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Best In-Play Tipsters

Betting in-play has become one of the most popular forms of gambling, with larger amounts of money often matched during an event nowadays than before it. 

Despite this trend however, the vast majority of tipsters still tend to tip before the event in the traditional way and there are relatively few in-play tipsters.

So it takes quite a bit of work to find some good ones. Fear not though, here at Honest Betting Reviews we have scoured the internet far and wide and tested out dozens of in-play specialists, looking for those diamonds in the rough. 

And below we take a look at the best of those we have found, detail their betting record and how they have managed to find an edge in the in-running markets.  


Getting the Best Odds In-Play

Before we get on to looking at the best in-play tipsters, it is essential that you are able to get the best odds in-play. In order to do so, you really want to be using the exchanges. 

Although the bookies make a big deal about advertising their in-play markets and cash-out options, most of the time the value they offer in-running is poor. It is usually even worse than the odds they offer before the event, with a worse over-round for the punter. 

In terms of serious and professional players, the vast majority use exchanges. Betfair is normally the most liquid, but it is worth checking out others like Smarkets just to see if their odds are comparable, as they often have lower commission offers. 

In addition to using the exchanges, most serious in-play bettors will use software such as Bet Angel or Fairbot. It is not essential to do so if you want to make a profit from betting during a sporting event, but it can give you a small advantage in terms of entering bets more quickly (with one click), seeing how the market is moving in ladder format and so on. 


Stick to a Gameplan

One of the temptations if you’re betting on live sport is to overreact to events and go chasing a result. This can be one of the worst things to do and is likely to lead to large losses at some point. It is important to stick to a gameplan you have set out before the event. 

If you’re betting on football for example, your gameplan might be to back under 2.5 goals if there’s an early goal and the market spikes, hoping to get in and out for a quick profit when the market settles. 

If the trade goes against you and there is another quick goal however, avoid the temptation to “double up” and go chasing your losses by backing the unders again – or even going the other way and placing a large wager on the overs. Just accept the trade went against you and exit (cash-out) and move on. There will always be another trade. 

Most of the top in-play tipsters we will look at below have simple strategies that involve placing just one or two in-play bets and then leaving it. They do not involve complex trading systems or the use of advanced software. In betting as elsewhere, often simple is best. 


Looking at the Best In-Play Tipsters

Okay so now we’ve established some of the keys to successful in-play betting, let’s take a look at some of the best in-play tipsters. 

We have narrowed this down to our top three, all of whom have shown an ability to generate a solid long-term profit from their in-play selections. 


3. Trade On Sports

A long-time favourite of ours is Trade On Sports. This is a service we ran an extensive review of, following their in-play tips for a full two years. They cover a variety of sports, but their main focus from an in-play point of view is football and tennis. 

Over the course of our two year review, their main Half Time Overs selections made over £5,000 profit from £100 stakes, a very impressive total. That strategy involves backing at least one more goal in a football match, if certain criteria are met at half-time. 

They have a number of other in-play systems including backing the unders at half-time – which made £2,300 profit during our trial – backing two more goals at HT, backing the underdog when 1-0 up at half-time and more. The nice thing about these strategies is that you can set them up to receive an alert via the Telegram app to your phone/desktop when there is a viable bet. Then you just place the bet and leave it, there is no need to keep monitoring the game or enter any further trades – unless you want to hedge out some of your risk at some point of course.

There are also in-play tennis strategies that involve laying various players highlighted by their ratings and expert advice from pro traders in their chat groups. 

As a community of in-play experts with a variety of profitable strategies, Trade On Sports is one of the best services out there for in-running betting. 


2. Golf Bets Gold

When looking at golf betting, the term “in-play” can have different meanings. There is literal in-play, when the tournament is live and players are out on the course with odds moving all the time. Then there is the stage between rounds when the odds are static, giving you a chance to reassess the way things are going and find any players who represent value before the next round starts. 

It is the latter approach that is used by Golf Bets Gold, a service that has been running for over two years and has made over 200 points profit. That would equate to over £5,000 profit to £25/point stakes. 

Their winners include Patrick Reed at 40/1, Robert MacIntyre at 28/1, Jorge Campillo at 125/1 and Adam Scott at 28/1. During our own review of the service they landed winners including John Catlin at 45/1 and Rory McIlroy at 20/1. 

Whilst providing pre-tournament selections, they also post in-play selections, usually after the second and third rounds, with detailed rationales behind the picks and advised odds. There can often be stand-out value in-play on players who are striking the ball really well and looking dangerous, whilst there could be players with questionable temperaments who are worth taking on in the betting. 

Through detailed research involving multiple data points, looking at who is suited to a course and in good form, they are able to identify value picks both before the event and in-play. Golf Bets Gold tend to stay away from the top of the market as they seek value further down, which is how most professionals golf bettors operate.

It has certainly worked very well for them so far and if you’re looking for a decent in-play golf tipster than Golf Bets Gold is well worth checking out.  


1. Goal Profits

Top of the list of our in-play tipsters is the one-and-only Goal Profits. This is a service that specializes in trading the football markets in-running and has designed a whole host of tools to enable members to do so, including:-

  • Trading strategies:- videos and guides on key trading strategies including how to use their stats database.
  • Team stats: – vast database of over 60 leagues with stats for each team such as over/unders, goals per half etc.
  • Custom shortlist pro:– filter matches by a range of different criteria and build your potential trades from there.
  • League tables:– shows table based on a range of factors, e.g. result when going 1-0 up in games.
  • Live stats module:– in-running stats on games including shots, corners, possession etc and even alerts when it’s a good time to enter a trade based on the stats.
  • Chat room:– follow along live with the professional traders who trade matches in-play.  

As you can see there is a huge amount on offer from Goal Profits and it is no surprise it has won multiple awards, including our very own Best Football Service, as voted for by our members. It is a hugely popular service and a number of its members have gone on to become full-time traders themselves, whilst others make an additional income from it. You can check out our full review of Goal Profits here. 

There are different ways you can follow Goal Profits in-play – one is to build your own strategies using their stats databases, or if you prefer you can follow along in the chat room and copy the trades of their pros. Another alternative if you’re looking for more straightforward in-play “tips” is their Trade Your Bets service, where trader Kevin gives out his top trades for the day, although it is currently closed to new members at the moment. 

For a comprehensive service covering all aspects of in-play trading, there really isn’t anything better than Goal Profits and that is why it comes out top of our list of best in-play betting services.


Conclusion – Finding an In-Play Edge

Betting in-play is fast becoming the most popular form of gambling for many punters. The thrill of placing a wager as the live action unfolds makes it an appealing style of betting. However, it is worth noting that the bookies tend to offer poor value in-running so it is advisable to use an exchange to ensure you get the best odds. 

There are relatively few in-play tipsters out there compared to those who offer tips before the event, but there are some good ones nonetheless. 

We have detailed our top three above, all of which have demonstrated a long-term ability to make a profit from in-play betting.

Whether you follow one of those or develop your own in-play strategies, good luck with your betting and please remember to always gamble responsibly. 




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