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Best Betting Sites

If you are hoping to make money out of your betting or are even considering becoming a professional gambler, it is crucial in this day and age to have the very best betting tools at your fingertips.

With the internet has come a huge amount of information and stats that can be used to inform the punter’s gambling choices, as well as a range of sophisticated aids such as betting bots.

Things have become very competitive and to make sure you have an edge over your fellow bettors, you need to make sure you have the best tools available.

So here we have a look at the best betting sites. Which sites should you use to help your betting? Which sites will give you an edge? And which sites have proved themselves a cut above the rest in gambling terms?

If you’re looking specifically for the best tipping sites, we recommend checking out our football and horse racing tipster guides respectively.

Below are our top 10 betting sites, starting at no.10 and working our way down to the top one.


10.  Oddschecker


It is pretty much compulsory if you are intending to do any gambling at all to make use of an odds comparison site such as Oddschecker. Just like if you were buying car insurance you would want to find the best price and not just lump for the first one you see, so it is with betting.

Remember that a bookmaker generally has at least a 10% edge over you before you even start. This is the “house edge” if you like. To make a profit over time you need to overcome this edge consistently – which is a tall order. So you need to maximise every little bit of value you can and if you are taking bad prices – or not getting the best prices to put it another way – then you may as well give up before you start.

There are a few odds comparison sites that essentially do the same thing – that is bring together all the odds from the major bookmakers in every major sporting event and all the various markets. Easyodds and Bestbetting are two of other popular ones, but as the original and best-known, oddschecker is our odds comparison site of choice.


9. Flatstats

If you are looking to bet on horse racing, then a good starting point is undoubtedly to have a look through some statistics. The great thing about the Flatstats website is that it gives you a whole range of different options to look at in terms of stats on racing and an absolute wealth of data.

So for example you may want to look at a particular trainer’s record over the last five years – let’s say Aiden O’Brien. You would enter his details and then receive a massive amount of data on his record – and crucially his profitability – broken down by a whole range of factors such as course, distance, going, class, jockey, handicap/non-handicap, odds range and so on.

So you can break things down in terms of which metric has the best return and focus on that if you wanted to. There are also lots of systems people have devised themselves that you can use in addition to finding your own.

Having a resource like Flatstats is a great way to find a different angle to all the other punters out there and hopefully find yourself an edge. Certainly a very useful betting website for the horse racing punter.




A hugely popular site with punters offering a range of different betting tools, OLBG (which stands for Online Betting Guide) has been around since 2002.

It has grown to be of the biggest online betting communities, with over 100,000 members and a very active betting forum. One of the main features of the site is its tipping section, with free tips offered across a range of sports including horse racing, football, tennis and golf. Another popular aspect of the site are the tipping competitions, which you can join with prizes for the most successful tipsters.

There is also an active blog with regular betting articles and news and plenty of comments too. Plus there are bookmaker reviews, free bet offers and a host of other gambling info. As an overall betting guide and a place to interact with other punters and exchange views, as well as get some free tips or tip yourself, OLBG is a respected and useful betting site deserving of a place on this list.


7.  Soccerstats


Whilst not technically a “betting website,” Soccerstats can certainly be used to aid your betting and in our opinion it is well worth doing so.

In much the same way as with Flatstats for horse racing, Soccerstats has a veritable treasure trove of numbers that can be used as a basis for a betting strategy or system. We have already done a full review of Soccerstats here, but in short it has stats on over 100 leagues from around the world. The stats include just about every possible metric you could want for betting on football, from basic stuff like over/under percentages to times of goals, first and second half results, goalscorers and much more besides.

Again, if you are looking to bet on football, then giving yourself a statistical basis to your betting is likely to be of great benefit and gives you the potential to have an edge over other punters, which is ultimately what it is all about.


6. Racing Post

Racing Post

No list of top betting sites would be complete without mention of probably the number one resource for UK horse race goers, the Racing Post.

Whilst perhaps better known amongst punters for the daily newspaper version that adorns the walls of betting shops around the country and accompanies punters on their trips to the races, the Racing Post website is also an excellent resource for the punter.

With a great deal of information to draw including cards and results, plus stats on horses, jockeys, trainers and owners and their full records and betting returns listed, the website is the starting point for many people’s research on betting.

There are also paid subscriptions that include their tips from Pricewise Extra and the other top tipsters, plus the option to watch video replays of races and get more in-depth race reports. All in all as a complete UK racing guide, the Racing Post is a useful tool to have on your side.


5.  Betting Gods

Betting Gods

The modestly named Betting Gods is a tipster platform that basically houses a number of different tipsters in one place.

They have some fantastic tipsters who have proved themselves over a number of years, racking up hundreds of points of profit and thousands of pounds for followers of their services. The website is user-friendly and we particularly like the honesty and integrity of Betting Gods. Whilst many tipsters inflate their results by using crazy staking systems of 5 or even 10 point win bets, Betting Gods’s services in the main use 1 or 2 point bets, with the occasional 3 or 4 point bet.

