each game.

Just as with all other forms of betting of course, the bookies have an in-built house edge over punters with virtual betting. So if you bet consistently on virtual football you are likely to lose money long-term, unless you happen to get lucky or have a proven strategy to overcome the bookies’ edge. 

We would have thought it would be more difficult to study form and develop a winning strategy in virtual football compared to the real thing though, given that results are randomly generated. So you are better off sticking to the real thing to be honest.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of how the world of online virtual football betting works and a better understanding of the markets and bookmakers that are available.

You now also see the advantages and disadvantages of virtual betting and can decide if this is something you would like to add to your betting portfolio. 

Essentially virtual football betting is much like casino games and slots – it can be fun to play for small stakes on occasion but ultimately the bookies have an in-built edge that will be almost impossible to overcome long-term, unless you just happen to get very lucky. 

So rather than risking your money on virtual football, why not bet on the real thing alongside a top professional tipster like this one.  





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