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Best Football Tips

A question we are often asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is what the best football tips are.

We have scoured the internet looking at hundreds of football tipsters and betting systems in search of the very best.

Frankly, most of those we encounter are a load of rubbish. Plus there are plenty out there with fake results or overblown claims about how much money they can make you.

It can be a depressing job at times to see how much dishonesty there is out there.

However, the good news is that there are a few hidden gems that shine out. Yes, thankfully there are a small number of very good football tipsters out there.

Ones with honesty and transparency, as well as excellent long-term results.

Below we detail in full what we view as the best football tips around. Enjoy!


The Top 10 Best Football Tips

Here is our list of the best football tips you can get your hands on right now to start making some money, starting at number ten and working our way down to number one.


   10.  Football Advisor

Entering the charts at ten is one of the most respected football tipsters around is Football Advisor, who started tipping just before the 2014 World Cup and have amassed 350 points profit since then.

They have managed a strike rate of over 35% in the time they have been in operation and a return on investment of over 20%, which is pretty strong tipping.

During our three month live trial, they could only manage 8 points of profit at a return on investment of 4%, but that was one of their quietest runs since the service began, so taking their record overall you would have seen some good profits. 


   9.  Anthony Viduka

The Bet Advisor platform offers a number of football tipsters from around the world. One of the best ones is Anthony Viduka, who has made just under 7,000 units profit since starting tipping in March 2016.

His profits have been achieved with a return on investment of over 17%, and a win rate of well over 50%. These are very solid stats and if they continue over the long term, will mean Anthony could well move up this list from number nine.


   8.  Betfair Renegade

Betfair Renegade Logo

In eighth place in our list, comprising part of the awesome Profit Maximiser matched betting product, Betfair Renegade is a limited membership package involving selections for betting on football.

Betfair Renegade itself is a piece of software that generates value football selections. What is great about it is that all the selections are based on the Betfair price, so you don’t have to worry about whether you can bet with the bookies. 

During our trial of Betfair Renegade, it made an excellent 233 points of profit at a return on investment of 14%.

It’s incredibly simple to use – just open the software and then it tells you the selections for the day. 

This is only sold on a limited basis however, so you need to check with Mike Cruickshank at as to whether it is currently available.

Well worth a look if it is available. 


   7.  Betting Bias (Football)

Betting Bias Screenshot

It is often these days that you get any tipster offering their tips for free, much less tips that have a very strong winning record.

That however is what you get with Betting Bias, which is a website run by a team of professional gamblers. They provide tips in a number of sports, but here we are concentrating on their football tips, which are a major part of the Betting Bias offering.

Their football tips come mainly in the Premiership, with some other tips in the Champions League and Europa League. They have a particular strong record with their ante-post tips, with winners such as Harry Kane to be top goalscorer in the 2015/16 season.

With a lifetime return on investment standing at over 20% and well over 1000 points profit made, the tips of Betting Bias are highly recommended. Oh yes, and they’re FREE!


   6. Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator

Whilst not technically football “tips,” Accumulator Generator is such an impressive footy betting tool that we thought it worthy of inclusion here at sixth place on our list.

What it does is provide selections for footy accas that can guarantee you a profit whatever happens. Yes you read that correctly, this is a pretty awesome piece of betting software. It uses a very clever formula to manipulate the bookies’ acca insurance offers to create value for the punter in a very low risk bet.

On average, each acca you do will make you around £10. It only takes a few minutes to do each one, so if you can do just two per day, you could easily make over £500 per month or £6,000 profit per year.

As football fans, pretty much everyone loves the lure of an acca, so the brilliant Accumulator Generator gives you a means of making sure that your accas bring home a very tidy long term profit.


   5. Thomo’s Tips

Tipstrr Screenshot

Provided through the Tipstrr betting platform, Thomo’s Tips is a straightforward football tipster who was the first to pass a three month trial here at Honest Betting Reviews.

During that trial, Thomo (aka Andy Thompson) made 2369 points profit at a return on investment of 21%, which as we have mentioned above is a very impressive total.

Most tips come in the English Premiership and Football Leagues, with additional bets in European competition including the Champions League and Europa League, so you are talking about big matches with very high liquidity and there is no problem about getting advised prices.

