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Best In-Play Betting Tips for 2021

Instead of backing in pre-match betting markets, punters are increasingly being drawn to in-play betting. There is certainly value to be found in in-play markets with odds shifting as the play unfolds. Naturally, these changes in odds can be quite volatile and can change at the drop of the hat. This presents plenty of opportunities for savvy bettors to turn a profit.

Most bookmakers will offer some form of in-play betting across a range of sports but how do you take advantage of this? The following article will detail some of the best in-play betting tips to give you the best chance of raking in the profits.

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Back the Favourite When They’re Behind

Waiting for your event to start can give you much-improved odds in markets you would like to back. An example of this that can be very profitable is backing the favourite in-play.

Let’s say you are confident that Team A will win but they fall behind early on. Backing them in-play will obviously give you far better odds when they’re behind. This can turn backing a favourite into a good value bet.

There are a lot of different circumstances at play here, so it is important to weigh them up. If the heavy favourites in a football game concede in the first five minutes, there is more than enough time for their quality to shine through and turn the result around. However, backing a team that goes behind in the final five minutes is far riskier and will be reflected in the odds.

Backing a Favourite When Things Are Level Late On

This doesn’t apply to all sports but in events where draws are possible, this is a viable in-play tactic. Games that are level in the closing stages can become a valuable hunting ground for those who back the pre-match favourite. The longer the game goes on, the shorter the odds will become a for a draw, and the longer the odds will become for the original favourite.

In-Play betting also allows you to assess how the event is unfolding. You have a lot more information to go off during an event than you do before. If a team is looking likely to win based on proceedings but has yet to make that count in the scoring, the odds are likely to present some value.

Look Out for Vastly Different Odds

Betting in-play can open lots of doors. Once an event begins the odds in some specific markets can change tremendously and not just become of the score or result of a game.

A good example of this is goalscorer odds in football. Once players are named as substitutes their odds to score become much longer. This is because they will have limited minutes on the pitch compared to starting players. Nevertheless, you can use the match situation to your advantage to make informed bets.

If a side is 1-0 down in the final 25 minutes, they are likely to bring on an attacking player sooner rather than later. What’s more, they are going to be brought on with an emphasis to score goals rather than run down the clock. With that information, you may be able to spot good value bets with high odds and turn a profit from relatively small wagers.

Take Advantage of Cash-Out Offers

The vast majority of sportsbooks that offer in-play betting will have some form of cash-out available and it is well worth using this on occasion. The cash-out feature isn’t just available for pre-match bets and can be used wisely with in-play bets too.

Don’t be scared to use the cash-out feature if you have reason to believe that your bet is no longer a likely winner. A lot of people view cash-outs as admitting defeat but on some occasions, it can land you a profit where ordinarily there would be no profit to be made.

Cashing out in-play gives you the chance to see events unfold in real-time and act accordingly. There are scenarios where you cannot cash-out but if you see that the team you backed is on the backfoot or the player you backed isn’t looking up to par, consider cashing out and taking a smaller profit or reduced loss.

The Bottom Line

Betting in-play can be a very nice way to add a bit of extra profit and can uncover some truly great odds. Have a browse around and see what catches your eye as events unfold. If you’re interested in furthering your betting skills, make sure to take a look at Aussie Bets for all the best sports betting sites in Australia.




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