In addition, when talking about how much the tipsters have won, they use realistic £10 stakes, unlike some other services that use £100 or £200 stakes to make their results look good, when in reality betting at that level is well out of range for the majority of punters.

If you are looking to make some money by following a tipster or even a portfolio of tipsters, then you could do much worse than going on the Betting Gods website and checking out what they have to offer.


4. Betfair

It seems a little unfair to do a list of the best betting sites without including the website that really changed betting forever – Betfair.

There is a lot of talk these days about “disrupters” in various industries like Uber, Airbnb and so on. Well Betfair surely merits that tag in the world of betting. It changed the game in a whole number of ways: allowing punters to play bookie and lay selections rather than just backing them; not limiting or closing the accounts of winners and creating a whole new genre of trading, in-running betting and “bots.”

Perhaps most significantly of all, however, Betfair forced the bookies to up their game. Previously the bookies had coasted along basically unchallenged, happy to offer their customers poor value, milk them dry and then close their accounts if they became a winner.

But when Betfair came along and started stealing a large portion of their customer base, the bookies become worried. Lots of punters started to ask “why should I bother betting with a bookie again?” So they had to respond and did so by offering improved odds, innovations such as best odds guaranteed and regular free bets for their customers.

The overall effect has been to give punters a better deal and so for that, plus the revolution it has caused in betting, Betfair undoubtedly merits a place on this list.


3. Bet 365

On the one hand we were slightly loathe to include a bookmaker on this list, but if there is one that deserves to be recognised as a standout in its field then it is Bet365.

There are a number of reasons why they are regarded as such a top bookie. Generally offering excellent odds, particularly on horse racing, even using an odds comparison site you will often find yourself back at Bet365. Then there is the sheer wealth of betting markets offers, especially on sports like football and tennis and including in-play opportunities. Add to that lots of live sports coverage streamed on the site and you have an all-round great online bookie.

The real piece-de-resistance of Bet365 though is the great offers they make to the punter. Starting off with the free £200 bets you get when joining – which is widely regarded as one of the best value new customer offers of all the bookies – you then have the regular £10 loyalty bonuses you get if you bet with them regularly, plus their Channel 4 races offers. Best of all though are the free £50 in-play offers, which are superb and pretty much unparalleled by any other bookie.

All in all then when you are talking about bookies, Bet365 are as Tina Turner would say, simply the best.


2. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

Quite often here at Honest Betting Reviews we are asked “do any betting systems actually work?”

The frank answer is that they are very few that are actually guaranteed to make you money. Some work well for a while then become overused and lose their edge or the betting markets change and they no longer produce a profit.

One however that continues to work amazingly well and surely always will is Profit Maximiser. It is a matched betting system that brings together all of the bookies free bets and bonuses into one place and shows you how to turn these offers into genuine risk-free opportunities. So you can make literally hundreds of pounds per month risk-free from it.

There is great e-mail support, plus helpful training videos and a huge Facebook group of over 50,000 people who exchange info on the best offers and how to take advantage of them. Bookies offers are probably never going to go away because they need an incentive to bring customers in, so a product like Profit Maximiser is an essential part of your betting portfolio and well worth getting involved with.


1. Bettingzone

One of the best-known online tipping sites, the Bettingzone has been around since 2003 and has garnered quite a reputation for itself over the years. Part of the Sporting Life, it has amassed over 3,000 points profit since starting up and is undoubtedly one of the best free resources for betting you can find.

We did a full review of the Bettingzone here, in which we broke down its record by sport. It turns out that a great deal of their profit comes from golf, with their resident tipsters have smashed in numerous 100/1 shots over the years. For many years Dave Tindall was the chief golf tipster and he landed quite a few memorable touches including Matt Gogel at over 100/1. Now the golf team is headed up by Ben Coley who landed a massive win with 175/1 winner Marcus Fraser in the 2016 Malaysian Open.

Respect is also due to Ben Linfoot, whose Value Bet tipping column for the weekend and festival races has made over 300 points profit to date.

If you’d followed all of the Bettingzone’s tips since inception at just £10 per point, you would have made over £30,000 (presuming you could match their advised prices of course). Overall then, we feel it definitely deserves a place on the best betting sites list.





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  1. Merry
    Merry says:

    To be honest, not the best web. As they are quite complicated to use, plus they have a limited amount of markets on the web. And what I hate most is their “real-time” odds updating, which is not true. Ones you make a click, most probably that odd is already changed. I was quite disappointed as a couple of years ago it was way better web than its right now. So my favourite webs right now are and
    Those two are my favourite right now. Easyodds is quite famous and Oddsmagnet is a website that I found one month ago and which surprised me a lot. As it has an amazing (understandable) interface and I like the fact that they add every week 1-2 new bookmakers.


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