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There are thousands of tipsters online these days with new ones popping up every day. There are also countless “tipster platforms,” which are sites that offer budding tipsters the chance to offer their tips to the public. 

Filtering through all these tipsters and websites to try and find the best ones is a huge task. Thankfully here at Honest Betting Reviews that is exactly what we do – test out tipsters in live trials on the site, with all results recorded exactly as the tips are given out. 

We have been going for over six years and have tested out hundreds of tipsters since starting up. All that testing has allowed us to uncover what we believe are the best tipping sites – those with the highest quality tipsters who have demonstrated an ability to beat the bookies over the long term.

We will take a look at those sites below. 


Bringing the Best Tipsters Together

When we talk about the best tipping sites, these are websites that bring together top tipping talent in one place.

Whether it be a group of professional gamblers working together on one site or a platform that allows budding professional bettors to offer their picks, they provide a range of tips – sometimes in multiple sports and sometimes just in one. 

Now let’s get on to looking at our top 10. 


Top 10 Best Betting Tips Sites 

Okay so here is our list of our top tipping sites, all based on our own experience and reviews we have conducted ourselves. These are ordered from ten to one, saving the best for last.


10. At the Races

At the Races is the well-known home of all things racing and tipping-related from Sky Sports. They have a variety of tipsters specialising in racing from different regions including the UK, France and the US. They also offer ante-post tips, speed ratings and a 1-2-3 rating from Timeform. 

Clearly the jewel in the At the Races’ crown however is Hugh Taylor, a phenomenal tipster who has been producing outstanding results for a number of years now. 

Since starting up in 2009, Hugh has made well over 2,000 points profit with a number of seasons hitting over 200 points profit. That undoubtedly makes him one of the best in the business.

The only downside to that – as we discovered in our own review of his tips – is that it’s very difficult to match the advised prices Hugh gives with his tips. The odds get smashed in immediately upon the tips being released as the bookies run scared of thousands of punters jumping on Mr Taylor’s tips. 

That’s not his fault of course and you still have to admire his tipping skills. And of course there is much more to enjoy on the At the Races site so it’s worth a look if you are off to the races or looking for some guidance on today’s racing.


9. Football Advisor

Despite the name, Football Advisor actually covers more than just football with horse racing tips offered as well. 

There are a number of different elements to Football Advisor. This includes their Football Advisor Lays, which we reviewed and gave an approved rating to after it made 37 points profit in our trial. They provide simple lays bets, either on one team or the draw and it has been running successfully for a few years now. 

There is also their Apex Racing service, which is a very high strike rate service (over 75% win rate) but still achieving a good return on investment (ROI) of over 18%. It’s quite selective with just 10-15 bets per month but the approach has worked well for them.

In addition Football Advisor offer other tipping services including: Goal King, which bets on the both team to score and over/under goals markets; X-Bets, which is a football service focusing on the draw; the Maria Football Challenge which attempts to build a betting bank using the Maria staking method and more. 

One of the aspects we like about Football Advisor is their constant ability to innovate and develop new angles to beat the bookies. They take advantage of cutting edge software like BF Bot Manager but also just offer good old-fashioned tips. With strong results achieved across their services, Football Advisor is understandably a popular betting site. 


8. Tipsters Empire

A tipping site we have followed for a number of years is Tipsters Empire. Primarily focused on horse racing, they have also provided greyhound and football tips at times too. 

They have a number of strong tipsters on their books including:

  • Cotswold Racing, which has made over £1500 profit at £10/point at a return on investment of over 10%;
  • Bluebood Racing which has achieved an excellent combined strike rate of over 40% and return on investment of around 30%;
  • Rendlesham Racing which has made over £1500 profit at £10/point with over 30% strike rate.

We have also run reviews of two of their very best tipsters – MJ Racing, which goes for long-shot selections and made an excellent 118 points profit in our live trial – and Wiltshire Racing, which specialises in handicap chases and all-aged middle distance flat turf handicaps.

There are also free tips you can receive from Wiltshire Racing, which are daily selections from their panel of expert tipster sent direct to your inbox.

As a reputable and long-running tipping site with a strong stable of experts, we felt it would be remiss not to include Tipsters Empire on this list.


7. Pro Betting Club

Next up on our list is another tipster platform that has been running for a number of years now and that is the Pro Betting Club.

It is another website that focuses primarily on horse racing tips but also covers football betting and has offered tips in other sports like basketball and greyhounds over the years.

The Pro Betting Club’s top services – Back and Win, Sequence Lays and Premium Naps are currently closed to new subscribers as their membership is full.

There are plenty of other impressive tipsters on the site however including Pinnacle Racing which has made over 1,000 points profit, Genuine Stable Info which has made over 700 points profit and Donkey Lays, which passed a review here on the site after making 37 points profit.

Although the Pro Betting Club doesn’t offer free tips at the moment it does have an impressive array of tipping talent and is therefore well worthy of a place on this list.


6. Betting Bias

If you’re looking for some free tips which have an excellent long-term record then there are few better sites than Betting Bias.

Having been going for over 10 years now, they have amassed an enviable record of over 1500 points profit at a return on investment of 16%. That would be over £15,000 profit at just £10 per point.

They tip in a variety of sports including football, horse racing, golf cricket, rugby and tennis. A large portion of their profit has come in golf however, where they have an excellent record of landing winners at massive prices.

