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The Best Horse Racing Tips –  What You Need to Know

One of Britain’s most beloved summer pastimes, horse racing attracts the attention of thousands of racegoers and at-home viewers every year.

For many of those spectators, placing a flutter on the horses is all part of the fun! In fact, horse racing is one of the most gambled-upon sports in the UK (an estimated quarter of British adults bet on this year’s Grand National).

So how do you know where’s best to place your bets? Whether you’re a seasoned racegoer or are thinking about betting on horse racing for the first time, taking the advice of tipsters can help maximise the chances of a successful bet.

What are Horse Racing Tips?

Horse racing tips are pieces of information collected by experienced, knowledgeable gamblers that predict the outcome of a given horse race. This includes information about the going speed of the track, performances and health of the horses, and so on. Professional tipsters are generally ranked by profit, which is how much they have made on successful bets. Punters can pay these tipsters for a share of their knowledge which they can then use to place successful bets of their own.  

The Basics of Picking a Winning Horse


In horse racing, picking a winning horse is known as handicapping.

The process of  handicapping involves studying past race results, along with looking at current statistics pertaining to the horses in question. There are certain factors you should be looking at when determining the potential of each horse, such as:

  • How long has it been since the horse last raced?
  • How many times has the horse raced in total this year?
  • Has the horse run the same distance as the upcoming race before, and if so, what were the results?
  • Has the horse raced on this track surface before? If so, how did the run go?
  • Which draw position does the horse prefer?   

You can consider this, alongside things such as the horse’s age, pedigree and training regime.

These are just a few of the things to think about, so as you can see, running each horse for every race through this formula takes a great deal of time and knowledge. This is why many gamblers will in effect skip the hard work whilst still getting access to the information by paying a professional horse tipster, who will have done the above to come up with their predictions.

Why Should You Follow a Tipster Versus Going it Alone


Predicting the outcome of a race and the likelihood of a specific horse winning can be immensely difficult, and the information held by a tipster can potentially save you from losing a lot of money.  

Making big money on horse racing isn’t just a case of placing substantial bets – it’s about understanding the different factors that can influence the outcome of a race, something a tipster will well know. Tipsters also pay close attention to the sport all year round, and will know things such as the form of the horse, health of the jockey, course records, past performances, speed rating, course conditions and distance records – information and analysis to which most gamblers won’t have easy access.

With that said, it’s important to note that many things on the day can impact the outcome, such as the weather, the form of the jockey and other factors, so of course even the most prepared of gamblers can still stand to lose. That’s all part of the risk! That’s why most professional tipsters will advise you to only bet what you can afford to lose – these predictions are, after all, just that.

Pitfalls and Things to Watch Out For


While going to a tipster may seem like an easy and obvious way to make more money, nothing is ever that easy!

Tipsters operate in an unregulated market, meaning anyone can create a profile online and begin administering betting advice without any background checks being carried out. Sites like ours have a set of criteria through which we run tipsters to determine if they are a good, sound choice for winnings (winning systems), or if following the tips will likely result in a loss (failed systems). Choosing winning systems is a good way to steer clear of dodgy scams that could result in you suffering financial loss, but again, we aren’t able to put every possible tipster in the world through our test! As a rule, when looking out for tipsters, you should keep the following in mind:

  • If a tipster has a faultless track record and incredible results, be weary. It could be the case that they are genuinely excellent at what they do, or it could be that the results have been falsified. Do your research when looking into tipster profiles to ensure the account – and the posted winnings – are accurate.
  • Be weary of social media tipsters, especially those who claim to have “inside” information from jockeys, courses or owners. If all they have is a social media profile, avoid them – every tipster you trust to help you part with your money should have a website on which there are posted, verifiable results.  
  • Read tipster reviews posted by both people who have used the service and those who are carrying out independent reviews to get an idea of whether the tipster is legitimate.  

Our Favourite Sites for the Best Horse Racing Tips

At Honest Betting Reviews, we have curated a list of profitable, trustworthy tipsters who have proven track records of posting successful results.

Before being ranked as winning, neutral or failed, each system is subject to a three month trial, allowing us plenty of time to examine their strike rate and ensure the tips are as good as they can be. The Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate provides daily horse racing tips, and has an ROI of 14%. Quentin Franks Racing is another long-term favourite,  making over 800 points profit in two years. Over at Bet Alchemist, the service has generated more than  700 points profit in 5 years, along with an average ROI of over 15%.

Looking for more professional horse racing tips? Why not check out our list of our best horse racing tips from 2016 here.




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