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Racing Gold – New Review

Today we are commencing a new review of Racing Gold from the Tipster Street stables.

This is a straightforward horse racing tipster service. Their recorded results are very impressive, having amassed just under 500 points profit since the service started in February 2013.

There are quite a large number of tips, with the average being 118  per month, which works out at about 4 bets per day. 

What we think is quite promising about this service is the nice steady profit graph, showing consistent profit accumulated month-in month-out over a period of two and a half years.

The strike rate is also pretty high at 35%, so Racing Gold is looking like a promising find.

We are also impressed by the low cost, at just £4.99 for the first month and then £19.95 per month or £39.95 per quarter.

As ever though, let’s see how they get on during our trial – we have seen plenty of services that looked good on paper but then failed to deliver under live test conditions.

We will run the trial for the normal 3 months, which should give us a very good quantity of bets on which to judge them. 

Fingers crossed that we have found another gem here. 🙂

In the meantime you can check out Racing Gold here.


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