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123 Free Signals – 10 month update

Last year we reviewed our first forex service here at Honest Betting Reviews in the form of 123 Free Signals. Prior to our review, they had amassed a very impressive record of 11 straight winning months and over 4500 pips profit.  However, during the period of our trial they experimented with a new selection method […]

Draw No Bet Explained

Draw no bet has become a popular betting option, but what does it mean?   What does “Draw No Bet” mean? Draw No Bet means that if the team you have bet on draw the game, then you will get your money back. If they win the match, you will win your bet. It is […]

Famous Betting Coups: The Imposter Horse

Everyone who goes to the track has dreams of winning big. They want their horse to take first place and the odds be high enough that they walk away rich. In the past, dreaming of a big win hasn’t been enough for some. These people have actively tried to skew the odds in their favour […]

Betting Exchanges Compared

Betting exchanges differ from traditional bookmakers in allowing punters to bet against each other and bet on horses, players or teams to lose. They generally have better odds than the bookmakers but charge commission to punters of up to 5%, Here we look at the primary betting exchanges and the key points regarding each of […]

Betting Exchange Commission Rates

Betting exchanges have become very popular with punters since their introduction around 10-15 years ago. With exchanges, you bet against other people rather than a bookmaker and you can set your own odds as a layer if you wish. The idea of never having your account limited or closed by betting exchanges, together with better […]

Ladbrokes Exchange

The Ladbrokes Exchange was launched in 2013 as a competitor to Betfair and to expand Labrokes’s range of betting products. Ladbrokes also bought Betdaq a while back, but they have not merged the two sites and both continue to operate simultaneously. Here we take a look at some of the key features of the Ladbrokes […]

Pro Betting Club Review

We take a look here at the Pro Betting Club, a website offering a variety of tipsters and betting systems that you can subscribe to. They are a team of professional gambling experts who offer you the chance to benefit from their tips and make a tax-free second income. All their results are provided on […]

Flashscores Review

  One of the most popular live score sites on the internet is Flashscores, which provides up-to-date scores on a range of sports including football, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and US sports like baseball and American football. The features we particularly like with Flashscores are that the scores are updated instantly without the page needing […]

Famous Betting Coups: Yellow Sam and the Single Phone Line

When you go to the track or visit a casino, you dream of winning big. You’re sure that there is that one lucky number or horse that will change your luck. Throughout time, there have been people who made their own luck through famous betting coups. There’s almost something romantic about these players who went […]

Bet Kudos

Bet Kudos is a tipsters and betting systems portal that provides tips across a range of sports including horse racing, football, greyhounds, golf and mixed sports. It offers the opportunity to connect with professional tipsters and follow their tips for a monthly or quarterly fee. It has been operating since 2013 and has a full […]