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Both Teams to Score Strategy – A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Football Betting

You might be familiar with the term “Both Teams to Score” (abbreviated as BTS or BTTS) in football betting. This market involves deciding whether both teams will score during a football match or not.

In the following discussion, we will explore key strategies for placing bets on this market and ways to gain a competitive advantage over fellow bettors.


What is the Both Teams To Score (BTS) Market?

Essentially, the Both Teams to Score market is straightforward, requiring each team to score at least once during a game.

The number of goals scored by each side or the ultimate winner of the game is irrelevant; the sole criterion is whether both teams register goals.

It’s important to note that this market pertains to the outcome within the standard 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time and penalty shootouts.

Typically, the market is presented as either “Yes” or “No,” where selecting “Yes” indicates your belief that both teams will score, while choosing “No” implies the expectation that one or both teams will fail to score.

The market is summarized in the following table:


Score BTS
0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 3-0, 0-3 etc No
1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 3-1, 1-3, 3-2 etc Yes

So it’s a pretty simple market and quite a popular one to bet on for that reason.


Should You Bet on Both Teams To Score?

Several aspects make the Both Teams to Score (BTS) market an appealing option for potential bettors.

Firstly, the outcome of the game in terms of which team wins is inconsequential; the sole requirement is that both teams score at least one goal. This allows bettors to enjoy the match without the added concern of predicting the overall winner.

Instead, they can relish each goal scored, hoping that both teams find the back of the net at some point.

In certain instances, a BTS bet can be successful early in an open and attacking football match. Conversely, in other scenarios, bettors might need to wait until the final moments of the match to determine the success of their BTS bet.

Football these days is increasingly played in an offensive style, characterized by numerous chances created and shots on goal.

One viable strategy for approaching the Both Teams to Score (BTS) market is to concentrate on teams known for their attacking prowess yet possessing a vulnerable defense, creating opportunities for opponents to score at least once.

Typically, the odds in the BTS market fall within the range of 1.50 to 2.50, with many games hovering around the even-money mark (2.0).

This suggests a 50% probability of both teams scoring, a good strike rate. A successful approach to this market can contribute to building a betting bank and mitigating losing streaks.


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Disadvantages of the Both Teams to Score Market

While there are merits to the Both Teams to Score (BTS) market, potential drawbacks and considerations come with involvement in this market.

Primarily, it can be exasperating if one team scores early in a game, leaving you waiting for the opposing side to make unsuccessful attempts to find the back of the net.

This frustration intensifies when the team is consistently coming forward, taking numerous shots at goal, and forcing the opposing goalkeeper into multiple saves but cannot breach the defense.

There’s also the added frustration of thinking a goal has been scored, only for VAR to intervene and disallow it.

Secondly, it is crucial to take note of team news when considering bets in the Both Teams to Score (BTS) market. Some teams heavily depend on key strikers or creative players, and the absence of such players can diminish the likelihood of scoring.

Conversely, if a crucial defender or the first-choice goalkeeper is unavailable, it may increase the likelihood of a team conceding, thereby making a BTS outcome more probable. Keeping abreast of such team-related factors can significantly impact the dynamics of the BTS market.


Best Tipsters for Both Teams To Score Strategy

As it is a popular market these days, there are quite a few tipsters providing selections on the Both Teams to Score market. You can check out the top ones on our Best Footy Tipsters list. 


Both Teams to Score Betting Strategies

Okay, let’s get on to looking at some strategies for betting on the Both Teams to Score market and how you can potentially get an edge over other punters on it. 


Strategy One – Using the Stats & Breaking Down Home and Away Form

One possible approach to tackling the BTS market is to use the stats to assist you.

If you go to the website soccerstats, you can click on the leagues at the top of the homepage. For this example we will use the most popular league in the world, the English Premier League, which can be found by clicking on the English flag (EN) on soccerstats’s top menu. 

Under Premier League there is then a sub menu of options, from which you would click on “goals.”

On that page, you then scroll down a bit until it takes you to the table showing “Both teams scored.”

This table is the summary of BTS for the season, from which you can see some perhaps surprising stats.

Leicester City had the most games finishing with both teams scoring, with 68%. West Ham were next with 63%, which might surprise people who would expect some of the more fancied names like Arsenal and Spurs to be higher up the list. 

