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BTTS (Both Teams To Score) – Explained

You may have heard the term “BTTS” in football betting and are not sure what it means. It is in fact the acronym for “Both Teams to Score.” It is also sometimes referred to as just “BTS.”

What exactly does it mean though, how do you place a bet on it and are there strategies for betting on the BTTS market?

We’ll take an in-depth look at all this below.

How Does the Both Teams to Score Market Work?

In essence the market is very simple – it involves betting on whether both teams will score at least one goal in a game or if they won’t.

The market is therefore “yes” both teams will score, or “no” they will not.

Here is an example from the English Championship. QPR are playing Swansea:

As you can see, “Yes” is priced at 1.92 and “No” is priced at 2.06.

For it to be “Yes,” each team just needs to score at least one goal. It doesn’t matter how many they score, just that they each register on the scoresheet at some stage. So any score like 1-1, 2-1, 1-2 etc will mean it is “yes” whereas 1-0, 2-0, 0-3 etc would mean “no.”

It is a popular market to bet on and is normally offered by pretty much all the bookies and exchanges.

Generally the both teams to score market has a good amount of liquidity matched pre-match. In-running however the liquidity isn’t always great so be careful if you are placing bets during a game that you are getting good value on your bets.

Often the odds for BTTS are around evens, as around 50% of games finish with both teams having scored. However, in some particularly open games, both teams to score can be as low as 1.5.


What Are the Advantages of Betting on BTTS?

One of the advantages of betting on the both teams to score market is that you are not concerned with who will win a game, just whether the teams will both hit the back of the net at some point during the match.

And the bet can go right up to the 90-minute mark if one of the teams has scored and you just need the other one to score. Or alternatively you can win the bet very early on if both sides score quickly in a game.

With the odds generally around evens or below, you can achieve a good strike rate by betting on the BTTS market too.


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How Should you go about Finding Good BTTS Bets?

Finding good BTTS bets depends on which angle you approach it from. Are you betting yes on both teams to score or no?

Either way, the first port of call can be a good football statistics website like

Once on there, you can look for the BTTS stats at a page such as this.  

This shows you the percentage of games in which all the teams in a league had where both teams scored. From that you can start to look at whether there is value in backing two teams who have high – or low – percentages of BTTS games.

Other angles you can look at include where the teams might be needing a win – such as in a relegation or promotion battle and a draw is no good to either or them. In that case the game may well be more open than expected and it could be a good opportunity for BTTS.

Alternatively, it might be that a particular game is expected to be very tight. Often knock-out games in big tournaments such as the Euros or the World Cup are low-scoring affairs. This might be because so much is at stake and teams don’t like to commit too much. So in such cases it can be good to bet “no” to both teams to score.


What About Free Bets and BTTS?

Some bookies offer free bets based around BTTS, where for example you can place a bet on another market and if both teams score but your bet loses, you get a refund.

To get details of offers such as this and hundreds of others, we recommend you check out this top betting product which brings all these offers together and shows you how to make risk-free profit each month from them.


Free Tips for BTTS 

If you are looking for some free tips for BTTS, one website that specialises in them is Free Super Tips.

They offer a variety of different accumulators, including BTTS accas, normal match bets accas and even bets on other sports such as basketball.


What About BTTS and Win?

There is a very similar bet to BTTS, called BTTS and Win. This means you are basically betting on both teams to score, with a particular team to win the game. 

So you are probably looking at score like 2-1, 3-2 and 3-1 for a particular side. 

These bets are obviously tougher to predict than normal BTTS bets so the odds will be considerably longer.

Sometimes they can be good for teams who win lots of games but concede goals at the same time, like Man City, Barcelona or Real Madrid.



BTTS means both teams to score and is a bet where you can bet on – or against – both teams scoring at least one goal in a football match.

It is a popular bet and one that can prove fun, as you are not bothered about who wins but just want both teams to hit the back of the net. 

You are advised to do some research on which teams tend to have high numbers of games in which both teams score and certain situations where there might be good chances of a BTTS.

There are opportunities to get free bets on BTTS and some free tips as well. 

If you do look to bet on BTTS, good luck and always remember to gamble responsibly. 




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