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Wight Horse Tips – Final Update

This is a final notification to say that this review has been discontinued due to the tipster leaving the tipping platform. It happens from time to time and is unfortunate. As with another recent incident that happened on different tipping platform, it is not our place to get involved with any disputes that may have arisen between the parties as that is between them.

Unfortunately though these things happen in all walks of life and so it also happens in the world of tipping, but as we say it means the end of our review. 





Wight Horse Tips – Results Update

6th November 2019

It’s been a good start to our trial of Wight Horse Tips, with a profit of 35 points made to advised prices after just under one month of following the tips. 

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP results haven’t been quite as good but are still in the plus, with 14 points profit made for our trial to date. 

With the profits made in October that made it nine months in a row of profit for the service, which is a fantastic level of consistency. Obviously eight of those months were before our trial started, but the tips were proofed live on the Tipping Gurus website so we can be assured they are accurate. 

Let’s see if that excellent run of consistency continues through November and December, would be great to see. 







Wight Horse Tips – New Review

11th October 2019

Today we are starting a trial of a horse racing tipster with some absolutely superb results and we are really quite excited about this one. 

The service in question is called Wight Horse Tips and it comes from the Tipping Gurus stable of tipsters. 

It is run by an experienced professional horse racing tipster called Sean Brehaut. Sean has been betting on horses for over 14 years now and after finding tremendous success he began to offer tips 7 years ago.

This is Sean’s full time job and that along with placing his own bets is his only source of income so as you can imagine it’s imperative he does well from it…and from the results it certainly looks like he does that.

As well as providing daily tips Sean also covers the big festivals such as Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, York Ebor and Glorious Goodwood where he provides tips in every race.

Onto those results then, which look pretty awesome as we say. Since proofing to the Tipping Gurus back in March this year, every month has been profitable and the total profit stands at a whopping 495 points – so that’s £4,950 at £10 stakes.

Here are the monthly totals since March:

  • – March: +£1369 profit
  • – April: +£847 profit
  • – May: +£706 profit
  • – June: +£333 profit
  • – July: +£400 profit
  • – August: +£367 profit
  • – September: +£707 profit
  • – October (so far): +£225 profit

So as you can see pretty incredible stuff. The return on investment has been a very healthy 21% whilst the strike rate has been over 30% which is very good for a service making this much profit. 

Whilst those results do look excellent, at the same time we mustn’t get carried away and let’s see how it does under live trial conditions. We’ve seen many services over the years boast very strong results coming into a trial only to disappoint when put under the spotlight. 

Anyway, hopefully this one will be different but only time will tell. As ever results will be updated here regularly during the trial so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Wight Horse Tips for yourself here. 





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