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Best Tipsters and Betting Systems to Use on Betfair

One of the most common questions we are asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “what are the best tipsters and betting systems to use if you have lost your bookie accounts and only have access to Betfair?”

It’s a good question as it happens to a lot of us, particularly if you are doing well and making some money following a top tipster or betting system. 

Fortunately, the good news is there are a number of very good services you can follow solely at Betfair, even if you have lost your bookie accounts. 

We’ll take a look at them below and list our top six services to follow purely on Betfair.


Using Betfair Instead of the Bookies

Before we get onto looking at the services in question though, just a quick word on using Betfair (or other exchanges) rather than traditional bookmakers. In most cases – with horse racing tipsters anyway – you would still do better using the bookies, particularly if you have access to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed). This is because most top tipsters find value early in the day (or even the night before) at the bookies when there is little liquidity on Betair. This value often disappears by race time, meaning those tipsters don’t make a profit at Betfair SP.   

That’s not to say that following top tipsters on Betfair can’t still be very profitable – as we’ll see below, it certainly can be. And there are some systems that have been specifically designed to work on Betfair, meaning they are wholly based on finding value at the exchanges.

These days with Betair offering just 2% commission rates, the opportunity to make a profit on the exchange is better than ever. More system designers are focusing their energies on the exchange as more and more people are having their bookie accounts restricted or closed. And the Betfair API allows developers to set up automated systems and bots and that is something we expect to see more of in the future. 

For now though, let’s have a look at the best betting services to use on Betfair. 


Best Betting Services for use on Betfair

OK, so now let’s take a look at the most profitable betting systems you can use on Betfair. Here at Honest Betting Reviews we’ve tested hundreds of betting systems and we ensure that all our horse racing reviews include the results at Betfair SP, as we know that a large number of you are restricted to using the exchanges. That means we are well placed to know which systems are actually profitable on Betfair and which are not. 

Anyway, without further ado here’s our top 5 list:


     1. Racing Intelligence

One of the best tipsters we have come across and one of the most profitable on Betfair is Racing Intelligence. It is a little different from traditional “tipsters” as it doesn’t study form, ratings, or any of the standard ways that tipsters normally produce their tips. Instead the selections are provided by an inside man at one of the world’s leading bookmakers, who gets to see where the big money is being placed on certain high value “marker” accounts. You can check out our original review of Racing Intelligence here.

The service has proved remarkably successful both at the bookies and Betfair. Using BSP alone the service has made over 400 points profit if backing win-and-place at Betfair and over 600 points profit if backing win-only. Since the service started up three years ago, every quarter bar one has been profitable at Betfair SP and 70% of the months have been profitable. The return on investment has been over 18% at BSP, with strike rates of 39% if backing win-and-place and 20% if going win-only.

All in all those are top class results and makes Racing Intelligence well worth following purely on Betfair even if you’ve lost your bookie accounts.  


     2. Little Acorns 

Little Acorns is a horse racing laying system designed specifically for use on Betfair.  The system comes in PDF format and has just four simple rules to follow. You can use the Racing Post (or a similar racecard website) to find the selections, which should only take around ten to fifteen minutes per day. 

The system has been around for over ten years now and remains one of the most popular and consistent horse racing systems out there, with a legion of fans. It has won numerous awards and continues to churn out steady profits of 100+ points profit per year, relentlessly year after year. 

Little Acorns advises a loss-recovery staking system which is not for the feint-hearted and requires a substantial betting bank, although you can also use flat staking if you prefer. During our live trial of the system it made 189 points profit using loss recovery staking and 116 points profit using flat staking.  

If you are looking for a steady, reliable laying system for Betfair that has proven itself over the course of more than ten years, then you can’t do much better than giving Little Acorns a go. 


     3. Goal Profits

Up next is the first football service on our list, Goal Profits. This is a football trading service specifically for use on Betfair and has a hugely dedicated following as well as winning numerous awards, including our very own Best Football Service, as voted for by our members. 

Goal Profits encompasses a veritable treasure trove of tools for the budding trader, including vast databases of stats from leagues all over the world that can be customised to find value trades not obvious to the everyday punter.  You can also follow along with their pro traders in a live chat room and learn from the best. In addition there is a comprehensive training package, including videos and guides, as well as a forum and extensive support available. 

There are even some Goal Profits members who claim to be trading full time based on its strategies and stats, which is about the best proof of its value you could imagine. Certainly if you aspire to trade the Betfair football markets successfully then Goal Profits is a great place to start, whether you are just starting out on your journey or are an experienced trader looking to improve your returns. 


     4. Trade On Sports

Another trading service that’s been set up to be used specifically on the Betfair markets, Trade On Sports comes from a dedicated team of professional traders and covers a range of sports including football, tennis, cricket, NFL, ice hockey and more.

The focal point of the service for us though is the football trading, particularly their HT Overs Bot which amassed a superb £6,000 profit during our live trial of it. It is a tool that analyses in-play Betfair markets and uses historical data to find stand-out trading opportunities where there is at least an 80% chance of another goal. It has proved to be very effective at doing that.   

In addition, Trade On Sports (TOS) includes a range of other tools including pre-match trading, an unders Bot, tennis ratings and recommended bets across a range of sports. There is also a vibrant community of members who exchange ideas and chat about trading on the TOS Telegram app. All in all Trade On Sports is a service that’s constantly evolving and improving and we expect it will keep finding new profitable angles to exploit on Betfair. 


     5. Betfair Scalper

Finally on our list we have Betfair Scalper. This is a trading course on how to scalp and trade the Betfair horse racing markets before the race. It includes over forty hours of professional training and 150 videos and is highly regarded in the trading community. 

We ran our own review of the course and made 9.2 points profit during our testing period, which was a decent return. The course contains lots of useful information and strategies on how to trade the pre-race markets successfully and there is full support available from the Betfair Scalper team. 

Although you will need to devote quite a bit of time and energy to learning the strategies, if you are prepared to do that then this course is well worth checking out. 


Conclusion – Using Betfair For Your Bets

Many of us have unfortunately had our bookie accounts restricted or closed over the years, which is a frustrating thing when it happens. Most tipsters advise their bets at the bookies’ best available odds and record their results accordingly. Thus it can seem like when you lose your bookie accounts, it isn’t worth following tipsters any more.

This isn’t always the case however and the good news is that there are still a number of tipsters who are profitable at Betfair SP, even if the results aren’t quite as good as using the bookies. There are also now an increasing number of systems and services that have been developed specifically for Betfair, which is encouraging news for us punters.

As time goes on we expect more software and bots to be developed for Betfair and this is something Betfair themselves seem eager to encourage. With Betfair now offering just 2% commission as well, we see a time when it won’t matter too much if you have access to bookie accounts or not. 

In the meantime, there are already a number of really good services listed above you can use solely on Betfair. So if you haven’t signed up already, it is high time to check some of them out! 




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