You might want to delve a little deeper than this however in developing your strategy and break things down further. 

For example, below is a table representing the home results in terms of the both teams to score stats.

Looking at the home table, we see that West Ham top it with an astonishing 79% of their home games finishing “Yes” on BTS over the season. 

Chelsea come next with 63% of their home games finishing BTS, but that is quite a bit below West Ham’s total. 

Perhaps more surprisingly, Southampton had 58% of their home games finish with a positive BTS result, but it may well have been priced above evens for a number of matches.

Now we have a look at the away stats:


On the away side of things, Leicester City are the runaway leaders with an amazing 84% of their away games finishing with both sides scoring. That would have produced a very tidy profit if backed throughout the season.  

What can really pay off in these instances is to go for matches where both sides have a high percentage of games finishing with both teams scoring. 

And you can enhance things even further by going for a side playing at home with a strong home BTS record (e.g. West Ham) against a side with a high away BTS percentage (e.g. Leicester).

You can use these tools on soccerstats to research data on leagues all over the world and you may find some opportunities that really stand out. 

Bear in mind that the odds for the BTS will often be around evens, so if you are backing sides with around a 70% BTS record, you may well be securing significant value.  



Strategy Two – Using Expected Goals (xG) Data

Another strategic approach to Both Teams to Score (BTS) involves a more in-depth analysis by delving into expected goals data for football matches.

For those unfamiliar with the term, expected goals (xG) considers all shots at goal in a game, their locations, and calculates the average number of goals a team should be expected to score based on their performance.

It offers a more comprehensive insight into a team’s offensive performance beyond the actual goal tally.

Utilizing platforms like Understat, which provide xG data, allows bettors to identify teams that might be underperforming or overperforming relative to the goals they have scored. This method provides a more nuanced perspective for making informed BTS predictions.

Consider a scenario where a team has been experiencing scoring droughts lately. Upon examining their expected goals (xG) data, you discover that it consistently exceeds 1.0 for several of those games, indicating that the team is creating chances and taking shots at goal, but luck hasn’t been on their side recently.

Due to their recent goalless performances, the odds for Both Teams to Score (BTS) might be quite high. This presents a potential value opportunity to support them in the BTS market.

Identifying two teams with similar situations can unveil significant value. Additionally, exploring data on expected goals conceded provides further insights, helping identify teams that may have kept clean sheets but faced numerous shots and scoring opportunities against them.

Utilizing expected goals data goes beyond simplistic scorelines, offering a means to uncover value opportunities and potentially providing an edge over other bettors.



Strategy Three – Going In-Running

An alternative both teams to score strategy is to wait for the game to go in-play and then look for opportunities as they arise.

What you are looking for ideally is a situation where one team has scored and you are waiting for the other team to hit the back of the net.

Football Header

Employing tools like the In-Play Scanner can be instrumental in identifying teams exerting significant pressure, signaling an imminent goal. This tool provides a live rating based on the likelihood of a goal being scored, offering valuable insights. Waiting until the period between half time and the 60th minute allows you to capitalize on rising odds for Both Teams to Score (BTS), presenting an opportunity for obtaining favorable value.

Additionally, actively watching a game serves as one of the most effective methods to pinpoint in-play BTS opportunities.

For instance, a team might be trailing by one goal but consistently creating scoring chances, launching continuous attacks while their opponents rely on luck to defend. As time progresses without a goal, the odds on BTS tend to drift, presenting excellent opportunities towards the end of games.

Watching a game closely like this can lead to identifying favorable scenarios and seizing valuable betting opportunities.

Summary – Both Teams to Score

Betting on Both Teams to Score, commonly known as BTS or BTTS, is a popular approach for bettors these days. When supporting BTS “Yes,” it’s advantageous to target teams that excel offensively but exhibit defensive vulnerabilities.

Various strategies can enhance your approach, such as analyzing home and away statistics, delving into expected goals data, or waiting for in-play opportunities to unfold.

It’s crucial, as always, to gamble responsibly and only wager amounts within your affordable limits when implementing a Both Teams to Score strategy.

Wishing you the best of luck with your bets!


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