Overall Thomo’s Tips is an excellent service and well worth adding to your portfolio.


   4. Goal Profits

Goal Profits Screenshot

In at number four on our list is Goal Profits, a complete football betting and trading package, with a myriad of great items to help you make some cash from the beautiful game. They have won numerous awards, including the best football trading product three years in a row!

Its main offering is a suite of 28 football trading systems, with full guidance and training videos explaining how they work. There is a chat room where you can follow the live trades of seasoned professional traders and chat with other members about all things football betting related.

In addition, Goal Profits also offer football betting tips, with in particular the Daily Best Bets being worth following. In the first three months of the season they made over 24 points profit, at a return on investment of over 24%, which is pretty handy. 

The tips are based on a database of thousands of matches from around the world, called their “team statistics.” These use stats from a variety of different markets to try and identify value in particular matches for their members. A great deal of work went into building the team stats software and it is bearing fruit for the hard labour that it took to construct.


   3. The Sports Guru

At number three on our list is one of the best tipsters we have come across in the form of The Sports Guru, who has amassed some very strong results since starting tipping in June 2015. With over 400 points profit made, that equates to over £4,000 to £10 stakes, or over £10,000 if you are able to afford slightly higher stakes of £25 per point.

Although the Sports Guru tips in a variety of sports, his real forte is in football, where a large portion of the tips come from. There are tips in a variety of leagues from across Europe, with the focus on the Premiership and English Football Leagues.

Looking at the strike rate of The Sports Guru, it is a healthy 40%, meaning again we are talking about strong winning streaks and the losing runs should be kept to a reasonably low level. 

Another excellent service that comes highly recommended. 


  2. Banker Bets

As the name suggests, Banker Bets is about betting on the so-called “bankers,” or short-odds selections that are so popular with punters and is the second-best provider of football tips in our chart.

The difference with Banker Bets is that the kind of bankers they back are value selections that are at higher odds than they should be. There is a myth in betting that you only get value by backing at high odds, but that isn’t true. There can be just as much value in a 1/3 shot that should be 1/4 as in a 10/1 shot that should be 9/1.  

The service used to include tennis but now focuses almost entirely on football, with a few bets from US sports. This is because it has achieved far better results from betting on football than on other sports. 

Overall the service has made over 240% profit since being set up, which means if you had started off with a £10,000 bank it would now be worth £34,000. A damn sight better than the kind of interest you would get from any bank right now!

The really great thing about Banker Bets though is that the vast majority of the tips have been winners – over 80% in fact. Imagine winning 8 out of every 10 bets you place and still making a really good profit! That it what they have done consistently for over two years, which is highly impressive. 


   1. The Football Formula

The Football Formula is a superb football tipster who has produced astonishing results since starting tipping in May 2016 and grabs the top spot on our list of football tips.

The service has been averaging over 10 points profit per month, which is excellent going. At £100 per point that would be £1000 profit per month, a very nice additional income. 

With a strike rate of over 75%, the vast majority of your bets have been winners which means you can stake a good proportion of your bank on each selection. Plus there should be minimal losing runs, which makes it much easier psychologically to follow than tipsters with low strike rates, who you sometimes need nerves of steel to continue following when they have losing streaks that can last weeks or even months.

The return on investment so far for The Football Formula has been over 20%, which is pretty exceptional in football terms. Most of the time when tipping on the beautiful game, you would expect an ROI of somewhere around 5% and certainly any higher than that is considered very good indeed.

Quite a large proportion of the bets are on the over 2.5 goals market, which they seem to have developed a special affinity for. Perhaps they even have a “formula” for it, as their name suggests.

Either way, The Football Formula is a top football tipster and their tips to date have been first class. Highly recommended and the deserved number one on our list. 



So there you have it, our comprehensive list of the best football tips out there. We have done a great deal of research and testing to find the most profitable tipsters around, so hopefully this list will help to improve your footy betting.

Whilst most of these are paid services, you can also check out our list of top free football tips here, which could be another option if you are against paying a monthly subscription fee.

Either way, you should have some good options available to you for betting on the beautiful game. 

And as well as tipsters, there are other routes you can take to profitable footy betting. You can take a look at our article on how to win football bets and hopefully this will help supercharge your returns!





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