Those winners include Smylie Kaufman at 250/1, Keegan Bradley at 150/1, Kevin Stadler at 125/1 and Brian Harman at 100/1.

With a resume of success as impressive as that Betting Bias is a tips site well worth checking out.


5. Bookie Insiders

Another fine sports tipping service is Bookie Insiders, which covers both football and golf currently.

We have reviewed both of their services and each of them performed admirably, racking up substantial gains during our trials.

Bookie Insiders Football which we reviewed first made an excellent £2053 profit during our seven-month trial with a strong win rate of 54%, meaning over half the bets were winners. The service bets in the big five European leagues as well as Champions League, Europa League and top international competitions.

The golf service is split into three parts: outright each-way bets with the bookies, outright win bets on the Betfair exchange and Top 20 bets.

They enjoyed some excellent winners during our trial, including one extraordinary weekend when they hit four winners at prices of 125/1, 100/1, 50/1 & 7/1! And they also hit a 750/1 winner with Tyson Alexander on the Korn Ferry Tour, the biggest single we have ever proofed here on the site!


4. Back Lucrative

Focusing solely on horse racing, Back Lucrative is one of the longest-running and most respected tipping websites out there.

It is actually made up of a number separate tipping services – there is the main Back Lucrative site itself, but then also the Hidden Winners, Flat Flyers and Bargain Punter services too.

The main Back Lucrative service has been running since 2013 and has made over 1500 points profit since then. We ran our own review of it and the tips made over 100 points profit which is a top class effort.

We also ran a review of their Hidden Winners service and it made a very decent 61 points profit during our trial, adding to the 500 points profit it had made prior to our review.

The more recent additions of Flat Flyers and Bargain Punter have both got off to promising starts and have been profitable so far. 

For high-quality horse racing tips with a proven ability to find value in the markets, there aren’t many options out there than Back Lucrative.


3. Sporting Life

In third place is a site familiar to a lot of punters as one of the longest running tipping sites and that is the Sporting Life.

Those old enough will remember the Sporting Life used to be a newspaper publication like the Racing Post, but it is has been solely a website for quite a few years now.

It is a hub for tips and the go-to place for many online punters to get their picks for upcoming sporting events. Covering everything from horse racing and football to tennis, cricket and golf, there is something for everyone on the Sporting Life site.

Surely the jewel in their tipping crown however has to be expert golf columnist Ben Coley, who has amassed a formidable record since taking on the reins from Dave Tindall (who is now at Betfair golf tips).

Mr Coley is the hero of many a punter as he has racked up a superlative 1350 points profit since he began tipping on the Sporting Life in 2016. He has made a profit in every year apart from one (2019) and has had three years with over 300 points profit.

His banner year was  2021 when he made over 600 points profit and hit winners such as Brooks Koepka at 45/1, John Catlin at 66/1, Sam Burns at 80/1, Jonathan Caldwell at 150/1 and Cam Davis at 150/1.

With a host of other tipsters across all the major sports, it is easy to see why the Sporting Life is a favourite site for so many punters.


2. Tipstrr

If you’re looking for the site with the greatest breadth and quantity of tips then there can’t be many better options that

With thousands of tipsters having been proofed on the site, it is a veritable treasure trove of betting tips and information. Most of the big sports are covered including tennis, football, horse racing, basketball, boxing, e-sports and much more.

We have reviewed a number of their tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews including the Strict Rule System and the Notorious Tipster – UFC, both of which performed well in our trials. 

Tipstrr have a transparent proofing system of their own too which records of all the results of each tipster in a clear manner and with a detailed breakdown of all their stats including staking, market, bet type, odds band, time the tips were sent out and a monthly performance breakdown.

They also have free tips which can be received by signing up to their e-mail newsletter. These tips come from their expert panel of tipsters.

All in all then for a site with a huge variety of tips across a range of different sports, all transparently verified and presented in a clear format, there aren’t many better tips sites than



1. Betting Gods

In a similar vein to Tipstrr is tipster platform Betting Gods, which is a site providing tips from a number of highly-vetted and elite tipsters.

At the end of the day what is most important in a betting tips site is the quality of the tips and Betting Gods offer some of the very best tipsters out there.

As we say, they are highly vetted and each tipster who appears on the platform has gone through a six month proofing period. It is therefore a much more select group than those that are on sites like Tipstrr for example as only the very best make it through.

For example, tipsters like the Bookies Enemy who has made over 500 points profit since joining Betting Gods in 2017. That has been achieved at a 12% return on investment and 18% strike rate.

Or Premier Greyhound Tips, which has made over 800 points profit since starting up in 2014 with an 11% return on investment (ROI). Not to mention The Outside Edge which has made over 300 points profit at a 9% ROI and 29% win rate.

Best of all though has to be the incomparable Quentin Franks Racing. Operating not just one tipping service but two, Mr Franks has delivered his members exceptional profits since starting up in 2014. On his main service he has made over 1500 points profit at an ROI of 15%. That would be over £15,000 profit at just £10/point. And his sister service QF Value Tips has added a further 500 points profit, making a combined 2,000 points profit for Quentin, which is phenomenal tipping.

With fantastic tipsters like these then Betting Gods has to rate as the top tipping site. All the work is done for you in terms of filtering the tipsters so you don’t have to spend hours looking through them yourself to find the best ones. 

Add their excellent customer service and transparency and Betting Gods is a clear winner in our book. 





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